Bullet Points:

** FBI Senior Executive Service employees (Special Agents-in-Charge,  Deputy Directors, and Associate Directors, for example) receive significant bonuses based on their employees meeting quotas. It can be $30K-$50K per year.

** 10% – It’s hardly a surprise that the corporate media have rushed to the defense of President Biden pursuant to the impeachment inquiry announced last week by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. More surprising is the absurdity of the arguments they offer on his behalf. For years, his denials notwithstanding, Biden knew his son ran an international enterprise whose only real service was selling access to the Vice President of the United States to foreign entities who hoped to procure favorable policy decisions from the Obama administration. This operation generated at least $20 million that was doled out to nine Biden family members, yet we are asked to believe that the “Big Guy” didn’t get a cut.

** Some people will never like you because your spirit irritates their demons.

** A writ of William the Conqueror lost for over 500 years and giving unique insights into the Norman king’s methods has been discovered by a British historian.

The document overturns previous ideas about William’s “special treatment” of London and provides the first detailed evidence for his process of regranting English lands after his victory at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

** A friend called last night and we started talking about the January 6th incident at the Capitol. The US now imprisons political prisoners. I explained my position from a somewhat circumspect view in hindsight was that USGOV held a type of pageant – not quite a circus – beyond Kabuki theater – and part of the pageant required these incarcerations.  Nowhere in the Constitution does it allow the government to conduct a pageant but we’re well beyond Constitutional restraints at this point. We’re even beyond satire.


Jules’ Watering Hole – Nottingham, England


Identify the UAV

Only one was produced but it did fly it had a name and a numerical designation.


Identify the Aircraft





Too easy x 2


Not a B-24


  1. Identify the UAV:
    Lockheed Martin (P-175) Polecat

    Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Fairey Barracuda Mk II
    2. Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5A
    3. Yokosuka D4Y ‘Judy’
    4. Vought F-8 Crusader (front), Vought F4U Corsair (rear)
    5. Consolidated C-87 Liberator Express

      • The machine gun was set to harmonize with the pilot’s sight. Different squadrons used different methods and different distances. I don’t remember distance what the Brits used.

    • Shiloh, the pilot sat in his seat and used a fixed sight to aim. To replace the round magazine, he would release the lock holding the weapon in place and pull it down in front of himself, change magazines and return it to the firing position above the wing.

      You can see the track in the photograph descending from the two wing mounts to the v struts in front of the windscreen.

      • I get that…very cool. But how does he fire the gun? A lever inside the cockpit? Can’t see any external method in the pic. Is that a lever on the left side of the windscreen?

  2. Hunter Biden didn’t run a criminal enterprise, Joe Biden did (and does, and has been for 40 years). Hunter was just the catspaw and face of the operation.

    I doubt Hunter could run a garden hose w/o fucking something up.


  3. William was The Dude! Doing the regranting to loyal English was a way of gaining control over said English. Want to live on ‘your’ land? Pay me and acknowledge me as King! Worked quite well.

    In just a few years of this, William established his dominance over the fractious Anglo-Saxons and made it safe to travel across England, which really wasn’t doable before the Conquest.

  4. Ah, the Old trip, what a great pub! Word to the wise: You must drink at least 5 pints before you attempt the Trip’s “cast the brazen ring on the hook” game.

    Then there’s the FBI. Hasn’t someone suggested their disbandment?


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