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A Polemic from an Old Man (the sermonette)


Reliability matters. If you can’t be smart and you don’t want to be stupid, try to be reliable.

Some people handle stress with yoga, meditation and long walks on the beach.

I think that’s more work than it’s worth. If somebody irritates you (other than me), tell them to fuck off, and approach life with a heavy dose of sarcasm



Ruger 5.7 – it speaks for itself, quietly


Nature provides a high angle of attack


Evolution is Interesting


This is for LSP

sic transit gloria mundi¬† –¬† now it’s a mosque


A Cautionary Note

Shark Week is coming…

In some places, you’re viewed as food.


The Food has become More Expensive


Biden said he will End the BATFE


  1. After Veet Nom, I had some time left and finished up in a unit with a guy who had been in the 11th ACR when Patton’s kid was running it. He said they put a Mini-gun on an M113, went out looking for trouble, and found it.

    How’d that work, I asked. Not very well, he said (edited for content). It worked just fine for the first five minutes, then they were out of ammo and it was like, let’s get the hell out of here.


    “The Big Mac Index is a light-hearted attempt to demonstrate Purchasing Power Parity (NYSE:PPP) between countries using a basket of goods. That basket of goods is just one thing: The McDonalds Big Mac (MCD); the indicator was created in 1986 by The Economist magazine. But, instead of showing the difference between any one nation and its relative burgernomics, I wanted to show official data released by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics i.e., CPI inflation, and the actual price of the Big Mac over a period of time. There is a large disparity between the two. It is often said that the CPI data is off by a long shot. And, perhaps this is “proof” of that when you track the actual price of something that is consumed by Americans.”

    The price has gone up relative to purchasing power.

    • I think that the prices of most things has gone up relative to purchasing power. Just walk out of the grocery store after paying $250 for a rolling basket full, wondering where you went wrong. It’s worse in Europe. True, they tend to make more than we do in the US, but their costs are MUCH greater. Some American clients who paid for me to go to Europe in the past have howled at the per diem. Denmark, for example is easily 50%-60% more than the US, and I pass on those costs. As soon as the Chinese Plague restrictions are lifted, I need to go to the UK and braced the client for the per diem.

      I’m looking for red heart cedar planks to make a dining room table here at the White Wolf mine. I’m over sticker shock, looking for some trees locally that I can cut down instead. I have a friend with a saw mill that will handle that end of it for me. Sometimes you just have to tuck your wallet away and fire up the chain saw (sort of a metaphor).

  3. Inflation is a kind of double taxation, IMO. First, the purchase price goes up. Second, you pay more sales tax based on total of the purchase. The government’s purchasing power remains nearly constant. One argument for owning precious metals.

    • I don’t think that silver has done much, but gold has ridden a definite wave. Maybe I should become a gold prospector/miner…oh wait!

    • @WSF, and the value of your savings go down, so it’s a triple whammy. The value doesn’t so much disappear as it reflects government spending a lot more than it has, so it can be viewed as a very indirect tax. And in extreme cases such as Weimar Germany, Zimbabwe, and Venezuela, the savings of the middle class have been completely consumed.

  4. Inflation never goes up, and when it does, the Feds just change the way they count it to make sure it doesn’t.

    Sure, it’s treason, but what else do politicians / bureaucrats do, any more?

  5. “Nature provides a high angle of attack.” Can you imagine if our fighters could do that? We would own the skies! What grace and maneuverability. I would think they would have to make the avionics and controls water and barf proof… have the ability to use a garden hose to wash out a fighter after every sorty.. . That Ruger 5.7 sure has pointy bullets, are they armor piercing?

  6. Yep, R2D2 is more expensive to run, but one of those on the front lawn WOULD definitely give folks pause… “Do you feel lucky?” Re the 57, I wonder how quiet it actually is, considering 2600FPS rounds.

  7. WOW.

    That’s a great infographic and I know it took time, time well spent. So where’s the new Rome? Moscow? A fourth there shall never be.

    Let’s have that Cathedral back. Sayn.

    • The new Rome, cradle of Plato’s Republic part 2? One would have thought Washington DC (to be renamed ObamaTown)? But I don’t know. Every bit as corrupt as ancient Rome.

  8. I used to love watching them run tests on the Phalanx units. How fast they move kinda took me by surprise the first time I witnessed it.

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