2017 is running out and you can beat a lot of things but you can’t beat the clock. Father Time is master of us all. Let’s turn the clock back two years and see what the anti-Trump Republicans and their colleagues in the Democrat Party have claimed – often by using mouthpieces at MSNBC and CNN (among others in the corrupt, sly, lying, elite media).

I apologize in advance for using terms common to toxic masculinity and cisgenderism.

Trump will never win the GOP nomination. 
Trump will never win the presidency. 
Stocks will drop if Trump is elected. 
President Trump will deport ten million illegal immigrants. 
Trump will be gone (impeached, jailed, or quit) by end of 2017. 
Trump’s immigration ban on several Muslim countries will be found unconstitutional. 
Trump colluded with Russia, and that’s a crime. 
Trump obstructed justice (a crime) by firing Comey. 
Trump’s skills as a “con man” might get him elected but it won’t transfer into doing the job of president. 
Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will cause huge problems. 
Trump’s tweeting will cause huge problems. 
GOP will never embrace Trump. 
Trump will get nothing important done. 
Trump will not work effectively with leaders of other countries. 
GOP senators will vote against GOP priorities because of President Trump’s mean tweets. 
Trump will not nominate qualified judges to the Supreme Court. 
Trump is incompetent. 
Presidential approval polls are a good predictor of how a president will perform. 
The military won’t follow Trump’s orders. 
GDP will never stay above 3%. 
The Trump Presidency will never reform the tax code and give tax breaks to the Middle Class.
Global Warming is ‘settled science’ and it’s the priority of the US military and intelligence agencies. Even President Trump can’t change the facts…
A stopped clock is right twice a day, but the pundits and talking heads aren’t even close. Barack himself said that if people voted for President Trump that it would erase his legacy. It’s the one thing that I can recall that he got right. One thing in eight years isn’t what one would expect, but it’s something to hang his cowboy hat on.

President Trump brings ratings to the corrupt, elite, smug, filthy, lying mainstream media in much the same way as Barack sold firearms and ammunition. They should love him. Or maybe they just love to hate him. After all, he’s a white, heterosexual male, what’s not to hate?


  1. "They should love him"

    They got him elected. Shillery blew through a billion buying press coverage. The press gave him more coverage for free. Puts a smile on my face when I think of them choking on that.

  2. Happy new year and lets hope 2018 will bring a lot of fun and many frustrated Democrats due to the successful US economy. It is hard to predict the future but the trend looks good.

  3. I would love to be in some of Donald's meetings. I wonder how tough he really is, or is the toughness of him advisers and staff. Either way, I like him.

  4. Good one, Adrienne!

    And that's probably a main reason why the latte-sipping, metrosexual "males" hate him so much….

  5. After losing what should have been a pretty winnable election, it would make sense for Hillary Clinton to sit down with her team and assess what happened and why they lost. It would be useful information for anybody that wants to challenge Trump in 2020. However, that kind of self-reflection would be grounds for accepting responsibility for something and Hillary Clinton does not do that.

    Instead, Hillary chose to blame James Comey. In revealing what is either a stunning lack of self-awareness or just her innate penchant for blaming others for her troubles, she decided to attempt to make the case to donors the reason she lost states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio was due to letters sent by FBI Director James Comey to members of Congress about her emails.

  6. When James Mattis was made SecDef, there were a lot of meme posters being spread about how tough he was going to be. Like ISIS warning "we're coming for you" and Mattis saying "that ought to be a scary 20 seconds". Or Obama SecDef Ashton Carter, talking about how hard it would be to fight ISIS, with Mattis saying, "hold my calls, this might take an hour".

    Turns out the memes were closer to truth than not.

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