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Not a full-production aircraft.



A shadowy character who calls himself, “Mr. Eugene” is setting up a fact-checking website in a country marginally friendly with the West. It will be advertised here in due time. I hope that you’ll refer to it.

This is his bio:

Mr. Eugene

An actual scientist with real-world experience in international business, politics, and government. The master of all trades and the jack of none. One score and eight years ago, he graduated from a major University in a place formally known for its beauty and weather, California. He studied biology, physics, chemistry, and advanced mathematics. He was born in the USA, lived in Europe and Asia for the better part of the last twenty years. Mr. Eugene speaks multiple languages well but none perfectly. Ventures in real estate, and tech, as well as founded and owned a manufacturing facility in Asia for OEM electronics and plastics. His vast experience in business and tech combined with his science background has nearly driven him insane. Now tortured and plagued by his natural inclination to use logic in his thinking, he has decided to further aggravate himself to the benefit of the public by developing the world’s first logic-based fact-checking website.

Mr. Eugene asked me to help him run his business at some level. Because of that, he asked me for my bio:


He met Mr. Eugene* in grad school and wanted to throw him off a balcony. Mercy stayed his hand. Generations of seagulls were born and died between then and the establishment of the company. LL has a mystique about him in that any beach that he walks on immediately becomes clothing-optional. Nobody can explain it. Dolphins arrive and swim with him, but claims that he is Chuck Norris are patently false. He has a graduate degree from the Naval Postgraduate School and the fancy California university where he met Mr. Eugene. He’s the author of fiction and non-fiction tomes. His hands-on experience in sensitive intelligence collection and tradecraft, foreign espionage and sabotage, counter-terrorism, infiltration, information exploitation, management of asset identification, recruitment, and development in operational settings, and his ability to pass a broad scope polygraph over and over again make him a perfect match for involvement with the world’s first logic-based fact-checking website.

*Note: It is true that I planned to throw Mr. Eugene from a balcony because he was an annoying left-wing commie, then.  I threw people from balconies in those days but I was young and the statute of limitations has run. He has since mended his ways and is politically right of Ghengis Khan, but still left of me.  To show him there were no hard feelings, I set him up with a younger lady who ran the largest whorehouse in Southern China after I helped her flee, minutes. away from imprisonment in the Worker’s Paradise. She helped to drive him insane.

I don’t know precisely what Mr. Eugene wants me to help him with but the Internet needs some honest fact-checking beyond the reach of USGOV intervention like Politifake and the other fact-checkers.


This Picture is for Boron – get well, stay well, and live forever.

Some of the crowd on this blog are too old to survive a proper wake. Save your fellow bloggers from the icy grip of the grave.  Hang in there.


Bullet Points:

* Come on, Jack. What’s a little rounding error between friends?

* Satan’s greatest lie: You have plenty of time to get right with God.

* Pedo Joe from Scranton is not popular at home.

* Unless your child or grandchild is selling ammo, explosively formed projectiles or claymores for fundraising, I’m not interested — sorry/not sorry.

* Central bankers fund all sides of every war. They never lose.

Oh, Canada! The time was when young Americans exiled themselves to Canada to keep from getting killed in Vietnam. Canada today is mainly a great place to die. (But will those doctors help if you’re unvaccinated?)

* The secular humanism in Star Trek was always secular humanism, but it had not always been a heretical anti-human religion. So the question is why the writing, which at one time had been serviceable and at times brilliant, turned to poo.

*  Elections are rigged, a demented pedophile runs the nation backed up by an Indian whore, and nobody knows who has control of the nuclear football. Freaks and deviates are celebrated at the White House. The only thing left to do is ignore them and go make money. 2023 will be a good year. The PC-6/B2 H-4 with a 507-kW (680-shp) Pratt & Whitney PT6A-27 turboprop engine, extended range fuel tanks, and the latest avionics package isn’t going to buy itself.

Fuel loading is managed through the weight and balance page in the pop-up menu.  The PC-6 will burn around 45 US gallons per hour, or about 170 liters per hour, depending on altitude, temperature, power setting, etc. With full internal tanks, you’ve got around 4 hours of fuel available.  The two external underwing tanks will give you an additional hour each, for a total of about 6 hours of fuel. The cruising speed is about 120 knots (@+/- 20,000 ft AGL).  With a decent tailwind, I should be able to make it from Winslow, Lindbergh Regional Airport (AZ) to Iowa Park (Wichita Valley Airport), Texas without refueling in about 5 hours… (max range 870 NM). Not much of a navigation problem – VFR: I-40 almost all the way.

Or I could barnstorm.

So I’m back, trying to get an airplane.  Will I be successful? The proof of the pudding is in the eating.


For Riverrider


An Inconvenient Truth ?

58 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday

  1. TNX. Almost makes me want to go back to work – almost! Good gums, terrible circulation – very blue. Looking forward to Mr. Eugene’s opera; hope he’ll charge a reasonable annual.
    Merry Christmas to one and all.

    1. I watched Mr. Wizard regularly when I was a kid. Had quite an impact on me, as did the Bell Telephone science specials, and the Disney science films.

  2. i think her weapon is empty, but with the look on her face i surrender anyway….what is it about some folks that think a degree makes them experts in e v e r y thing? mine didn’t even make me an expert in the major, and likely dumber in anything else….our beloved p resident told a crowd of vets how his father when joe was vp asked him to get his uncle a purple heart he earned in bastogne because he was feeling ill. only problem is both father and uncle were dead long before joe was vp, and there’s no record of uncle’s service nor a purple heart. i’m kinda glad the football is in millivanillie’s hands. kinda….you have too many grand kids to buy a plane LL. they need you around.

    1. Ancient wisdom, which I failed to heed, holds that if it flies, floats or f*cks, you should lease, not buy.

  3. Nice plane! I hope you take your own advice about avoiding wakes.
    BTW, I’m engaged in a quest of my own. Searching for a Ruger Blackhawk in .454 Casull without going the custom route. I want a ‘working’ gun. Anyone have any leads?

        1. I share the desire for the Blackhawk.
          As for why no Alaskan? I already have one.
          (Practically, though, the Alaskan loses a LOT of velocity from that stubby barrel. Hornady factory 240g is “only” hitting 1700 fps from it, but can top 2100 in a TC Encore. A longer barrel is therefore useful if one’s not using it mainly for bear defense)

        2. I just like the feel of a SA. I know it’s slower to fire and reload. I have a Blackhawk in .357 and a Super Blackhawk in .44Mag and they’re just pleasing to hold and shoot. I would take a Super Redhawk with a 5″ (?) barrel. Oh. and I have shot .454s before, a Taurus Raging Bull (which I hated) and a Super Redhawk with a 7 1/2″ barrel.

    1. for a wheelgun, I’ve always enjoyed the Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk in 44 Magnum, but other than camping trips, I find the 7½” barrel a bit unwieldy to carry mosttimes. And though it has a bit of a punch, I’ve never had the desire to try it on black bear.

  4. So the question is why the writing, which at one time had been serviceable and at times brilliant, turned to poo.

    Liberalism followed a purity spiral, and evolved into a Jim Jones death cult. At one time tuberculosis and syphilis were very common in first world countries. There’s no reason why the mental illness of self-loathing can’t be just as common.

    “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).” — Mark Twain, Notebook, 1904

    1. It’s the standard leftist playbook. They cannot easily create, only destroy. So they take over an institution, kill it, and then wear it as a skinsuit until it rots and falls off

  5. “She helped to drive him insane.” Any of us should be so lucky.

    “I don’t know precisely what Mr. Eugene wants me to help him with…” I would think having LL on the Marquee couldn’t hurt.

    Very nice plane. I hope you become an old pilot, not a bold pilot. That’s probably a good color in case folks have to come looking for you. What is the range of your bladder?

    1. The nice thing about the Porter is that you can land anywhere, void the bladder, take off again (from a postage stamp), and carry on.

      There is a back story to the lady, who has become very successful at business in the US (not THAT business). I don’t want to burn her because in some circles she’s well-known but her actual story is not. She was trafficking in stolen Chinese antiquities while running the night job. That’s what almost landed her in prison.

      1. What? You won’t get a piss valve installed? Get one, that way you can pee on your enemies from above…

  6. Hmm…LL, is your middle name ‘Eugene’? Has ANYONE seen you AND Eugene in the same place? Inquiring minds want to know.

    “Always be earning”…brothers mantra. If the plane is out of reach you could start a website: “PleaseFundMe”. People do it all the time…apparently. Never know.

    JOBS- It’s the new “Not-A-Recession” math…because THEY ARE that stupid and disdainful. They think we’re stupid. My sentiment:

    HEY JOE!…YOU BUM!…GET OFF AMERICA’S LAWN! [Lying piece of…..arrgh!]

    Brother sent this over the transom: WSJ- “US home sales fell 7.7% in November, a record tenth straight month of declines, as high mortgage rates push many buyers out of the market”

    REALLY GOING GREAT THERE JOE! Fully personifies the ‘idiot’ part in ‘idiot savant’.

    Nye is proof that one does not actually have to know much to be fawned as some “expert” to The Left, same arena as The Fowch Mengele only less dangerous. Dweebs-R-Us. Dolph is actually a cool guy from what I have read, lives what he professes.

    RR’s Gratuitous Pic- That is a very nice hat, shaped well too.

    1. My middle name is not now nor has it ever been Eugene.

      I’ve had several “real” lawful names in my life, much like my friend, MikeW (and yes, I’m still working on the memoirs with him). None of those names were Eugene. None of the last names were as exotic as “Bitternippleoff”. I wanted “Peter Dragon” but, no. Drat.

      The fact checker thing is a LOT of work and it will require quite a few intelligent employees who need to be managed. It’s not my business model. The blog takes time and has no ads and generates no funds. It will take quite a bit of time to get the fact-checking website up and running. Mr. Eugene is younger than I am…I’d be dead or in my dotage by the time it would be successful.

      As with agents/informants/informers, you need to run them, never give them leverage over you. So no, I didn’t ever take a dip. I have stories about people who didn’t take that basic advice.

        1. Book Titles:
          “Under the Bleachers,” by Seymore Butz
          “Footprints in the Snow,” by Peter Draggin
          “Forty Yards to the Outhouse,” by Willie Makit
          “Hot Dog!” by Frank Furter
          “The Yellow Menace,” by Wu Flung Dung
          “Lost in the Desert,” by Dina Thyrst
          “The Haunted Room,” by Hugo Furst
          “Rivers,” by I. P. Fhreely
          “Emergency Room,” by Izzy Fhyne

      1. Hence my “doubtful” comment above. Totally out of my wheelhouse to WANT to do anything like fact-checking algorithms, etc. Beyond my capacity to do…so hat’s off for tackling yet another business.

  7. Best of luck getting the aircraft. I have heard from a pilot friend that the hardest thing about owning a PC-6 is finding someone to part with theirs.

    I would love a Redhawk in .480 Ruger or .454 Casull but my body is beginning to tell me I have enough high recoil pistols. So far my answer has been never enough.

    1. I figure that with the continually tanking economy, a few may become available. Who knows? Wait and see.

  8. Odd, completely slick fuselage on that Hawker. That must have been the first prototype to get the top speed numbers! Come on down, we’ve got room, and a good BBQ joint a few blocks away!

  9. Mr. Eugene? Brings to mind “Uncle Bob, huh?”….Good luck with the venture.

    The Pilatus should able to make the hop here no sweat. We’ve got a nice little regional airport close to here. Be good to see you again.

    That’s quite a comely young lady. Almost makes we wish I was young again….

    The Dolph Lundgren meme makes me chuckle every time I see it.

  10. Can we get a pay-per-view fight between Master Lundgren and Mr. Nye? Start out with a science quiz and then go into fisticuffs.

    I’d pay to see that.

    1. Heh. Certainly better than watching an appalling presser when our _Resident projects he’s sending our troops to Ukraine (while not really saying it) while giving away $110B in OUR AMERICAN tax dollars to a t-shirt wearing moron who has created the best in the world money laundering grift going while also giving away our military hardware to the same idiot while poking The Bear while the press fawns like they were in the presence of Jesus himself. Who the you-know-what authorized this crap? What they hay to we care about this Slavic Hatfields-McCoys bravo sierra? Oh yeah…right-o…almost got sidetracked by the idiotic rhetoric from Congress…it’s all about the money flowing from here to there back to Congressional pockets while The Biggest Loser President gets his 10%.

      So yeah, I’d pay to see that…be a good distraction from the idiocy coming out of the mouths of supposedly people tasked with protecting OUR COUNTRY.

  11. Well yes, there’s “fact checking” and there’s fact checking. Sometimes the latter involves debalconization.

    I look forward to your new business venture.

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