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What do you think about the PSA 5.7?

I haven’t fired one and I dread the thought of stocking yet another type of ammunition. And still,  I’m intrigued. The 5.7×28 mm cartridge is now available on the U.S. market. It is a polymer-framed, striker-fired handgun featuring a high-capacity 23-round magazine. 

5.7×28 or 9mm?

Bullet Points:

** Carbon-based life forms are trying to convince you that carbon is your enemy.

** According to the BBC, there are 7.2 million British citizens awaiting medical care or almost 11% of the entire British population. Sky News reports that more than 400,000 people in England have been awaiting hospital treatment for more than a year.

** This is how it is done.

** What is the US Marine Corps thinking?

** Project Veritas released video footage Thursday night allegedly showing a queer Pfizer official becoming angered after being confronted by journalist James O’Keefe over recent remarks that he was caught making during an undercover sting video. The man, identified as Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer’s director of research and development, strategic operations – mRNA scientific planner, was confronted by O’Keefe at a restaurant.

**. The cashless system is unfolding around us.  Some new stores don’t have cashiers and registers.  As much as we claim to be against this, the Super Bowl has been this way since 2020 and we haven’t done anything about it.

** Stringshot posted this yesterday – Western Tanks in Ukraine. The article is on point. Others have commented on the situation as well.  There is also this. NATO is ripping the bandaid off slowly. How long will it be until NATO troops formally enter Ukraine?

** 3 years ago today gas was $2 a gallon, eggs were $1 a dozen, mortgage rates were 3%, inflation was less than 1%, We had full employment, economic growth, and world peace. What happened?

** Wagner Group enters the world of OFAC – The United States has designated the Vagner Group a “significant transnational criminal organization” and targeted individuals and entities within the Russian mercenary enterprise’s global network in line with an executive order.

The U.S. Treasury said on January 26 that additional new sanctions in connection with the designation target six individuals and 12 entities, including a Chinese satellite-imagery provider and companies and people in the Central African Republic (CAR) where Vagner has active paid fighters, as well as in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.).

A Treasury statement described the listing by its Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) as part of an effort “to degrade the Russian Federation’s capacity to wage war against Ukraine.”

** Jules’ trip to Iceland.

From Jules


From 2018 but still valid


From LindaG

38 thoughts on “Until Valhalla

  1. The article about Western tanks in Ukraine is a well-written pro Putin hit piece. True, a Leo2 hit in the lower hull ammo reserve will promptly jack in the box (turret blown off). Solution: do not use that space. True, hit any tank on the side armor and you will penetrate. Solution: proper combined arms tactics with artillery and infantry providing cover. This is hard, and something the Turks and the Saudis learned the hard way. We know the Turks did not send infantry with the tanks. We’ve not heard of further losses, so the lesson was useful. Ukrainian artillery and infantry appear to be very good at combined arms. Also, providing small numbers of AFVs makes it easier to send sufficient, though large, stocks of spares to keep them operational. The field repair shops would be kept close to the front lines.

    And make sure you reassign the best and most experienced Ukrainian AFV crews and maintainers to the new gear. They’ll pick up the basics FAST and love their new charges, as Iraqis, Poles, Egyptians and Saudis did. There are no unsatisfied Leo2 and M-1 customers.

    5.7×28 is like 4.7 HK: no man stopper, but a great tack driver and blows holes in body armor at combat range.

    1. The Lep 1&2 and the M-1 are significantly better than anything that the Russians have. If the crews are properly trained and supported (combined arms), the Russians will have problems. To date, the best armor formations that the Russians have and great numbers, haven’t been able to do much with the Ukrainians. When you add the better surveillance and targeting that Ukraine has available and improved rocket and artillery, it swings to Ukraine. The great Russian offensive hasn’t materialized.

    2. It’s my understanding that Poland has quietly been training Ukrainians on their Abrams for some time now. One thing the article got wrong (other than Saudi and Turkish misuse of armor) was about crewing the “new” tanks. Loader is a non-skilled job. A loader can be trained up pretty quickly. You would NEVER take a trained driver, gunner, or commander and make them a loader, so it would never be 4 trained crews to man 3 Western tanks.

  2. “Trishton” (is that “Tristan – as in “Legends of the Fall Tristan” but with a lisp?). Talk about clueless, then does the requisite gay man hissy sissy fit when cornered with reality. If this is what passes for a Big Pharma Executive With a Really Long Job Title there’s little wonder the K-Street Nepotism is so disgusting. He’s gotta be worried for his life having let the Continuing Covid Crap PsyOp out of the bag. Wouldn’t be surprised if Maxwell’s Book shows he visited Epstein Island more than once.

    Tucker had on the New Mexico Rep. Woman that has put up a chemical castration bill for Evil-Doer Pedo’s because the [small minority] of Prog Dems refused her other amendments, basically stonewalling attempts to make these perverts pay for their crimes against the innocent. A minority of Lefty Dem’s are protecting the Perverts and Pedophiles. Gee, wonder why. Maybe they’re part of the same insider club as “Trishton”?

    Jules is 2 for 2 this week but LindaG could close the gap with that one.

    1. That guy went from thinking he was going to get laid to realizing he had been screwed in short order.
      What a massive flame out.

  3. Man’s best friend indeed.
    There was a Star Trek TNG (I know) episode about creating medical addiction, which was imensly profitable while it lasted, and another about terrible side effects of genetically modified medical immunity. Our “elite” researchers appear to be using those as inspiration rather than warnings. No wonder TPTB are terrified of an actually free and fair election.

  4. “I haven’t fired one and I dread the thought of stocking yet another type of ammunition.”

    Same here. I would like to fire one some day. As to ammo, I just took a quick look at Brownell’s.

    Speer 5.7 X 28 Gold dot 40 gr HP, 50/box–$76.49. Out of stock.

    Sellier & Bellot 9mm 115 gr FMJ, 50/box–$14.99 (on sale). Available.

    I’ll stick with 9mm.

  5. This is supposedly Jordon Walker’s CV.

    It’s a somewhat unusual career arc, but not impossible. IF it’s correct, the man has virtually no actual medical experience, either as a researcher or a clinician. But he MAY be genuinely brilliant (though lack of experience will still be a detriment). On the other hand, he ticks at least two of the three boxes of the post-Christian West’s trinity of sacred victimhood, so maybe that had a role as well. (But unless he’s VERY clever, capable, and ruthless, he wouldn’t have risen to actual power because of that pesky unchecked third box.)

    IQVIA (multinational contract research management and clinical trials design company), then med school, then straight to BCG (think McKinsey-like), THEN medical residency is a weird progression. And he was only briefly in a urology program. Strange.

    1. He’s a little like The Magical Mr O’s weird background of obscurity to the night he got elected to the Senate (I thought, who’s he? as Big Mike jumped up and down like she was in on something). In that, I have been curious how certain people rise to these levels: neoptism like 1/2-3/4 of Hollywood, hand selected at a young age then groomed (O’s trajectory), paid to play, or dumb luck?

      The guy is a putz with some apparent brains, but none too smaaaht (as they say in Boston).

  6. Fired a 5.7 several years ago and was not really impressed. I did not have any of the armor piercing bullets just FMJ but the effect on the target (gallon jugs of water) was about the same as a hot 22 magnum. If my choices were limited to either 9 mm or 5.7 it would be 9mm all day every day.

    Pedophiles. Natural selection in action. All I can say is good dog and hope the dog gets a lot of steak dinners in the future.

    Defense news. Good grief, is the Marine Corp really going to rely of the AF for close air support? I am retired AF and despite the admiration I have for the aircraft and the pilots somebody has got to order them to do the mission and our current AF leadership is, in my opinion, pretty weak. Gen LeMay is probably rolling in his grave right now.

    Tanks, know little about them but the author of the article appears to make a lot of sense. I guess we will see what shakes out.

    1. Alarm systems are fine, but a solid decent sized protective dog is [clearly in this case] much better for taking out the sneaky bastards. If that “Such A Good Boy” were mine he’d be pampered to the point where he could identify as a cat.

      1. Just like ours! Sweetest, kindest, most loving and playful dog I’ve ever owned, but do NOT get her ticked off. She’ll hurt you….badly.

  7. IMO, The main problem is not Ukraine, or tanks, or ammo- the problem is our southern border is a walk-across, and a relatively small force of trained guys could likely take out our electrical grid with very little in the way of advanced equipment. They are probably here now, if Putin has a brain.

    LL, you have the background- could a couple hundred special forces guys with cartel arms shut us down? Bad enough to to toast irreplaceable transformers, but leaving surprises for the repair crews is really going to slow walk any remediation.

    People seems oblivious to the fact this war does not have to stay confined to Europe. maybe because it has been so long since blood has been spilled on American soil? This talk of backing Russia into a corner and destroying it as a national identity is nuts. There is a huge difference between a proxy war and someone threatening to utterly destroy your home.

    Last question- the Pfizer vice president of the virus universe- did you see his reaction? How different is he than the people currently running our government? Are we feeling comfortable yet?
    Top Men indeed.

    1. “This talk of backing Russia into a corner and destroying it as a national identity is nuts.”

      Agreed, but it’s nuts from OUR perspective. So far as I can tell, US foreign policy in the UKR space has been formulated and fomented by Kaganites [1]. They purely HATE Russia in particular and probably Slavs in general. I also suspect that the US and Europe are not the homelands of their hearts either. So what of actual value is lost if RUS, UKR, Europa, and the US are harmed? Let the evil oppressors destroy each other.

      [1] “Kaganite” is NOT code. I am being precise in my terminology. I am not claiming, nor do I believe, that Kagan or Nuland’s co-ethnics are uniformly (or even majority) in support of their plans.

      “could a couple hundred special forces guys with cartel arms…”
      I’m clearly not LL, but lemme take a stab at this. Thoughts in no particular order:
      1. No need for cartel arms. We’ve got plenty.
      2. No doubt that SF-equivalent teams could wreak terrible havoc. Havoc that’d take years to fix would take some work, but months, with lots of second and third order effects, would certainly be within reach.
      3. Taking out the electrical grid would be crushing, but there are LOTS of targets. Water treatment facilities, contamination of food supply, infectious disease scare, mass casualty events at transportation centers. And all you need for the latter is one credible threat (might not even need actual casualties), and the authorities will over-react to the point of paralyzing that transport modality. The cunning guerrilla will use the apparat of the State as a massive force multiplier. The medical analogy is a minor infection that the body goes into overdrive to fight, whereby the body harms itself worse than the infectious agent per se.
      4. Depends on whether the SF-equivalent saboteurs care about getting away. If you are willing to die for your cause, there’s very little you can’t accomplish.

      1. What’s with Cartel arms? They rely on AK-47’s with the odd RPG. You see more Barrets in their inventory these days, but the average Arizona gun safe has one of those. Former Tier 1 and Tier 2 special operations forces could do a lot of damage if motivated. You could take down all of the overpasses in the DC beltway to get somebody’s attention. I’m not in a position to know but I’m sure that there is more than enough demo, det cord and blasting caps in their hands to do that.

    2. How many transmission line guy wire cables could be cut on one charge of a battery-powered angle grinder? Way out in nowhere where there’s no camera to catch your vehicle license plate? How would you prevent this attack? The first world exists because nobody has taken it away yet.

        1. The real Civil Engineering targets in the US are the bridge pinch points in the NYC area, especially the I-95 corridor, although if you want to be really ambitious then the Tappan Zee and the I-90 bridge in Albany are biggies.

          Any reduction in NE Corridor log throughput makes things FUBAR for a large, rich chunk of the US pop.

          There’s a lot more redundancy nowadays, and there is a lot more surveillance on those areas too. But all you have to do is look at the way that construction on the I-95 corridor in the NYC area creates BAD traffic jams in a 100 mile radius and extrapolate.


  8. ‘3 years ago today gas was $2 a gallon, eggs were $1 a dozen, mortgage rates were 3%, inflation was less than 1%, We had full employment, economic growth, and world peace. What happened?’ These are not desirable things to the TPTB, especially the last one.

  9. Re: 5.7
    I’ve had one for a few years. Please note as I recall ATF mandated FN only sell a reduced load (incapable of penetrating a level II vest)to civilians. This was due to the “cop killer bullet” campaign that taught crooks where to shoot to avoid hitting the vest and resulting legislation that outlawed AP handgun ammunition.
    Ammo was always high compared to 9mm ball, I haven’t tried any of the Speer yet. 5.7 shoots flat and is handy for those times when a rifle is inconvenient to carry

    1. Ah, yep. BATFE hates the round, with a passion. Expect to see sales of all 5.7 being attacked by said BATFE as soon as they get their way with braced pistols.

      BATFE even tried to get reloading equipment and pieces-parts banned so people couldn’t load their own ‘hot’ rounds.

      Hates the BATFE with a burning passion.

  10. Ah, welcome to the Department of the Navy, sub-department of the Marine Corps. Saw this happening when the Marines shed heavy armor and artillery.

    What next? Installing wooden masts on all navy ships so we can send the marines up into the fighting tops equipped with smoothbore muskets?

    1. You have cut to the chase, LindaG.

      Weakening America is the order of the day, in the various halls of power.


  11. RHT beat me to it. I’ve shot a 5.7, and you better have a LOT of pocket money to keep the ammo in stock. Also, it’s probably the LAST ammo to be put back in production, and most of that will go to LE that are using the PS90.

  12. 5.7, like anything, depends on what you want to do.
    Hollow Point 5.7 at 80 cents a round. So much for a personal defense round.
    An aggressive flat shooter for distance, like an AR15 pistol?
    Get an AR15 pistol.
    The PS90 has a certain cool factor, but a pistol?
    Lacks the cool factor.

  13. Don’t mess with Pit Bulls when they flip into “Battle Stations” mode. Somebody’s gonna get hurt, and it’s probably not the dog….

    I just swiped LindaG’s post for fakebook…..Thank you, ma’am!

  14. Excellent tank article and I liked this too, “The cashless system is unfolding around us.” Terrifying and in full evidence in places like London.

    Jules’ infographic is awesome.

  15. 5.7mm seems cool, but I haven’t shot it. Seems like one of those “hit the lottery” things for me.

    Besides, R.I. just went Mag Ban again, so there’s no point here any more. Big fat bullets are the local order of the day until it’s overturned (again).


    1. Agree completely. Were I to hit the lottery, a full-auto FN P90 would be in the cards, if legal. On the other hand, an FG-42 would also be high on the list.

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