Identify the Armored Car


Identify the tank & armament/main battery


Identify the tank (turret)

It’s a modern tank and modern tank turrets are different than their predecessors. Essentially they’re shells. housing the automatic gun and sensor systems. Mantlets on modern tanks won’t stop APFSDS rounds and reactive armor components directed “up” may not perform as well as intended, so what is the future of MBT’s into and through this century? They’re very expensive and increasingly vulnerable.


Identify the Tank

This one would be difficult for me to guess. I’d have to flip the pages of Janes or some such and I don’t that I’d get it right.  Extra points if you can identify the nation that operated this tank before its demise.


Ok, what about some maps?


“Or people who identify as – female – birthing person”. Let no one claim this isn’t a politically correct blog.




There is an enduring question that dates back to early man: How much body armor do you need?

You need to meet the threat, but you are always meeting the LAST threat, not the next one (necessarily). When innovation is slow it works well enough. When things start to change, such as during world wars, you need to be on your game.

The cover of a popular French newspaper, picturing a greenhorn with more experienced soldiers. Surprisingly enough they are all seen wearing Adrian shoulder armor, a short-lived attempt at complementing steel helmets with some body armor.

Don’t get me started on boots/sabaton.


For Riverrider

Pilot, stay out of the landing pattern until we start to run out of fuel, then declare an emergency. (Strangle the parrot so air traffic control doesn’t know what we’re up to).


Name the Mystery Aircraft


  1. The first one’s an ERC 90.

    Second one’s a BMP with the AT-15? chrysanthemum. IDK what the NATO name is.

    Third one’s the Armata, I think.

    I thought the fourth one was a Brazilkian T-1, but it isn’t. Maybe something from the Spanish Civil War? I will leave it to Martin, because I have to go to work.

    The airplane IDK, but it sure looks French.


  2. Last tank is an M-22 Locust. Egyptian. Which means if it was recoverable, it most likely ended up sporting Israeli colors. Or became scrap.

    The plane? A Pzl.38 Wilk. Polish heavy fighter.

      • Dang, the Locust! I should have known that, but the Locust often screws me up.

        Egypt had Locusts? I wonder why, and what they thought they’d be good for?

        I should have known that Pzl, too – usually I’m better than that on Polish stuff.

        Well done, Beans!

          • It looked like a funky Sherman, but…

            And we sold a lot of stuff to a lot of people after WWII. Heck, one country was still running modernized Stuarts in the early 2000’s.

            If it works, use it. If you’re going against a turd-world army without modern arms, then a non-modern tank works. At least the 37mm gun could fire HE, unlike the British 2pdr (40mm). Stupid Brits.

  3. Off topic, but I am not sure you realize how prescient you really are…
    From 06 October 2014.

    “Genetically resequencing yourself into a half-black Marxist male of indeterminate sexual orientation from Indonesia will make you Leader of the Free World – able to toss the race, gender or ‘persecuted Marxist’ card at will.” – LL

    If you had mentioned owning a collection of designer knee pads I would accused you of sorcery.

    • And masks, I forgot the masks when I gazed into the crystal ball.

      Tennyson: For I dipt into the future,
      Far as human eye could see,
      Saw the vision of the world,
      And all the wonder that would be;

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much prescience to see where things are headed.

      • W… +1

        LL, you have a unique view that affords your readers insight. While the blatant criminality and Agenda 201 isn’t that difficult to see these days, I attest that “man makes plans, God laughs”. Virginia (and other recent election results) offers some glimpse of what may come and where I place some hope.

        • I’ll have to sit down and offer what may be complete BS by way of insight, but the blog is a time capsule of sorts (which is why I started doing it).

          Until then, chew on this. Based on my rough calculations, the swamp needs about a trillion dollars a year in graft/pork/unnecessary spending to sustain itself. That number sits on top of the basic cost of government, retirements, social security, and medicare, etc. USGOV stopped selling bonds and it now “buys its own bonds/debt” with money that it prints.

          Look at the push-back that Pres. Trump had in his first two years from the likes of Paul Ryan (RINO) and John Boehner (RINO).

          The country is reacting to the globalists, corporate oligarchs and communists by voting in such vast numbers that even cheating can’t overcome it. The swamp will learn and adapt. But still needs that trillion in graft to support itself.

          In order for America to remain free, it needs to be a good nation. Are we that good nation? Now that is the question.

          The story of Jonah in the Bible is instructive. When he concluded his journey, fraught with hardship, he waited for Ninevah to be destroyed, but they listened to him. They repented (I don’t know for how long, but if we take the Bible for what it is, they did). Are we smart enough to the same?

          • Agreed on all points…and select Big Pharma players had record profits on “sales” this year by offering “free” Not-a-Vax shots to unsuspecting recipients across the globe. Gee, where’d that cashola come from and who got the kickbacks? I suspect ALL of them, save for the ethical few.

            The thing about Jonah, he was ticked the Ninevite’s repented. We are a stubborn lot. When you get a win, stop.

            Of topic…where’s Haircut Newsom? Mr. Covid Lockdown is being protected by the MSM, like Never Trust a Fart Joe.

  4. #1: This is a French ERC-90 SAGAIE (Engin de Reconnaissance à Canon de 90 mm = reconnaissance vehicle with cannon), named after the ‘assegai’ spear used all over Southern Africa.
    #2: The tank is a Russian 9P157-2 KHRIZANTEMA-S tank destroyer which is based on the BMP-3 chassis. The main armament is the 9M123 KHRIZANTEMA anti-tank guided missile. The NATO designation is “AT-15 SPRINGER”. The main armament can also be used against ‘low & slow’ flying targets like helicopters. KHRIZANTEMA is the Russian word for chrysanthemum; how quaint.
    #3: This is a Russian T-14 ARMATA turret; upgraded version.
    #4: This is an M-22 LOCUST tank. The background points to arid/desert regions so I am guessing Egypt or Sinai peninsula because most of the LOCUSTs were sold off to the Egyptian government post-WWII. If I am right on this one then this tank did not remain under Egyptian ownership for long but was sooner or later ‘acquired’ by the IDF.
    #5: This is a Polish aircraft, namely a pre-WWII prototype. The designation was PZL-38 WILK (wolf) and this was one of the two prototypes built. This was a really tough nut to crack but the decisive clue was the uniform of the soldier guarding the plane: definitely Polish! This hint then pointed me in the right direction.
    MetRep: 38°C (= 100F), high humidity, occasionally torrential rainfalls, swarms of mosquitoes — such is life in West Africa. Apart from the oppressive climate the work here is great fun and sometimes a challenge, but still manageable. More details (and tank pictures!) to follow.

    • The last time that I was in West Africa, they were selling butchered humans in the meat market, labeled viande de brousse. Animal meat had a small patch of skin left on so you could identify where it came from. Admittedly that was a few years ago. I don’t know what work there could be “fun”, but you’re kind of a wild man, Martin.

      I have heard that conditions in West Africa have improved somewhat. I’m sure that people like you are responsible for those improvements.

  5. During WWI, the shoulder armor “almost” made sense since the artillery was sending alot of “shrapnel” and frag projectiles at random times into the trenches. The troops used sandbagged hideouts, MG, and observation positions. I guess that someone finally realized that the artillery would not be firing when those in the trenches had to be out to receive visitors so the extra weight was pointless.

  6. Everybody beat me to the airplane. The tanks, I had no idea…LOL The Poles STILL tried to fight off the Germans with the Wilk (Wolf), using them as dive bombers, per se, and using the forward firing machine guns with zero deflection.

  7. People have been predicting the demise of the tank since I was a puppy buck sergeant 50 years ago, give or take a coupla months. One day they might be right.

  8. Imagine a massive great tank bearing down on the position. All very phantom lethal. Speaking of which, how can an armored corps be “phantom”? Asking for a son…

    • You can have phantom armored corps and lightsabers in a sci-fi novel.

      Then again you can have a genuine brain-dead president and whore Veep in real life.

      I guess the whore’s approval rating is 25%, which seems high to me. Where do you find that many stupid people?

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