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In Budapest


Bullet Points: 

** In the Queens Village area of New York City, hundreds of protesters converged to protest the mayor’s decision to build a tent city for migrants in their neighborhood. “There is a preschool right over there, and an elementary school over here, and a senior citizens home in that direction” they complained. Were these New Yorkers implying that the presence of the migrants posed some inherent danger to them? If they were Conservatives, their fellow Liberals would have certainly accused them of promoting the belief that individuals of particular ethnic groups have a greater bent toward crime than others. Why else would they have this kind of concern over the presence of these “guests of the federal government” within their community?

** BRM asks what if you can’t trust the police? I will be brief. Each police and sheriff’s department has a slightly different culture. FBI has a culture, BATFE has a culture, etc. The culture reflects the political world that they operate in. Who do they hire, how are they managed (hint: strong labor union = bad management), and so forth. They very frequently mirror the communities they serve. They often have very little in common with each other with the exception that police work has been police work since the time of ancient Rome and the Peelers in London. It is all driven by the political environment.

** FOX News reports Ca. Gov. Gavin Newsom is the first Governor to say that Donald Trump is not eligible for future presidential elections & has asked the California State Assembly to pass a bill that will remove President Trump’s name on any future ballots. The Swamp fears President Trump like no other in history. There is a lesson for us all in that.

** A new and more lethal OMICRON variant has been detected. It’s called BS-24-7/365. It attacks the brain and you feel compelled to wear a mask and love Big Brother.

** Pedo Joe’s E-mail accounts – “Robin Ware,” “Robert L. Peters”, “67stingray” and “JRB Ware” were pseudonyms VP Biden used on emails that mixed official and family business. In a four-week period in 2016, for instance, John Flynn, who worked in the Office of the Vice President, sent Joe his official daily schedule to his private email address and copied Hunter. There were 10 such emails copied to Hunter between May 18 and June 15, 2016.



Reichsfurher Adolph Hitler

Few men knew Hitler as well as architect and long-term associate Albert Speer. In his writings, later in life, Speer frequently dove into the late dictator’s psyche, sharing stories of their times together. Speer wrote well, and his anecdotes and analysis of the highest-ranking Nazi’s are fascinating. He would often recall how Hitler would be most at ease when meeting with common people. The “little people”, if you will.

Speer discussed scenarios. Say Hitler was early for a meeting, back in the first years when he had just come to power. He’d stroll around a building where a stage was set up. And he’d talk to people. Like really talk to them, person-to-person. A soldier, a fellow veteran of WWI. A carpenter. He’d have animated talks with them, and Speer was amazed by this because many of the top brass of German high society were vain, arrogant, high, and mighty figures. Not Hitler. In a restaurant, he’d compliment the chef on a vegetarian dish. Delighted to find out the man who prepared his food was a fellow Austrian. Things like that.

You’d think of Hitler, the murderous dictator, and imagine some sort of raving madman, foaming at the mouth, endlessly ranting about “the Jews!” And what you got, instead, was a thoughtful, soft-spoken man with a deep voice, speaking in a slow and deliberate way, trying to hide his heavy Austrian accent. He’d remember names, remember intimate details about the lives of people he’d only met once, years after the fact. Like a true politician, really. He was warm, and personable. And he could also be absolutely terrible, too. Especially to people who belonged to the nobility, the Prussian elites, and generals from “old families”, with old money and “von” in their names.

The high and mighty men of old Weimar never wanted much to do with Hitler. That “silly little corporal” they would say. They despised him, at worst. At best, saw him as a mere parvenu. Someone who had risen far beyond his natural station in life, and who was utterly undeserving of his position. He never was accepted by ‘polite society’ to the degree he wished he would be. And not for lack of trying… he could engage with them, and talk to them passionately about a wide variety of subjects. He frequently tried to woo “old money” but was frequently rebuffed. It tired him. Made him bitter. So the niceness, it faded. He had no need for it anymore, anyway, once absolute power was obtained.

Still, he acted in a friendly way to “the little guy”. To his secretaries, to their husbands. He’d play matchmaker for his staff. Inquire about the children of friends. Allow his old Jewish childhood dentist to leave the country unharmed before the Holocaust kicked off… Hitler is a great and enduring paradox, an enigma — boundless evil in an often surprisingly polite package. A sea of anger and hatred, brewing underneath a surface that could be deceptively charming.

I’m not suggesting that Adolph Hitler was a moral man. Much of who and what he became was molded during World War One and the ensuing years. It would be considered a bad form to compare him to other world leaders, but possibly not unfair.


Identify the Aircraft







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  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. RC-135S
    2. North American B-45 Tornado
    2. Goodyear Inflatoplane
    4. Grumman OV-1 Mohawk

    1. Correction to order:
      1. RC-135S
      2. Goodyear Inflatoplane
      3. North American B-45 Tornado
      4. Grumman OV-1 Mohawk

  2. IDA:
    1. Boeing RC-135S
    2. Goodyear Inflatoplane
    3. North American B-45 Tornado
    4. Grumman Roden OV-1 Mohawk

  3. Reichsfurher Adolph Hitler…

    I think most of his behavior can be chalked up to the amount of amphetamines and God knows what else he would take on a daily basis.

    1. I wonder what sort of chems Pedo Joe’s handlers pump into him every day. I’m not comparing him to Hitler, but when it comes to “sustaining drugs”, America might like to know the results of random drug testing even if they are administered under medical supervision.

      1. Anytime Biden make some sort of public appearance or is on the camera it makes me think of Dr. Theodor Morell. A psychotic hypochondriac who I think maybe either OSS or British intelligence turned due to the rapid decline in the 9 years he treated Hitler. You can’t even get pedo Joe’s physical report from Maybe his dementia has put him in the vegetative state in hell while his physical state is just going through the motions.

      2. I’d like to see the results of giving everyone in the Capital building and the White House a urinalysis test right now (1530 EDT, 8-23-23).

        Just be interesting to see.

        1. First off, that’s racist and homophobic. It’s possibly also Islamophobic. Are you one of those Make Schumer Cry Again people?

          Ok, is it just the piss test or would you publish your results?

          1. It’s anti-Semitic to suggest doing something that would make him cry. However, Cryin’ Chuck has emotional issues and he cries all of the time.

    1. There were enough incidents during the plague years to form a disturbing pattern, weren’t there?

      1. What kind of surboard was the guy arrested in Newsome’s Covid Paradise using the day it took 3 of Cali’s finest to haul him in? For our safety of course.

        1. Can you imagine the chaos that would have ensued if he’d been allowed to surf alone on that beach? He’s lucky that it was the sheriff that responded. If it had been the FBI, they’d have sniped him from the road and kept on driving.

          1. Authorities kept the public and him “safe” by arrest that nonconformist reprobate who had the unmitigated gall to be a quarter mile buffer between him and anyone else. He “put lives in danger….and couldn’t handle the truth!”

          2. He was surfing by himself without a cotton face mask made in China, PaulM! It’s an outrage – ABOMINATION! Who does things like that.

          3. New novel: “A Few Good Surfers”…a tale of Covid Red Lockdowns and those who refused to comply. “I stand on my board!”

  4. Moons ago heard a Paul Harvey “The Rest of the Story”, about Hitler. Can’t find it online but essentially downtrodden Adolf was compassionately put up in a Jews home when one day the homeowner found him in his room with a gun to his head. The homeowner talked him off the ledge…intervened, and the rest is history. Imagine that.

    No matter how he treated the little people, possibly because he was massively insecure around people “greater than him”, he deserves his place in Hell. “Tell me what you do and I know who you are.”

    Latest “variant”- While BS-24-7/365 is funny, it’s truly sad. The ensuing Mass Psychosis will further separate out the foolish…same with NYC voting in Lefty Dems then complaining what transpires. Can you hear the tiniest of tiny violins? More fools.

    1. Yet the people followed him and justified every excess as they did so. It’s always worth remembering.

      1. The point. And some of “We the People” would do the same…ARE doing the same with Better Living Through Chemistry Pedo Joe.

          1. No one. And yes, we are the worse for it. America is being played and they think we haven’t noticed (or don’t care that we do).

            The Handlers have this old fart so juiced up it’s amazing he can function at all. He looks dead. Guessing he gets pumped up with Fauci Special Sauce Magic Potion to keep him running on 1 cylinder. It’s a joke…but not a joke.

  5. Excellent Hitler reflection. Some believe, and I’m inclined to agree, that he was possessed or at driven by evil “powers of the air.” And then the Power dropped him like a broken toy.

    There’s a moral in that too.

    1. Look at the people that he surrounded himself with. Himmler, a failed chicken farmer; Goering a washed-up WW1 ace with a wicked heroin habit; Horst Wessel, a pimp, etc. They were not the sort of brain trust to build a Reich on.

      In America, we are ruled by a shadow government with a demented pedophile and an aging whore in titular command. Who has the nuclear launch codes? Yet whoever it is has the power to rip the frigging skin off the planet.

      Sleep soundly, LSP.

      1. Same but different. Gravity & a sudden stop at the end. Just a longer free fall time to contemplate your poor life decisions.

        1. He had no future outside of that system and the end was similar to all of Putin’s (or the Clinton’s) enemies.

  6. BS-24-7/365. You should copyright it and find some way to force the CDC to use the title. All proceeds to go to the SAF or some other worthy cause.

    Prigozhin. What the heck was he doing in Moscow? Seems pretty stupid but maybe I am not a sophisticate. Okay, I know I am not a sophisticate.

        1. Two flight crew, a flight attendant, Prigozhin, and 9 others from the reports. They flew in an executive aircraft owned by Wagner Group.

  7. The first airplane you posted that I knew what it was. But I did not recall the variant.
    I always wonder what Joe is getting, too; and if all the Joes we see are the one and same.

    Hope you are doing well.
    You all be safe and God bless.

    1. Joe – there are at least two of them – one with attached earlobes and one without. Can’t remember which on had the larger eyes.

      1. there are many differences, ear lobes, hair line, skin tone, gate, posture, eyes, forehead is square on one joe/rounded on the other, mannerisms, not to mention the apparent diff in mental clarity= imposter. they trotted the real joe out for hawaii. that joe couldn’t even offer sympathy w/o messing it up. they never send the imposter out of dc, unless its someplace nobody has met him in person before.

        1. There may be more than one body double. I realize that Pedo Joe is near vegetative and that would be a reason, but world leaders have had doubles for a long time.

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