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Let’s play Global Thermonuclear War! (nukemap) Detonate a thermonuclear device on your favorite city. Rattle your own saber for Uncle Joe.


Goodbye Norma Jean


Bullet Points

* Don’t let pro-choice people make any argument about rape, incest, miscarriage, or medical issues. It’s disingenuous. You could make every possible exception for those situations, which most abortion laws do, and they still wouldn’t ever accept any restrictions on abortion anyway. They only bring that stuff up as a cheap appeal to emotion. They want abortion as birth control, no questions asked.

* When Twitter announces that they’re fighting hate speech, they mean that they are fighting speech that they hate.

* Tolerance will reach such a level that intelligent people will be banned from thinking so as not to offend the imbeciles. – Dostoievski

* Edward Snowden – full interview – you be the judge.

* From the Mail Bag – Which knife is my favorite? The Model 1918 trench knife, issued to soldiers of the United States – Army and Marine Corps (World War I)

Ok, I have other favorite knives, but this is one versatile fighting knife. There are two variants. One had a conventional stiletto blade (pictured). The other was a lunger (triangular) bayonet blade (M-1917), that punched a hole in the enemy and that wound is rarely survivable.



So, what else do you do besides making sandwiches? I didn’t make it. I just put the toothpicks in. – JULIET BURKE in Lost (2004-2010) My favorite character from the TV Series.




  1. Oh, just look at that trench knife. People today say that’s not legal because it’s not a war-weapon. Um… yeah… Brass knuckles used to be very popular in trench warfare all the way to the ACW, and before.

    Sydney Watson’s a weird one. Fun to watch but, Lord, she’s wordy. Could get her message across on YT with about half the verbage.

    As to “Lost,” well, bleh. Such a promising story turned to drek by the writers. Mrs. Andrew and I have a rule on new shows. If they are “Lost-ing” then the show goes away. Won’t spend a microsecond more watching it. Usually you can tell by the end of the 2nd episode.

    The Derek Chauvin verdict was a perfect summation of our current clown-world. All the evidence, and the testimonies (even the prosecutors’) showed that Chauvin did nothing wrong, yet he was found guilty by the jury because the jury was too scared to not find him guilty. And people see the guilty verdict and assume it’s correct, because, well, he’s guilty. But they have no problem believing that serious scum like Charles Manson and that whack-job Mumia Abu-Jamal are innocent because for no reason at all.

    • We saw the same treatment of the police officers in the so-called Rodney King incident. I’ve been told to give the federal government the benefit of the doubt…uh, no.

      • Lost was never a promising story, except in the sense that the writers made lots of promises they couldn’t keep. A story needs a beginning, middle, and end to work. All plotted out before publication. Everybody was all “how are they going to tie this together, the writers must be geniuses”, and I was like, “they aren’t going to, and they’re swindlers”. Nobody in Hollywood is a genius, they are all swindlers. This is not news.

        It’s exactly like all that crap like Game of Thrones. They aren’t stories, they are grifts like Ponzi schemes.


        • My sense from viewing the series as I did, was that the show and the writing were victims of their own success. I think that may be what Beans referred to. “Lostification” It lost plot and focus because of mediocre writing, all the while, cast and staff were making more each year by barfing out “new ideas” to keep the gravy train rolling (the Ponzi).

          The problem with Game of Thrones, and the execution of the characters I found interesting was that I was left with something not interesting. So I tuned out on that early. The midget/little person survived I guess. I viewed the odd episode and seemed to keep up with things by doing that, but only when there wasn’t anything else to watch.

  2. We have to get to work on restoring the 2A to it’s proper scope. Why the hell can knives (etc.) be illegal, they are “arms” too.


    • I think that they may be illegal in some states. Not all states…

      Brass knuckles are illegal in some states but these days they’re made out of very tough plastic and they work every bit as well. “Plastic knuckles” are not illegal anywhere that I know of including California. It’s like when you get a club (illegal in California) and put an ax blade on it and it’s suddenly legal. The laws are wonky.

  3. From the open bolt receivers left to right:
    M1 Carbine
    Mauser K-98
    Mosin- Nagant 91/30
    SKS (I’m guessing Soviet because of quality finish)

    Got the carbine’s big brother and the two in the middle. Kicking myself for not jumping on the inexpensive SKS from back in the day.

    • I remember when you could pick up the old SKSs and AK-47s for $100 each. I should have spent a couple thousand on them, but I didn’t. I’d have done it for resale.

      • Same here, and I even had my FFL back then. The logistics of safe storage of bulk guns and cases of ammo dissuaded me at the time. I was also reminded of paging through the military surplus adds in the gun magazines of my youth. It occurred to me that I was standing right in the middle of that time for the SKS. Out of a shipment of a dozen or so into my shop, I picked out a particularly pristine Russian SKS to keep. My shooter is one of the 16-inch barreled Norinco imports that was marketed under the name “Cowboy Companion”. I give their marketing department and “E” for effort on that one.

      • Man, those were the days!
        Besides the items mentioned in the previous post I managed to acquire a P08, a C96, an M1917 US Enfield, two M1 Carbines and a Spanish Guardia Civil Mauser.

  4. Word on the wire is Musk will eliminate 75% of Twitter employees, effectively clean house. TwitterIdiots are whining because they know their job is on the chopping block.

    GF- How the Give US Barabbas! crowd managed to present that thug as some sort of community pillar proves the Summer of Love was an operation allowed to run amok. The jury were cowards. “They aren’t principles until you have to defend them.”

    “Lost” – Loved the show…intriguing…until it went off the rails with overly done weirdness and drama. Was curious to see where it was going, but as Beans & Kle said above, the producers and writers got too clever for themselves and ruined the trajectory by intertwining timelines with a Mix-Master to keep the audience coming back for more. Was this Hell on Earth? Purgatory? Some weirdo experiment? Didn’t scan for me after a bit but I wanted to see where it went. Worth a bowl of popcorn. Juliet and Locke (for 2 seasons anyway) were my favorite characters.

    • Twitter just isn’t that cool. Cutting the staff by 75% – makes me wonder what 80% of the staff (or more) do now every day. Maybe they just run the annoying bots that populate the Twitterverse?

  5. “Don’t let pro-choice people make any argument about…”
    Agreed, they don’t make arguments, (Intellectually based disagreements with fact and counter fact) all they do is emote and give personal attacks.

    I have NEVER had a single Pro-Choice person give any answer to the following question:
    ( I have however received a lot of abuse, attacks and insults…Which considering the source, I count as compliments)

    “If your Morals allow you to Kill the most Innocent and defenseless among us,
    What exactly does your Morals stop you from doing?”

    And the related question:
    “One of the most important functions of government that most can agree upon is that it should Protect the most defenseless and Innocent in our Society.
    If you are Pro-Choice, What duties of government would you place at a higher priority than this simple truth?”

    MSG Grumpy

  6. Love the round bale meme. Rancher neighbor had a flip Tracphone for [literally] 20 years (until 3g went away this past July). Hardly ever used it, had like 8000 minutes remaining. Lost it 2 years back. Was haying this year and saw something before running the baler over it. Stopped, picked it out of the round, opens it…battery was 3/4 and he called the house to check operation. Still worked.

  7. and yet I find it amazing that the pro-choice people are the most vociferous voices in the crowd when the death penalty is being discussed.

  8. Sidebar followup: I’m curious who thinks James Meek decided to go the way of Darby Shaw and head to some island, watching the “news of my demise has been exaggerated” on his tablet, or is it more likely he’s been offed by government stooges?

  9. Twitter, Instagram, etc.
    Being a grumpy old Latter Day Luddite I’ve never joined. Falsebook to connect with family and some friends and blogs and that is it. Email and the internet are useful. Am I missing anything?

      • I’m convinced they are all semi-funded and in bed with the nefarious side of government. Data collection on citizens is big business.

        • I don’t know where Twitter is in all that. Clearly, Amazon is, and Facebook has had an unholy arrangement with USGOV. Though you’d think that they would WANT all of the secessionist and insurrectionist chatter to continue and not ban people if it was a USGOV-supported activity.

  10. Re. SKS:
    Back in another century I saw a case of the 16” barreled models that were called “paratroopers”.
    An interesting anomaly came to light in that they had a selector switch for full-auto.
    According to they experts these do not and never have existed.
    The seller told me that when they informed the ATF as to this anomaly they came to their place of business and treated them badly.
    I guess it is not the ATF’s job to make friends, but the sellers indicated that future cooperation would be the minimum required by law.


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