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(Fox News) Reported that in Texas and North Carolina, there are moves afoot to give lawmakers special rights to carry concealed weapons that would not be afforded to the common people.

In Texas, the House defeated a measure on Sunday that would have given prosecuting attorneys and lawmakers permission to carry guns anywhere they wanted to in the state. Just 38 lawmakers voted for it, while 103 voted against.

Current Texas law restricts concealed handgun license holders from taking their weapons into schools, bars, sporting events and federal buildings.
I find it more than a little ironic that the very legislators who propose these changes are Democrats — from the Party of Barack Obama and his Chicago Thugs. You’ll note that they feel as if elites such as themselves should be accorded special dispensations. Maybe they want their bodyguards armed to protect them as well when they go places where others are not allowed to be armed? 
Even in a close reading of the Federalist Papers, the Bill of Rights and everything dealing with original intent, I can find no reference to James Madison or the founders of the nation giving themselves rights that were denied to the rest of the Republic. 

Moving on to the WIMP FACTOR:

Lincoln refused to post a guard on his room in the White House (the public had unfettered access to ‘the people’s house’ in those days and some even slept in the halls waiting their turn to see President Lincoln).  I realize that the fearful and timid Mr. Obama wouldn’t ever do that. I wonder how his rival, Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin operates. I’m sure that he wouldn’t be as giddy as a school girl as Obama is in watching a judo demonstration. (Putin is a 6th degree black belt in Judo and a 6th dan black belt in Kyokushin kalkan) Putin also pilots Russian fighters and bombers and is an avid shooter and hunter.

It’s obvious that Putin is scared witless of Obama and his ability to hide behind his wife effectively. Maybe Putin and Obama could engage in something more American than judo — something like baseball, where the Obama (Nobel Laureate) could best Putin?
Oh, never mind.

What about golf? Rumor has it that despite President Obama’s obvious flaws, he’s an adequate golfer. Maybe he could beat Putin at golf?

11 thoughts on “The Wimp Factor

  1. Yeah, sorry to say, I agree with you. Even when they're swatting a ball through a clown's mouth or past the slowly twirling windmill, it's likely that Putin would win.

  2. Since Michelle is taller and wider, there remains the possibility that he picked her because she'd make a dandy body-shield. The idea of Barack picking her because he could use her to hide behind (as a bullet sponge) didn't occur to me in his first administration. But it makes sense.

  3. Obama is clearly hiding behind Michelle in those pictures and squealing like a girl.

  4. Did you see him throwing a football at the Jersey Shore? Limp wristed doesn't begin to describe it…

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