The Sad fall of GEN David Petraeus

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Jill Kelley, at her birthday party in Tampa

No, it’s not a Rule 5 blog, but it’s close. First, we have an FBI special agent sending shirtless photo’s of himself to “the other woman”, Jill Kelley. (Wall Street Journal)

The federal agent who launched the investigation that eventually led to the resignation of CIA director David Petraeus was removed from the case last summer over concerns that he “might have grown obsessed with the matter,” according to the Wall Street Journal (full article above)

The FBI agent began his official inquiry into the matter on behalf of a Jill Kelley, woman in whom he apparently had a romantic interest.  Kelley, meanwhile had a romantic interest in General Petreus and didn’t like the thought of being sidelined by Paula Broadwell. Ms. Kelley told the FBI Special Agent that she received about a half a dozen hostile emails from Petraeus’ mistress Paula Broadwell.
The agent referred the matter to a cyber crimes unit but was prohibited from the any role in the investigation after the FBI found out that he sent shirtless photos of himself to Kelley. (Business Insider)
Jill Kelley (37) is a married mother of three (married to Dr. Scott Kelley, MD), living in Tampa, Florida where she is an unpaid “social liaison person” at McDill Air Force Base, home to the US Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). This does not mean that Mrs. Kelley is a strumpet, but it’s possible that Paula Broadwell (wife of Dr. Scott Broadwell, MD) thought that she was, based on the e-mails that ultimately ended General Petraeus’ career.
Jill Kelley introduces her husband, Scott to Navy SEAL, VADM Robert Harward
(L to R) Natalie Khawam, Gen. Petraeus, Dr. Scott Kelly, Jill Kelley and Holly Petraeus
(Natalie Khawam is Jill Kelley’s sister)
Lieutenant Colonel Paula Broadwell USAR, General Petraeus’ biographer
Lieutenant Colonel Broadwell grew up in North Dakota and as a high school senior she was an All-State basketball player. Following high school, she graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point. She ranked first in her class for fitness. She earned a master’s degree in International Security from the University of Denver and a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University. In 2008, she entered a Ph. D. program at the Department of War Studies at King’s College, London.
LTC Broadwell served as the Deputy Director of the Jebsen Center for Counter-Terrorism Studies at Tufts University and in that capacity, she interfaced with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.
To give credit where it’s due, LTC Broadwell is an amazing woman who has had an amazing career. It’s sad that the whole mess came to the national stage. It’s amazing how the Press will dramatize situations such as this one, while ignoring scandals such as Operation Fast and Furious and the Benghazi Affair which have stained the Obama Administration.


General and Mrs. Allen

US Marine Corps General Allen and his wife (right) are now in the middle of the scandal, as you might know by now.

Kathy Allen and Holly Petraeus have one thing in common besides being married to four star generals and I’m not going to exercise bad manners and mention it here on this blog. However, the wives’ charming personalities and sweet spirits aside, it’s not difficult to understand how their warrior husbands were swayed by charming and attractive “other women”.

Jill Kelley – the other, other woman?

General Allen exchanged roughly 30,000 e-mails with Mrs. Jill Kelley (37 – mother of three). They have been described as e-mail sex, though I have not read them and wouldn’t if they were available to read.

I’m not sure whether it’s appropriate for a theater commander and full US Marine Corps General to send 40 e-mails a day to a hot socialite (Jill Kelley) or not. Others will judge him.  HOWEVER, if you were a Marine lieutenant or captain working for General Allen and were caught doing the same thing, you’d be bounced from the US Marine Corps – or your career would be ruined by a scathing FITREP (accomplishing the same thing).

There have been a long line of US admirals and captains who have been relieved of their commands and had their careers trashed for less over the past 18 months.

Mrs. Jill Kelley is also an “honorary Consul” for Lebanon.
Not quite a diplomat – not quite not a diplomat.


24 thoughts on “The Sad fall of GEN David Petraeus

  1. I guess Mrs. Broadwell is right. Gen Petraeus er, mentored, a number of young people. Those Kelly sisters are gorgeous!

  2. Those Kelly sisters are gorgeous!

    Why do both women tilt their heads identically? Jill does it in the photos I've seen of her. It's a tell of something..innocent..perhaps. Annoying, IMHO.

  3. The Khawam Sisters are Lebanese Americans with French and Arabic bloodlines. And yes, they're gorgeous. I find it interesting that both Ms. Broadwell and Ms. Kelley-Khawam married medical doctors but preferred warriors.

  4. It would seem that SPECWAR (at JSOC) has an inexhaustible supply of attractive women handing on them there in Tampa – likely to disrupt regular operations.

  5. Jill Kelley is obviously KRYPTONITE to US Army Generals (and potentially US Admirals – stand by on that one. Rumor control has it that she likes either a lot of stars, a SEAL Budweiser, or both at the same time)

  6. Alexander had the sexual preference of many Greeks, or so it's reported. Maybe it was an early case of AIDS?

  7. I'm wonderin' if we are seeing an old fashioned Soviet Purge of the Generals and the female angle is merely the false flag. What better way to make all of the Benghazi/Fast &Furious stuff vanish into thin air and His Worship gets to walk away whistling…

  8. It's interesting that in the US, e-mails between General John Allen and Mrs. Kelley are scandalous or salacious conduct between Director Petraeus and LTC Broadwell are grounds for resignation, where in Russia Chairman Putin has built his reputation on doing the same thing. In Latin America, every government leader has half a dozen casa chicas and it's accepted as normal. Different countries – different customs.

  9. Not so much. Bill Clinton had his women, and Barack Obama had his men (Larry Sinclair and perhaps others) before he got into the White House – who knows what he's doing now? George Bush #1 might have had some side action and John F. Kennedy's cast-offs included Marilyn Monroe.

    The more interesting thing is the TIMING of the revelation as the Benghazi Scandal, arms to Syria scandal unfold and the Gunrunner thing is relegated to a place in "the historical past" as you wrote in your blog.

  10. Barco: That was exactly my suspicion as soon as I heard of the Gen. Allen & Kelley stuff in this ever expanding CF.

  11. IT seems the Generals are lead and governed by their privates. My problems is how so many people are falling on the sword to protect someone like Obama.

  12. Lebanon as a country is a hotbed of multiple-Islamic Spy orgs (Hezbollah, Hamas, etc). Lebanese in general are the crookedest of the Arabs and most rich Arab oil countries hate them. (Lebanese Hariri etc are famous for pimping attractive Lebanese chicks to rich Saudi oil royals for telecom & construction contracts). She is definitely a spy planted by muslim terrorist organizations perhaps a decade ago. How can someone totally not-working in US Military/govt organize upscale parties where top Army brass of 4*generals attend? Also, Isn't it in Tampa base/Miliatry accomdation, where 2-3 of the 9/11 hijackers stayed initially before taking flying lessons?? American military and many govt officials are more croocked than most Americans think…..

  13. Jill Kelley is an 'honorary consul' from Lebanon. I'm not sure that carries any diplomatic weight. I posted her license plate photo above.

  14. Before people start pointing fingers, it is a well-known technique to email a photo of yourself without your shirt on, to witnesses and/or victims. Its a high-tech version of good-cop/bad-cop, often referred to as clothed-cop/naked-cop, wherein first the subject is introduced to a fully clothed investigator….well anyway, that's besides the point…."its not a tragedy, if you deserve it, its justice."

  15. I've heard of this technique. I think that R. J. Miller used it with Svetlana Ogaranikova… While I'm digressing, it's an indication of how low the Russians will go with their "honeypot" approach that that poor spy was forced to "do" Miller (a tub of lard).

    General/Director Petraeus is certainly reaping a bitter harvest from seeds he sewed himself (pun intended), however, to me, it's sad. It's even sadder if he was being used as a tool by the Obama Administration as Fox News' Charles Krauthammer suggests.

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