The Long War

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The long war began with the birth of prophet Mohammed (may his beard fall out – may a thousand lice infest his pubic area of each follower and multiply twice daily) and the expansion of Islam. They had trouble with El Cid, with Charles Martel and saw defeat when they invaded Europe, but as every blog reader knows, they’ve successfully invaded Europe and Islamic Africa is producing enough people that the movement north of their seed is inevitable given the lack of European resolve to resist. Resistance is not futile, but you need to have the will to do it.
I’m not sure why Europeans are so resistant to having children, but being an American, I don’t know that it’s fair of me to speculate… but when did that stop me? There is a selfishness to modern Europe. The value of ‘me’ exceeds the value of children. We see it in the US too in the me generation. It takes a lot of commitment to raise children. They need their parents’ time and love and devotion. Where time is more precious for personal pursuits, where money is more precious to buy toys, and where love and devotion is a narcissistic imperative, the population suffers. And in the German nation, they thought that the importation of 1 million military age Muslim males would offset their lack of population. What could possibly go wrong?
It’s not just the West. China’s war with Islam is every bit as real, every bit as profound and they are as serious as a heart attack when it comes to restraining the spread. The Russians invited the Muslims to leave. In the British Isles, “Islamophobia” has been criminalized, and drawing a picture of Mohammed is somehow evil… don’t ask me to explain it. The East sees a problem (including the Eastern European nations) and the West takes a different approach to what the Russians refer to as ‘human lice’.

Artist’s impression of Mohammed

Islam is more of a political movement than it is a religious one. Muslims would disagree, but there is an obvious political bent. There’s also a lot of weird sicko-sexual things that one associates with the movement like sexual mutilation of girls and the self-explained need for Muslim men to rape any woman who doesn’t cover her head and hair. It’s a violent political movement, wrapped around faith.

The war against Islam by non-muslim people will continue long after my life had ended and woe to the people who ignore the threat.

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  1. You do have a way of cutting through the fog and showing the 'terrain'. One of the reasons I read your blog.

  2. I want to host a "draw Mohammed contest" at the White Wolf Mine once it's complete. Maybe it will end up like the one at Garland, Texas.

  3. Let them stay in their own fly blown land and hump camels and goats, LindaG. No room for that stuff here.

  4. One of my first posts in the early days was of the draw mohammed ilk. It was lame but then, the subject was lame. My last major trip to Europe was in 88 and I won't be going back. I prefer to remember a France that was filled with French and a Holland that was filled with Dutch. I've been to England since then but even back in 85 the places I stayed and ate were heavily influenced by the influx from the commonwealth. (I used to stay in some nice places down around Paddington and Hammersmith.) I just read a long article about the collapse of the German military (army, navy, aviation) and they pretty much signed off the air. I suppose in the long run it's no worry because if there is one thing islam is universally 'lucky' at, it's turning gardens into wastelands.

  5. One of the things about Islam is that they keep coming on in the same old way. We'll defeat them, again, in the same old…

    But why the West's urge to demographic suicide? Well, we can single out several causes, but the overall collapse of faith and belief in our own culture is remarkable.

    Maybe people are starting to question that and not a moment too soon.

  6. you got one of these?,50

  7. There are stories of prayer rugs and korans found on the border. NY Times says BS, though some ranchers say they found them. I'm more inclined to believe the ranchers.

  8. Germany is in full self-destruct mode. If there is a FREXIT, they'll drop out of the EU as well, and the French seem to be edging in that direction. There are places in France that are still French – mostly countryside. I like France and get along with the French. If you go into the fetid inner cities, it's a different story. I like Holland as well, but that was drifting well before the Muslim hoards arrived.

    I used to go to the Interpol General Secretariat (Lyon) for work and ended up palling around with the Dutch Secret Police/Special Branch types. Same with the Finns. Two different national character types, but I liked them both very much. Both intensely professional. I'm sure that those guys are all retired. Same with the French DGSE types from the old days.

    I was in London a year and a half ago and it felt like Cairo. I have no idea what would get me back. At present I have no plans. If I did it would be fly into the airport, stay for meetings and out.

  9. In Iran the Shah instituted land reform and created a system of western-style divorce and child support. The Ayatollahs got rid of that. It was unpopular with men. Women and female children are chattel in the Islamic republic(s).

  10. The NY Times has established a pattern of lies. Usually the Muzzies take their rugs and books with them, though. They could have been scared into leaving them if they were surprised while they illegally crossed. That's a likely scenario if you caught them at prayer. There are a lot of illegal Muslim aliens. There are an increasing number of illegal Indian (Hindu) aliens crossing. They tend to cross east of the San Diego Corridor, in the area of San Luis Rio Colorado at present – if you or anyone cares.

  11. The election of President Trump gave me/gives me hope. Maybe Americans aren't as stupid as a group as so many seem to be singly. Or maybe the corrupt, lying, smug, sly, filthy mainstream media just works hard to slant things?

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