The Long March to True Socialism

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This is what hope and change has brought us – and ObamaCare will tip the balance more toward “third world” as it comes into full implementation. In order to understand why the progressives have wrecked the economy you have to understand that “you didn’t build that”. If you don’t get it — that you didn’t do anything — the government did it for you, you won’t understand how this pain is necessary to get us to “true socialism”. Sure, it will collapse on itself as soon as we’re done spending “somebody else’s money.” It’s not a new experiment, is it?

(IBD) The number of people on disability has leapt 20% under Obama as the U.S. jobs disaster worsens. 
This surge in disability isn’t accidental, pardon the pun. There’s no mass epidemic causing literally hundreds of thousands to declare themselves disabled. It’s a result of the most miserable job creation in this nation’s modern history. 
No doubt about it: the numbers are alarming. When President Obama entered office, some 7.44 million Americans were receiving federal disability checks, according to data from the Social Security Administration. By October of this year, the number had swollen to 8.94 million Americans, a 20% gain. Total spending on disability has likewise risen by $31.3
billion to $140.3 billion, an increase of 29%. 
The “trust fund” for disability spending has now been in the red for four straight years. The last time there were even three years in a row of red ink was during the stagflationary Ford-Carter era of the mid-1970s. 
Why is this happening? One obvious reason is that going on disability is an obvious and easy choice for many middle-aged and older Americans who can’t find jobs in Obama’s slow-growth economy. Yes, many are truly disabled. But the idea that a 20% jump in disability would take place in just four years strains all credulity.
Numbers h/t Pajamas Media:

7.3 % — unemployment rate for October.

+0.1% — change in unemployment since September.

2.3 million — number of Americans “marginally attached” to the labor force.

-720,000 — change in civilian labor force in October.

815,000 — number of discouraged workers in October.

62.8% — labor force participation rate.

-0.4% — change since September.

13.8% — underemployment rate (U-6) in October.

$1,020,000,000,000 — stimulus injected into U.S. economy by Federal Reserve in 2013 (planned).

$313,695,000,000 — U.S. GDP growth in 2013 in dollars (projected).

3.25:1 — ratio of Fed stimulus dollars to each new dollar of economic growth.

$17,219,867,300,000 — U.S. debt, total (approximate and at time of writing).

$10,628,881,485,510 — U.S. debt, total, on January 20, 2009.

62% — percentage increase in U.S. debt since January 20, 2009.

$6,590,985,814,490 — total increase of U.S. debt after 56 months of Obama administration.

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  1. Ugh! After that, I feel the need to retreat with some racist comfort food, like a p, b and j sandwich.

  2. The question is, is the plan coming together? In the wake of the massive failure of ObamaKare, more and more it seems like the 2014 mid-terms could be a horrendous debacle for the dems and they richly deserve a brutal electoral trouncing. We'll see, but the mood is ugly and the rats are visibly abandoning SS Obamaphate.

  3. The plan is clearly coming together. Now, whether or not the American people go along with it is another thing.

  4. Can't wait until that employer mandate hits…some businesses will cease to grow, more will choose not to work when the free stuff is just easier, and as people drop of the insurance rolls – the premiums of those left will skyrocket. You really can't call these UNINTENDED consequences…

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