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Sunday Sermonette

It’s the pause between the July 2nd Independence Day BBQ, pool party and fireworks and the July 4th Independence Day (for real) steak cook-out. A pause for the cause as I clean up from one extravaganza and prep for the next.

God reseted on the Seventh Day but he was God, so he could pull it off. (thus the sermonette) I am just a regular guy, and not that cool, so I need to keep busy.  Meanwhile, I’m sure that LSP has a range day planned for after devotions today, or he’ll be pulling a 30 lbs. striped bass out of his secret pond. (happy birthday, LSP)

Speaking of secrets, I think that the clandestine meeting between former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch is out of the bag.

Will the Clinton legacy live on? As bad as the ObamaNation has been, a Hillary Clinton presidency will be unprecedented not because of her plumbing but because of levels of corruption. Clearly, nothing will be off the table when it comes to that.

Plans to relocate (and go Galt) are moving along and with luck I can close on the land in July.

Very near the future compound. I don’t think that I can match
LSP’s fishing spot,  but I can make-do with scenery.

You’re never out of the reach of corrupt government but I figure that I can get far enough away that I won’t care nearly as much as I do now, living down the street from a frigging mosque.

Final word/parting shot:

19 thoughts on “Sunday’s Sermonette

  1. Amen. You are blessed to be able to move and have such a wonderful view. Be safe and take care.

  2. The judicious use of pyrotechnics on the M down the street seems in order, to properly celebrate your independence.

    Pics: What a beautiful venue for your next adventure.

  3. I doubt it. The nearest store is 40 miles away. There are about 80 people living in the general region, all of them white. Not that Islam is a race, but I suspect that it's not a place for them to want to put a center of power with an arsenal.

  4. The mosque people fly American flags (false flag scheme) and walk on eggs for the moment.

  5. Those photos of your new digs (hopefully) look like they are in the same neighborhood as where Brig's Cow Man hangs out these days.

  6. Thanks for the birthday greetings and what great spot for a compound. I get the feeling that there might be some fishing opportunities… Maybe the Clintons have finally achieved overreach? We can hope.

  7. Fredd, she carries a handgun and a cattle prod for heck's sake, and she's disposed to use both to enforce her berserker's will.

  8. Clinton overreach? I don't think that the limits of that phrase have ever been plumbed. I hope that we can see an indictment put an end to her political ambitions once and for all.

    Have another piece of birthday cake and if you see your mother, BW and the gang, give them all my very best.

  9. Thank-you for the sermonette! Nice location you got there, it would be a shame if a mosquey summer-camp was nearby. Such an inviting target.
    At least Google did something with red-white-and-blue in it this year.

  10. I quit using Google some time ago.

    DuckDuckGo is just as good, and doesn't track your searches….

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