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Damned, Horrible Lies

The mirror lies.

When I get up in the morning and look into it, I instinctively ask the question, asked by men since mirrors came into use, “who is that old b@stard?”

I was recently invited to Credenhill, England this coming summer to spend some time with old friends, many of whom I haven’t seen in forty years since a secondment to the Brits when I was in the US Navy. My response was, “That’s a filthy lie, it can’t have been forty years.”

Friends, the clock is a remorseless foe and in the end it will kill us all. The moral to this story is, “fight like you’re the third monkey on the ramp up to the ark and it’s starting to rain.” The clock will still kill you, but you’ll get your full measure.

It would be a Scandal if she was Black or a Muslim

Luckily for the Tulsa Police Department, she was white and apparently not a Muslim.

The moral to this story is that you can run, but you’ll only die tired. 

I find the notion of “liberal preppers” to be absurd in the extreme. However their caches of supplies may be of use to the rest of us since they are likely to be easy prey. I saw a liberal discussing his concerns for a Trump Apocalypse on on a news program the other night and — a liberal person prepping is like a fish riding a bicycle. It’s as incredible and outlandish as somebody like Al Franken, a goofy, failed comedian, becoming a US Senator.


Once again, California made the list of the nation’s top “Judicial Hellholes,” according to the latest rankings of the “most unfair” civil litigation courts by the American Tort Reform Foundation.
On the plus side, California dropped to the No. 2 ranking after previously topping the “Judicial Hellhole” list in 2012, 2013 and 2015. It’s incredible that there would be a state that would be worse than California. New York (as one would expect) is No. 3. Which state beat both The Golden State and the Big Apple as the penultimate worst? Missouri. 
ObamaCare Lives?
As crazy as it may seem to some of you, I think this situation is FUNNY. Now the Democrats will have to petition President Trump to save them from the crash of ObamaCare.
For all of the bluster and lies, all of the obstruction and all of the misery that Pelosi and her gang caused – and all of the laughter at the Republicans (gang that couldn’t shoot straight), all indications are that they will work with the Republicans to find a way out.
Because as ObamaCare collapses completely, the Progs feel that the electorate will blame THEM. And the first duty of a politician is to get re-elected. I have no idea what the new American Healthcare Act will look like but Trump, the negotiator, will be called upon to broker a deal. 
Uncomfortable Politics
There are other whispers from the Capitol — that President Obama did generate a situation using signals intercepts (wiretaps) to undermine the newly minted Trump Transition  — for the purpose of undermining and delegitimizing his presidency. This puts the “party of tolerance” in a difficult position.
They can send their legions in the corrupt, lying, nasty, elite mainstream media to continue the attack, but will the attack backfire.
I realize that the progs are very slow on the uptake, but they’ve been wrong about EVERYTHING so far as it relates to President Trump. Some in the Donkey Party are worried that they need to dial down the rhetoric in case this ends up being something that shows Obama into prison, and his staff with him.

27 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. President Trump owes the mainstream GOP zilch. Few helped him get elected and most opposed him. He is a hardballer, bless him.

    Age is just a number, one that weighs a pound per year, loaded into the backpack you can't shed.

  2. The thing with Al Frankin, other than being the comedian of the Senate (wonder if he wears that diaper under this clothes) is, he lost the his first election, but after a few questionable recounts, finally made it in. But once in, it is hard to get them out.

  3. Great roundup of our crazy world, LL. Trump's tweet last night to watch Judge Jeanne Piro, where she proceeded to declare that Ryan must step down, was priceless. Ryan is the enemy. Trump wants him gone. Bingo! Get the repubs on board with ousting him. A win for Trump. I'm sure by now that Ryan has figured out he was punked.

    I really had no idea that Ryan has been around for 18 years. I want term limits. When do I want them? Now!

  4. Yep, the officer saved the State a bunch of money there… And yes, we're getting OLD! :-)

  5. Finally started my retiree work out plan. My old nemesis Artie Rightis was raising a stink and the exercise helps to shut him up.

    More than anything else, Al Franken's election to the Senate helped me realize that this country is doomed.

    In the final analysis, a handgun at close quarters is no match for a Ford.

  6. Hubby and I were saying something very similar a couple of days ago. Where did the time go? And each year gets just a little faster.

    A safe trip when you go. Thank them all, from me, for their service and thank you, too.

    God bless President Trump.

  7. Your suggestion that Obama might possibly be sent up the river to the Big House is nice to think about, but will never happen. If Hillary skated on every damn count from her lifetime of malfeasance and skulduggery, what makes you believe that Barry will end up behind bars?

    My re-worked joke now goes: What is the difference between Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and a ham sandwich? Answer: you can indict a ham sandwich. Hillary and Barry? Not so much.

  8. The term "liberal prepper" was good for a grin. I recall seeing one on one of those prepper shows a few years back. The couple had a nice garden going and some decent storage, but no firearms. When asked how they intended to defend their stores, they pretty much said they'd depend on the good will of their fellow man. Good luck with that one.

  9. Ryan has a lock on his district in Wisconsin. I don't expect that he will be leaving his cushy job and heading out to find something else to do anytime soon. As to the speakership? That's another matter.

  10. LOL – I'm with you there. The machine will protect Barry just like it protected Crooked Hillary.

  11. We can't cheat the Reaper, LindaG. We can tease him sometimes, but then he teases back (drat).

  12. It's instructive to get on YouTube to watch that video, then watch the ones that follow it in the queue. Besides the facts that the girl was armed, throwing shots on a street where civilians were present, and pointing her gun at the cop that ended up taking her out, she had apparently been on a week-long, drug-fueled crime spree where she shot two people on separate occasions, one in the head (apparently both survived).

  13. Not sure how much sense this would make, but there's a song by Gary Jules- Mad World. No matter how far I sway away from it, it brings me back to itself.

  14. That mirror is experienced everywhere I go, "can't be me, I'm just getting started" for the 69th time…
    Lib preppers are gonna be easy pick'ns, so they will be good source or a diversion! You know the hoards are gonna go for the free and easy stuff before the well armed warrior stores.

  15. A liberal prepper is a lot like a dwarf gladiator in a Roman Colosseum. How do you take them seriously?

  16. That may be the reason that the police were after her and the reason that they didn't let her reload and keep shooting. Black Male Muslim lives matter…

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