Special Operators take a STAND!

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We don’t bow to anyone.

You need to ask yourself where you stand and why you stand where you do on this election because the result of retaining this president in office will be profoundly bad both for the nation collectively and for us as individuals. President Barack Obama has done a number of very wrong things and my purpose is not to enumerate them here. However there are a number of people who disagree with the president and believe that America is exceptional. There are Americans who don’t believe that an American president should bow to any king and have fought and died to make sure that never happened. President Obama conducted an apology tour in the Middle East, bowing, groveling and begging forgiveness from every petty potentate that he met while at home he spent more money than all previous presidents COMBINED, indebting both us, our children and our grandchildren.
We need a change in national leadership that can only come with your votes. 
Don’t be afraid to vote for America.

Don’t be afraid to pray for America.

6 thoughts on “Special Operators take a STAND!

  1. The nation needs genuine hope, change and none of that can be had with Obama, whose heart never was an American one. He was raised by Communists, nurtured by people who resented America and that bias stuck with him.

  2. I sent mine in last week. There are a lot of people I know who are voting for Romney. I only know one person who is voting for Obama but he hates all Mormons with a passion and is letting that prejudice guide his vote.

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