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It’s the job that nobody wanted. The president seems positively gushy with Ashton Carter. Yes, I sort of want to toss my cookies. Carter is an empty suit and political hack, so he should make the perfect SECDEF in the ObamaNation.

Obama nominates former Pentagon official Ashton Carter for defense secretary. President Obama on Friday announced former Pentagon official Ashton Carter as his choice to lead the Defense Department.

14 thoughts on “SECDEF Nominee

  1. Everytime I read his name it comes out Ashton Kutcher. Wait, an actor might be better than Carter.

  2. Actually worked with him when he was undersecretary for S&T. He's a pretty good guy, but NOT really political. I hate to say it, but I think he will be eaten alive by the administration… WAY out of his class here…

  3. Anybody who elects Hillary to anything deserves what they get. All others should buy more toilet paper.

  4. She's the front-runner at the moment for the next "Leader of the Free World", which is to say, the country has a serious lack of common sense.

  5. Seems like another empty suit, just like the rest of the administration. Who actually is running the show over there, George Soros?

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