13 thoughts on “Recoil be Damned!

  1. That appears to be a 7.62mm round, I am not sure that even Lou Ferigno could hang on to that baby after pulling the trigger.

  2. Looks like a 50 BMG round to me. When I worked retail, we sold a few Smith & Wesson survival kits–


    What we told our customers applies here–"Even if you miss, your target will be deaf and on fire".

  3. I've met Lou. He's a large and imposing man – and a very nice guy. He might be able to hold on…maybe.

  4. Not sure what the point is behind this monstrosity. There isn't enough barrel to burn even half the powder before the round is off to the races. While loud, annoying and dangerous to all those around including the operator this isn't a very practical tool. I'ts more of a "why the hell not" kind of toy.

  5. I do believe I'd pass on this one. Some just feel the urge to have the biggest baddest pistol around. If something larger than .44 magnum is required, I'm going to a long gun.

  6. "… because they could, not because they should."

    A succinct commentary on today's society, little to no self-control because denying oneself is not an option anymore.

    Thinking the triangular snap ring is for the 50' paracord tether so you can find it after it launches over your head.

  7. I've briefly met Lou as well, many years ago at a book signing in the Los Angeles area, don't recall exactly where. I shook his hand, it was the size of a catcher's mitt. The guy is massive. And you might be right, he may be able to hold onto that unit, maybe not.

  8. That would be a big NO! I had an uncle that was a retired Navy machinist where he had a secondary job as armorer. After he retired he built custom guns. He built my dad a single shot bolt action 50BMG rifle. It hurt to shoot that gun and I was never able to shoot it more than once. That hand cannon will hurt somebody.

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