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FBI – Analysis on Fox News

(Federalist) “I think the most important thing you can gather from this report is that the FBI is a domestic terror organization,” Federalist CEO Sean Davis said on “Fox News Tonight.” “They use their power, they use their influence to try and lie, try to gaslight the American people, to try and rig an election. And I have a hard time looking at this and coming to any other conclusion than that the FBI has to be defunded because this wasn’t one or two rogue agents. This happened from the very top. This was directed from the very top all the way down and it was a lie and a coup against our government, against our democracy — a term Democrats love to use — perpetrated by our own government.”


VMI Cadets Help Rout Yankees

May 15, 1864

Here in the Wilderness, the rains continue to fall. The soldiers who are not manning the breastworks are huddled miserably in their tents. Food, especially for the Southern boys, has been a problem. Both sides are content to wait for a cessation of the downpour. There was little fighting today and only the occasional sharpshooter’s bullet has disturbed the quiet.

It appears Lee has decided that Grant plans to make another attempt at the base of the Mule Shoe as there is no evidence that he is moving his army in anticipation of another turning movement by Grant. Grant’s mood could not have been brightened with word that Gen. Sigel, who he sent to cause trouble in the Shenandoah Valley, was defeated at New Market by a force half his size led by former presidential candidate John Breckinridge. Breckinridge’s army included cadets from the nearby Virginia Military Academy. It is believed this is the first time in American History that students at a college fought as a unit in a battle.


Bullet Points:

** You need another Covid Booster – At least one more. Maybe two. OR maybe not. “In 2021, UC-Riverside (CA) announced a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to develop the technology to allow plants to serve as a delivery system for mRNA vaccines.“

** The mayor of Anaheim (CA) has invited the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to Angels Pride Night after the Dodgers disinvited the LGBTQ2I+ nonprofit. Oh great, more freaks in Anaheim…must be the Disney Influence…

** Jules’ Gunboat Diplomatic (Captioned photo? – maybe not) Pirate Adventures along the Cornish coast continue here. She refused to float her way to adventure. “But not on a boat. Not on a boat that takes two hours and is fondly known as the ‘’Vomit Vessel’ or ‘The Big White Stomach Pump’ with the strong currents and choppy waters of the Atlantic.” 

** Norinco is hard at work pumping out old Soviet designs for fun and profit. (h/t Claudio)

** Pedo Joe’s age and advanced senility have put the focus back on the newly appointed A.I. Czar, Vice President Kamala who will oversee the responsible development of artificial intelligence. Does that make her Surly’s boss?  So you take one of the dumbest former prostitutes in America and put her in charge of A.I. …what could possibly go wrong?


Ever the Environmentalist, Frank suggests a solution to global warming (h/t Frank)



Consumption of Soft Drinks in the European Union. [+UK, Norway, and Switzerland] ~ In 2019, 🇩🇪Germany was the country that consumed the most soft drinks per capita, followed by 🇭🇺Hungary. 🇪🇪Estonia was the country that consumed the least.


Where do the world’s pigs live? These kinds of maps are kind of proxy population density maps but they are still interesting.


According to the Statistical Office of the European Union, at least 1.9 million Turkish citizens live in Europe. Germany has the biggest Turkish community of 1.3 million Turkish people, trailed some way behind by France with 210,351 and Austria with 117,625. In some German cities, there are more Turks than Germans. More mosques than Christian churches.


The New Normal

California rainfall between May 2022 and April 2023 compared to normal. There is an El Nino forming that should increase those numbers in 2023-4.




Meme of the Day


Vital Clarification

The results of nationwide Californication have led to a number of deniers…

39 thoughts on “Gunboat Diplomat

  1. Are they counting beer as a soft drink in Germany, or is that the US Army?

    Now we know why they don’t call Hungary “Thirstary”.


    P.S. – wait a minute, that’s a quart of soda a day on average … That’s a lot more than I expected.

  2. Pigs…guess the pig counters didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to come enumerate the feral ones running wild in Texas.
    Cletus Valvecore

    1. No, I don’t think that they were looking at the wild razorbacks, just the table pork production.

  3. So all those Turks invited into Germany to keep wages low never assimilated and became Germans?

    1. I asked the same question of my German roommate years ago. He sighed. “It doesn’t matter what passport they have, or how long they’ve lived in Germany. They will never become German. Because we are not just a political entity, we are a People.” Now Ralf was if anything soft left. And he wasn’t “racist” — I mean, he was living with ME fer godssakes, plus his dating history included both Japanese and Jewish girls.

      His answer surprised me a bit because I was quite the civnat then. (But that was decades and a lifetime ago.) Now, my position is that civic nationalism is a fantastic belief (in both meanings of “fantastic”) but that biology is upstream of behavior and culture. (How does that explain me? It doesn’t. I’m a mutant. Among East Asians I’m a white ant.) These days I wish more Germans had the balls to think, and say, what Ralf said to me. But Germany, the IDEA of Germany, has been under attack for decades. Here is an example of the propaganda forced on the Germans.

      That’s a poster (caption “Typical German”) from the Dan Pearlman ad agency. It was a series of posters picturing persons obviously not ethnic German, with that label. A few years ago it was all over the web (and IRL in Germany). Today I had to dig a bit to find the images. This sort of gaslighting is what They (advertising people) live to do. If I label a picture of a goat “Pig” it doesn’t make the goat a pig. Now maybe the goats and pigs can live on the same farm in harmony (or maybe not) but a goat is a goat regardless of what label you hang on it. But neurolinguistic programming works, and that’s what certain factions have been doing.

      Speaking of pigs and goats, the Pig Density map is a proxy for human population, sure, but only to a degree. It’s a proxy for non-Muslim humans. MENA and Pakistan are empty on that map.

      1. Pigs and goats are racist and misogynist since only white men own them.

        Toss in cattle for good measure and you have the R&M hat trick that must be eradicated at all cost (you know “Our Betters” will destroy the world to achieve their version of a Unicorn Utopia).

  4. Soft drinks? What’s a soft drink? Is that the stuff you water your double whisky down with? Just kidding… you meant tea, right?

    The stone lookalikes are brilliant!

    Not from California please don’t attach TNT?

    Thanks for the plug, you’re very good to me. Arrrrrrr! 🏴‍☠️

    1. I think that tonic water would apply.

      Grog is a “classic winter drink from East Frisia” made of rum, sugar and water and heated to boiling point. So as a pirate drink, it’s already watered down. Edward Vernon introduced grog into the British naval squadron he commanded in the West Indies on 21 August 1740. Vernon wore a coat of grogram cloth and was nicknamed Old Grogram or Old Grog. The pirates adopted the popular naval beverage (without the benefit of an additional mixer).

  5. My brother’s Greek. He went on a trip to visit his relatives in Greece one summer when we were kids and remembers his great grandfather stopping his truck and shooting Turks trying to cross the border from Albania. He remembers his great grandfather screaming, “stamata ekei’vro’miko Tou’rko”! Translation, stop right there you dirty Turks! And they would stop…derfor good. That’s the kind of shoot on site border policy we should adopt.

    1. As many of this blog’s readers know, I spent time in Greece. Truth be told, I found the Albanian women living in Greece to be more attractive than the Greek women and it ticked off Greek friends. The Bulgarians, better still.

  6. vmi took down stonewall jackson’s statue. there were 9 of 11 cadet kia’s from that battle buried on the quad, i wonder if they dug them up yet.

        1. they were the subject of the film “field of lost shoes”. the field they assaulted across was freshly plowed and it had rained days prior to the battle resulting in many cadets losing their low-quarter shoes in the the mud. they used to reenact the battle every year before graduation and have an all day ceremony honoring the dead heroes. doubt that happened this year.

  7. I must have evolved too much as now I am depressed. KH in a leadership position let alone my boss?

    1. Maybe she’ll put out for federal employees…though it would be a desperate man who took some comfort from that.

      1. Rode hard put away wet and given too much grain…we’d call that horse “Widowmaker”.

  8. Lot’s of fodder to crank up the angst this morning…like how Brain-Dead Biden believes he can do the Congress/Constitution end-around to criminalize – after the fact – 40 million gun owners lives by and thru the BATF in order to chip away at 2A…but that’s for another day to get frosted over…so I’ll keep it to this one as it hit semi-close to home yesterday:

    Boosters- I see the mentally ill are still pushing the “Death Secretly Becomes Them” snake-oil.

    Older friend, retired Modesto Sheriff and Naval Veteran who moved back home, got the shot and a booster back when the hype was being push-marketed or else. As their generation assumed, they believed it was benign and actually a vaccine. Started having oddball problems despite being healthy. Six months ago had a stent installed in a blocked neck artery. Ok…except he recently fell over as his left leg quit working. Doctors said he had a brain “storm” of micro-clots and got him through that okay yet no amount of PT fixed his lack of feeling in his left leg. Went to “a specialist” two days ago, noticed a missed clot in the artery directly behind the stent-ed one. Went in yesterday for “the procedure”…pulled out a friggin’ 9″ fibrous clot (like what doc’s are finding in autopsies), it was completely blocking the artery. Almost immediately feeling returned to the foot…and he’s alive. He was one of the lucky ones.

    We will see a rise in this crap foisted on us by Dr. Fowch Mengele, Big Pharma, and The Scumbag Demon-Rats and their Billionaire NWO evil-doers (I’m looking at you Gates, you POS). Yet, despite a huge pile of evidence and anomalies (sounds like new voting “laws” and electronic voting machines to me), zero correlation will be admitted because evil is what evil does.

    Okay, one last subject…

    mRNA- I’ve offered opinion elsewhere about the mRNA vaccine <delivery system…it is NOT the “Not A Vax” or any derivative of what we saw over the past three years by The Power Elite (none of whom got the actual shot). It was used to deliver The DNA Manipulator because…mRNA is simply better vaccine delivery science to cells and minimizes problems with “escaping”. It eliminates/minimizes aluminum adjuvant use (which I am convinced aluminum use in products is generating Dementia).

    This EVERYBODY PANIC hype about giving us the mRNA via the food supply is not supported by actual science. People ought to be more up in arms about beverage and food additives that are creating obesity and effeminate males than a better vaccine delivery system given to food animals. It’s stupid.

      1. Nothing close to thoroughly. The mRNA “vaccines” were fast-tracked in an unconscionable way that is wildly different from other drugs and medical devices.

        I’m sure we haven’t seen anything close to the full fallout from this deliberate debacle, but a short term effect is clear: trust in the medical profession is at a historic low. And with good reason. That said, at the level of the MD or nurse on the street, it’s not a conspiracy, nor was everyone bribed (threatened yes, bribed no) to push the vaxx. Lots of MDs genuinely believed all the f the propaganda. MDs (and nurses) aren’t particularly smarter than the general population (sure, on average they have 3-digit IQs, but that’s not a high bar), and the entire medical training process beats compliance and knuckling under to (titular) authority into your head. Big time. I had lots of debates with clinical colleagues about the vaxx (and the lockdowns). I was dead against it, but lots of people (and we’re talking Harvard Medical School faculty and the like, supposedly the “big brains”) were strongly for it. And personally I basically had to threaten to shoot my oncologist to avoid being jabbed. (The Infectious Diseases consulting physician backed up my points fully, Óðinn be praised, which definitely helped, as it gave everyone top cover to grant me a waiver.) Vaxxitism is a sect in the cult of Sciencism. They claim to be objective and scientific, but it’s really a belief system that is more like religion.

        1. Mike_C and I discussed much of this in e-mail while it happened to him. At the time I was also ill and nobody would see me because of the plague. But me, bitter? Of course, I am. Odin saved Mike_C’s ass.

        2. I suspected the testing was less than stellar – thanks for the confirmation. The medical world has, on occasion, pushed out some wonder drug with poor testing and the general population has suffered for it. It’s safe to say that the medical profession has been working hard at ruining trust.

        3. Spot On Mike_C.

          I’m no expert but MrsPaulM is with this science, she cleared a few things up for me. Basically (really basically), while the ‘messenger’RNA was used on the Covid mess because of the ‘RNA’ part (of which I believe has facilitated with whatever else they were trying to deliver in the shot 25yo super fit athletes keeling-over mid-field, or, my friends clotting problems). She knows exactly what tech was used on the swine vaccine (some 5 years now), it is not mRNA and was specifically developed to stop any cell escape once administered. This is a vastly superior and safer animal vaccine delivery system than prior technologies, and offers a better immune response. MrsPaulM added that we can’t ingest mRNA or other vaccines…what the Chicken Little’s are screeching about.

          Rest easier…well those who didn’t get the Pfizer or Moderna shot(s). (J&J was a different tech altogether, yet every “vax” was supposedly built on the Wuhan DNA piece that all Big Pharma got in Sept. 2019. They knew the what, where, and when, long before the General Public.)

          Beyond that gets in the weeds.

          1. Powerful Ed. Whatever happened to first do no harm? Instead we get take the shot or else, which was a clue.

      2. Frank…not to overshadow Mike_C’s excellent response…the Covid Vax is still EUA, aka. ‘not labeled’…meaning zero liability because challenge data is nonexistent. They did no proper testing trials, unless you include the general public.

        1. Good point, Paul M.
          In case it’s not clear, EUA is “Energency Use Authorization” under which drugs/devices/stuff can be used without full FDA review. As Paul says, EUA shields the manufacturer from liability. But there’s another reason.

          Suppose there are several novel drugs intended to treat disease X, all of the same class. (Example: statins for cholesterol, atorvastatin and simvastatin are two drugs of that class — we won’t get into hydro- vs lipophilic.) Let’s say drugs A, B, and C are all available under EUA to treat Lambert’s Disease. As soon any one of those drugs, say Drug B, is approved, the EUA for A and for C is automatically revoked. That’s another reason for the prolonged EUA. Approving Pfizer’s mRNA clot shot would break Moderna’s rice bowl. And vice versa.

          And why yes, it IS “all about the Benjamins”. Though at the rate Pfizer is raking in the cash, it’s about the Salmon P. Chases.

          1. Didn’t know that, suspend one EUA and they all gain liability. That explains a lot.

            Then this tidbit: When 95% of businesses were struggling to survive Big Pharma – especially those two – were raking in billions (of printed money but still…). Always follow the money.

            BTW, never wanted to be versed in any of this crap, and I am royally frosted that what is supposed to “handled” by those getting paid to handle this baloney were actually perpetrating a crime against humanity. Occam’s Razor/Smoke-Fire says there is a reason for their evil-doing.

          2. Oh, I’m not sure they all gain liability. Maybe, but I don’t know. I meant to say that if “Drug B” is approved then the medicos must prescribe only the approved drug. (And thereafter B has liability, but A and C are no longer permitted, so liability is moot for them at that point, unless/until they are also approved. Retroactive liability is not on the table, more’s the pity.)

  9. Kle’s comment about beer being a soft drink in Germany reminded me of a story a cousin of mine told me. My cousin, a VMI grad, was assigned as liaison to a unit of the German army. During a field exercise a break for lunch occurred and out came the beer.
    Cousin: They allow you to have alcohol in the field?
    German officer: This isn’t alcohol, it’s beer.
    The story may or may not be as told. When I was stationed in Bad Hersfeld back in ’71 I did notice a number of pop machines containing beer. One mark was the price if I remember correctly.

    1. When I was stationed at the late Rhein Main AB in Germany,the Germans were drinking beer at the Deutsch Kantine on base. I always heard that Germans called beer “liquid bread”.

      While hearsay, I heard that the French and Italians included a small bottle of wine in the in-flight meals for troops.

      One of our C-130 crews stopped at an Italian airbase at lunch time. They asked where they could get a meal. The whole crew was taken to an on-base mess facility. They were served both mineral water and wine. When they didn’t drink the wine the host asked if there was aproblem with the wine. The aircraft commander explained Air Force “don’t drink and fly” rules. Italians drank and flew.

      1. French MREs include a Vin-o-Gel ration packet. It’s wine jello. You add water and it becomes wine. Or you can sort of bite the jello and it becomes wine in your mouth. It’s all a matter of preference. I don’t know if that is the case today, but I don’t see why they’d change.

        U.S. Navy ships are dry. Their French counterparts are allowed one drink per day. On the Charles de Gaulle, wine is available in the carrier’s 4 bars.

        The French had military brothels (BMCs) that moved with the regular army at least through Indochina Campaigns in the 1950s. The last BMC on French territory, that of the Legion in Kourou, French Guiana closed in 1995 following a complaint by a Brazilian pimp for unfair competition. Outside of the French territories, the Foreign Legion still had a BMC in the Republic of Djibouti until 2003.

        Americans enjoyed haircuts in Korea through my service. There was a complaint from Army wives that caused the practice to move off base.

  10. That flaw in the T72 is for from new – it was known to the US in the 80’s; the Warthog was specifically built to exploit it.
    Later on the Javelin and other missiles have top attack variants for the same reason.
    The T 72 has many other flaws as well; it would be interesting to find out how many the Chinese have fixed…

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