Coming to America – 

–Welfare payments, cell phone, taxpayer-funded apartment, automatic citizenship – endless ice cream. Will the new infrastructure bill be modified to construct mosques? Don’t laugh.


Retro Photo

A Soviet soldier folds up the flag in Kabul, as the Soviet Military prepares for their final withdrawal from Afghanistan, Jan 1989


Disquieting News: CDC reports only show that men and women have contracted COVID-19. There is no report on the other 59 genders.

They do report that women with testicular cancer is on the rise.




The Search for Terrorists

From NBC, a subset of the Ministry of Propaganda


  1. Remember how we (some of us at least) mocked at the Soviets on their departure from Afghanistan? IIRC some general officer gave a speech to an audience of zero from a vehicle while in the middle of a bridge or roadway. Who would have thought that would be more dignified than the actions of the US?

    I was chatting (texting) with a friend in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province this morning. Friend reports “the narrative here is that the US Army ran away in the middle of the night. Taliban won.”

    As to the Greatest Terror Threats: Our “elites” are very very good at projection. They believe whites want to do unto them the things they want to do unto whites (and those with “white values”). They cannot believe that anyone might simply want them to STOP. And to simply go away. Just that. They spend all their psychic energy recalling, inventing and polishing tales of victimhood, such that ethnic hatred and genocide are their entire mental world. This not directed at any particular ethnic group by the way, even if one group is seriously over-represented in holding to this “imminent genocide victim” mentality in the US. It’s a world view that essentially serves as religion for persons of that political persuasion. In other words, their world view sounds insane, but from that perspective, they are not sane people. They may have high IQ, and success in many worldly affairs, but their core beliefs are fundamentally warped. And therefore not amenable to reason or argumentation.

    • Your friend’s narrative is correct.

      Although we basically ran away ten or more years ago, and just left it to the racketeers.


  2. Given the actions of the current administration, their list of potential terror threats may become a self fulfilling prophesy.

  3. so i’m an outlaw AND a terrorist? well, that changes the game a bit. an outlaw tries to conceal his crimes. a terrorist tries to publicize them. i think i’m a better terrorist than criminal, after all they taught me well.

  4. This is the historical debacle you get when amateurs and politicians are in charge especially mask-wearers who are total brain-fog from rebreathing their exhale all day for months on end.

    I said earlier, Trump makes a phone call, “You eff with us and we will bomb you into oblivion.”, and the Taliban shrinks back to their caves. Biden gets planted into office, with his cadre of idiots, morons, and wusses (to be polite), and our enemies start the terrorist machine back up overnight. Biden, et al, summarily leave thousands of Americans and allies to fend for themselves. That is hanging level right there.

    I’m the least of this Administrations concern, regardless how they label me, or define me in some asinine PowerPoint (saw that yesterday…what total AH’s to generate that crap). We shall see in 3 weeks what transpires.

  5. The “Great Reset”, phase two. Destroy the credibility of the armed forces at home and abroad. Mandatory vax to drive the (small c) conservatives out. Can’t wait to see what POC President KKKamala has in store for America.

  6. Apologies if I upset anyone. Reference the heading photograph. Why do they build these monstrosities in every country that is diplomatically recognised? It appears they have, for several years, been built using the same set of plans, or plans close enough to be similar. This appears to be irrespective of whether the Mission is in a First World country, a so-called Second World or developing country, or some Third World, or worse s***hole. Perhaps someone has an interest in, or is beholden to, the firm of architects or the firm(s) that build them? Maybe it’s to pander to the egos, and to keep up the morale of the F*****s Serving Overseas?

  7. The latest: Brit Paras are making runs through Kabul to rescue their citizens, French Spec. Forces are doing the same. Pentagon: “We don’t have the capability to rescue Americans trapped in Kabul.” State Dept: “Thank you for contacting us about your status. Please download the emergency evac request form and send it back to us and continue to monitor FB and twitter for updates. Currently we have no plans to help you. Have a nice inclusive and diverse day!” No joke.

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