The Spitfire

They rolled out to face the Luftwaffe 80 years ago, and were used into the 1950’s and early 1960’s in combat by the French in Indochina.

Lovely, iconic aircraft.


The Planned Glitch

From the American Thinker: In 30 states, a computer system known to be defective is tallying votes.   more here

As the article points out, there is no attempt to hide the fraud. The FBI won’t investigate and if they do, the findings will be classified.


The Lithgow F-90 ATRAX (Australia)

The Australian military issues and operates the F-90, which is largely based on the Steyr AUG, with some fun and useful modifications designed to bring the older design into the present world.


I found it interesting that about a year and a half ago, Lithgow (owned by Thales Defense) announced that they would’t be selling their rifle in semi-auto, to the American public for fear that “a purchaser might shoot up a church”. Thus leaving somebody who wanted one to just buy a Steyr AUG.

While I understand the appeal of a bullpup design to the Europeans and the Australians now, it’s really not my personal preference.

Of course with the new political shift in the US and promised upcoming firearms confiscations, I doubt that shooters will be displaying their AUG’s. To counter that, the administration plans to tear down the border fence between the US and Mexico, which portends a brisk business in fully automatic (illegal) weapons and RPG’s in the consuming public in the US even as formerly illegal narcotics are legalized and formerly illegal aliens flood into the US to support the one-party system, which will use YOUR money to provide them lavish benefits.


  1. I’m to old school for a bullpup. No bayonet mount and useless for the purpose if it had one.

    Recently this old fart gave some younger hotshots a demonstration of bayonet drill. Still have the moves, just not as quick as my youth. The rifle involved was a Mosin. Good for that purpose.

      • The Mosin Negant has a worthy bayonet, but I am still partial to the M-14 (or Garand) when it comes to pig sticking.

        • Loved the M-1 I went through Basic with (1963). Loathed every M-14 I carried. In later years it may have gotten better but the early ones were crap. I don’t say that lightly. At one point we had a ballsy CO who let us take our issued weapons to the range on our dime. I put a lot of money through mine. One of our SGTs was a Camp Perry vet and he had problems. Oh, and they jammed – frequently.

          I bought a decent .308 bolt action at the Rod and Gun Club just in case the balloon went up. Kept it in the arms room and it went with me on every alert.

          • The M-14’s that we had were very good, I took one to Desert Storm (1990-91) with me, but they were highly modified with much lighter, ergonomic stocks, etc.

  2. Funny you should mention the Spitfire. Just this afternoon I went down the YouTube rabbit hole and watched a couple of clips from the movie “Battle of Britain”. I remember a video clip of German ace Gunther Rall recalling the first time they encountered the Mk IX…”We got a lesson”.

  3. The Spitfires were truly beautiful in design and execution, and in the air. They were sports cars, like a Jaguar XKE, compared to the P-51 which was more of a muscle car, like a big block Corvette. Very elegant engineering, and deadly.

    SiG has a good piece and discussion on the “glitch”. This wasn’t a “glitch”, it was an inside job to change the numbers and outcome.

    Who could be trusted to run an impartial investigation? The only organization I can think of is NIST.

    • The problem with the FBI is that it’s at least 51% rotten. NIST is good at the local level as is FAA and are other federal agencies, but they take their orders from the swamp.

  4. Beyond a doubt, the Spit was the prettiest fighter of WWII, at least in my eyes.
    They must have forgotten to activate the “glitch” here in Kansas, since with the exception of some of the larger cities was solidly red.
    Never felt the urge to get myself an AUG though they do have a futuristic look to them. Now if they were a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range…

  5. I like the way the rank and file left is really excited by open borders because that’ll boost the workers’ paycheck.

    Their blindness is as monumental as election fraud 2020.

    • Yes, what possible harm could it be to bring 100 million illiterate, unwashed from s-holes to the US, give them medical, dental, welfare, and an ObamaPhone?

  6. Loved the M-1 I went through Basic with (1963). Loathed every M-14 I carried.

    Don, a Marine buddy of mine complained about the M14 when they transitioned from the M1 Garand.
    His complaint?
    The stocks and hand guards would break when he slapped them during Drill and Ceremony.
    You had to know him to appreciate this statement.
    He was of a slightly different genome than the average human.
    When he was a kid, on Saturday nights, he hiked twenty-five miles on game trails from his home back in the coast range of Oregon to Yachats to roller skate and had to be home before daylight to do his chores.
    He was on the Marine Corps Rifle Team and shot for them at Camp Perry.
    When I hunted with him he carried a Browning BAR in .338 Winchester Mag.
    We would of a ridge into a canyon that he assured me that t was a gentle incline.
    Had it been any steeper rapelling gear or a parachute would have been required and the thickets of Devil’s Club did not slow him down
    We packed out four elk in one day.
    Don was in the first unit of Marines who deployed to Vietnam.
    I once was relating my brother telling me when he was stationed in Okinawa about seeing the Recon guys jump out of helicopters twenty feet above the ground.
    He said, “Oh, the down wash from the helicopter lays the elephant grass down and it cushions your fall.”
    If he could be cloned the term Super Soldier would take on a new meaning.

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