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It’s 110 in Phoenix and Bill Clinton wanted to golf. What’s unusual about that? He’s had heart surgery and a lesser man might not want to golf on the surface of the sun but he’s not a normal man. He’s the former president and should be able to go on a golfing holiday whenever he wants to. He’s also filthy rich from  he and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton having deals cut with the Saudis, and with every corrupt monarch and despot on the planet while she was in office. He has his own jet, his Secret Service detail and life is good. Why shouldn’t he land in Phoenix in mid-summer to play a few rounds? I swear, you bloggers have dirty minds. Sure, he’s going to get laid too, he’s Bill Frigging Clinton. 
So there you are.
Now, while you’re in Phoenix, golfing and boinking your life away, on the eve of the release of the Benghazi Massacre Report. Sure it might cast a shadow over your wife who is running for president but she’s slithered out of tighter places than that before. She’s also under criminal investigation by the FBI for a series of felonies, but her supporters would still vote for her if she was standing over Trump’s lifeless body holding a bloody knife. Life is good.
As luck would have it, your golfing vacation coincides with the arrival of Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who is overseeing Hillary’s criminal investigation. You’re a Clinton, you’re lucky, you weren’t impeached for perjury before Congress and you’ve got a lot of Democratic Party favors owed.
Lynch might want to know how your grandchildren are doing and you clearly want to know how hers are doing so you rent a sanitized third aircraft, parked on the tarmac at Sky Harbor Airport. She arrives in her government jet and you leave golfing to meet with her for thirty minutes, surrounded by your Secret Service Detail and her FBI Security Detail. Bloggers are skeptical, but this is how secret meetings are arranged. It takes 30 minutes to bang out the discussion of grandchildren, and Lynch, who was appointed to the federal bench by President Bill Clinton takes the opportunity to thank him for that. The airplane/meeting place is billed to the Clinton Foundation’s credit card and it all went perfect.
Except the local ABC News affiliate (KNXV) isn’t in the Clinton Foundation’s orbit. It’s in fly-over country. And the local news reporter wants a Pulitzer.
Lynch  didn’t mention her meeting with Clinton but when ABC News brought it up, she reported nothing unusual in her meeting. Just two old friends who wanted to chat about grandchildren. And the State Department wants to wait until after the election to release more of Hillary’s e-mail…
Nothing more to see here folks, move along. Look, a squirrel!

18 thoughts on “Picky-Picky-Picky

  1. Who in their right mind believes any of this story? Not me – that's for sure. Golfing when it's 110° – ah, I don't think so. It's only 85° here and going out to move the sprinklers is a trial.

  2. More reaction here: hapblog.com/2016/07/fbi-source-to-fox-news-agents-are-livid.html

    Since Bill is a potential target in the Clinton Foundation corruption case, the secret meeting takes on even more gravity. If it was a secret meeting. Progs characterize it as two old friends just having a chat about Lynch's political future.

  3. Honest as the day is long. Maybe more so. Just a couple of old friends passing the time of day about the grandkids.

    And that's it. End of story. Or maybe you want an audit?

  4. I hear Lynch doesn't even HAVE grandkids…her current husband does.
    I think/hope we have all been told enough crap over the years from the Clintons that when they start talking we start thinking liar, liar, pants on fire…

  5. Bill Clinton was President of the United States, Commander-in-Chief of his nation's military and Leader of the Free World. He is Hillary Clinton's loving and faithful husband and possibly also the father of Chelsea Clinton. He's above suspicion. END of story.

  6. He'd need to have taken out insurance BEFORE he broke the story. Now I don't think that anyone would write that life insurance policy or underwrite it.

  7. You'd see a conspiracy in a cloudy day. How can renting a third airplane for a meeting between an appointee and her benefactor be suspicious? It's no more suspicious than plump, unhygienic, Hillary doing yoga or planning the details of Chelsea's wedding.

  8. So she can't love his grandchildren as if she had some of her own? Bill's potential daughter, Chelsea has two. Isn't that enough to want to rent an airplane for a quiet, personal, discussion of family, there on the tarmac of Sky Harbor Airport, where it's 110 in the shade?

  9. Hillary Clinton wears her virtue as neatly as she wears a pantsuit to cover her unsightly body. There's a picture hanging in her basement that is reminiscent of that famous portrait of Dorian Grey. It's next to the server room.

  10. There are runways where Clinton and Lynch could have landed to conduct their business privately, but Sky Harbor Airport was a tactical mistake that neither you nor I would have made. It makes me wonder is the guy who is giving Bill advice on not getting caught is the same guy who built that server.

  11. Doesn't appear as if they care what is made of their little rendezvous. Why should they, they keep right on getting away with this kind of thing, and much worse.

  12. Yes, that's how it works. And it's disturbing. Which is why it's time for me to leave CA.

  13. Did any one get the tail number of that third jet? Trace it to owners via FAA registry (public info). And put them in spotlight?

  14. ABC News is on it. However the Clinton Mafia has a very long reach. You'll note that nobody commented on how Hillary transferred MANPADS to the Libyan rebels and then had Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens try to buy them back with gold….which is why he traveled without a security detail. Secrets within secrets within secrets – wheels within wheels within wheels.

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