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Organizing For Action (OFA) is a registered 501 (c) (4) organization which
advocates for legislation.  It is prohibited by law from supporting specific
political candidates
“Giving or raising $500,000.00 or more puts donors on a national advisory board for Mr. Obama’s group and the privilege of attending quarterly meetings with the president, along with other meetings at the White House.” (New York Times)

Donations buy access. Access translates to influence and Mr. Obama has told the world what it takes to gain his ear. It’s called “Pay to Play”.
In what universe is Organizing for Action “independent” from Barack Obama? In what way is indexing $500,000 to quarterly meetings with the president independent from “money raising” by Barack Obama? 
Watch White House Press Secretary Jay Carney bob and weave as the questions are put to him on this issue.
Is this part of “Government Transparency” as Secretary Carney asserts? Or is it a blatant effort to sell access to the White House?
Support crony capitalism.  It’s not too soon to send your $500,000 donation to Barack Obama.
A donation buys influence, a place at the table, and it makes your voice heard in the halls of power.
I find it interesting that the website for Organizing For Action is And that somehow the White House feels that a $500,000 donation at to receive quarterly access to private meetings with the president does not constitute: PAY TO PLAY.

11 thoughts on “Organizing For Action

  1. I doubt that you'll get kissed for the $500K donation – unless you're Larry Sinclair.

  2. We're a long way from being Soviet Russia in terms of breaking down the entire nation into one big collective mess. But that process is not a good one.

    Or it can improve – but I don't see things getting better for the next four years. There's no reason to believe that it will.

  3. From a corporate point of view, buying Obama is not all that expensive. If you're running WalMart or if you're Warren Buffet or a big Wall Street bank, it's chicken feed. You simply have to grease Dear Leader in much the same way as you'd grease the Strong Man in a third world banana republic if you want something in return.

  4. I'm 'hearing' that only guarantees access if you've drank the koolaid… But that IS dirt cheap, and typical Chi-town politics…

  5. Sure, it's for the Kool Aid drinkers – and the cynics who simply want to lap at the trough and worship at his feet for their own personal gain. How many Wall Street firms are communist (or utopian socialist – Obama doesn't like to characterize himself as a communist)? But how many of them will pay to play? How many of them donated to the Democratic Party? Why – for a love of the Democrat collectivists?

    You aren't cynical enough, Old NFO.

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