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Photo: View from my window while I wrote this blog. They bedded down shortly after I snapped it to rest for the day. The herd numbered around twenty, with a large bull too far away for a good cellphone camera snap.

While I’m traveling and attending to non-blog-related matters to keep the lights on, please enjoy and take advantage of the open forum to express yourself.

As usual, there are things to consider.


Bullet Points:

** If printing money could end poverty, could printing diplomas end stupidity?

** LSP reminds us what our adversaries planned for us.

** (Bee) NEW YORK CITY, NY — According to sources, students at James Madison High School find it difficult to concentrate on their studies due to the abundance of mariachi music playing all day.

“I feel like I’m in a Mexican restaurant,” said Brian Clemens, a senior. “Man, I could use some chips and salsa. Maybe a couple of tacos.”

** The disease of youth is that children expect nice, neat, black-and-white answers.

** Russian IFVs (h/t Claudio) Russian forces are losing at least as many BMP fighting vehicles as the Russian industry is building new ones or pulling out of long-term storage.

That matters. More than tanks, BMPs are the workhorses of Russian mechanized warfare. They haul infantry into battle, support them as they dismount, and evacuate the survivors if they must retreat. Putin is content to fight the war to the last peasant farmer called up in a draft. Slow Joe is happy to see the war fought to the last Ukrainian freedom fighter.

** EV owners should only be able to charge their cars using solar or wind power. Otherwise, it’s just make-believe.

** Of course:

** Friendship

** Boeing fixed it


In Gaza

Main combat operations in the north of Gaza have come to an end, though there is still an IDF presence. The IDF has encircled Al Bureij camp and advanced south along the Salah Al Deen Road.


A special gift for that special grandchild:


From Matt Walsh:

You should know about this case if you haven’t heard about it. Jillian Ludwig was an 18-year-old musician here in Nashville attending Belmont University. She died a few days ago after getting hit in the head by a bullet fired by Shaquille Taylor, who was out on the street corner shooting randomly at passing cars.

Taylor is, of course, a career criminal with an extensive rap sheet. This past spring, he was charged with aggravated assault when he shot into a vehicle with children inside. The charges were dismissed, and Taylor was set free after the court deemed him mentally unfit for trial. They didn’t send him to a mental institution. They just let him go. Now Jillian Ludwig is dead.

This is what “compassion” for these violent parasites gets you. It’s a trade-off. Compassion for them means abject cruelty to innocent people like Jillian Ludwig. It means that Jillian Ludwig has to die so that we can be nice to a criminal scumbag who contributes absolutely nothing to society.

Society would be a better place if Shaquille Taylor were not in it. It would be a better place if Jillian Ludwig were still in it. But instead, Ludwig is dead, and Taylor is alive. This is what we do now. Time and time and time again. We trade the worst for the best. We sacrifice the lives of the people we want in our community for the sake of people nobody wants anywhere near them.


Identify the Tank




Only one survives – heavy beasts


This tank was knocked out by a nuclear (test) explosion, and it is identifiable.


Identify the Aircraft



47 thoughts on “Open Forum

  1. Identify the Tank:
    1. Ram Kangaroo APC
    2. M47
    3. T18 Boarhound
    4. Tank, Light, Mk IV (?)

    Identify the Aircraft:
    5. Douglas R6D-1

  2. “We sacrifice the lives of the people we want in our community for the sake of people nobody wants anywhere near them.”

    Yes, zero people like Shaquille Taylor live on Martha’s Vineyard or wherever Oprah’s friends live; nor have they shot any politicians. Otherwise they would be jailed faster than than a J6 tourist.

    Did Hamas, or to use the colloquial term, Palestinians, sign the UN Convention on genocide? Just curious. I mean that whole “genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group…” Sauce for the goose and all that….

    1. Better they used the ancient term, Philistines. All that notwithstanding, the capacity of Hamas to wage war from Gaza is a memory and the landmarks will all soon be swept from the landscape. There will be the toxic waste and unexploded ordnance issue for a time but I’m confident that Israel will be able to put the new “elbow room” to good use.

  3. Much fodder today. I’ll add…Biden et al are desperate to get us directly into a World War (no more backdoor hiding it now). Yesterday having launched strikes against The Houthi’s (Wasn’t that a Philly band?…The Hooters…”All You Zombies” fits perfectly for this mess). To warm it over “Biden spent hours” (seconds) getting with England’s to “help”…despite, according to Prager yesterday, England has few aircraft and tank armaments. This may be the Democrats 2024 election nullification play to distract from the treasonous activity with China and Ukraine by Joe, Attending Angel Jill, and Robert Hunter (let alone The Big Fani Cheat going to the White House to consult with her election interference boss).

    Now Jillian Ludwig is dead. – The solution is not difficult…go and drag from their offices by the collar; the Judge, DA, Asst. DA, the entire Parole Board (except those who said “No”), and anyone else involved in letting this piece of human debris out on the street so they can feel good about themselves. Then, jail them for 90 days. Once out, fire them and give their salaries to Ms. Ludwig’s family as a small token of restitution. Do this enough times and parole boards, etc. will think twice in letting repeat (mostly black per stats) criminals out to do harm.

    1. BTW, The Bull has a nice harem there…and the joys of seeing them out the window more than pays for the reason to live there. (altho, if the remodel happens the Red-Eyed Wolf facade might scare them off…so…maybe not do that.)

    2. I would respectfully suggest you consider a modest revision to your solution.

      “jail them for 9 years in general population. Once out, shoot them”

      1. Good point..altho, 90 days with your “result” gets us there quicker, sending the message to those who believe criminals are an oppressed class.

      2. Wild, I respectfully would reverse that and shoot them first, then jail them into general population for nine years so the criminals enjoy their company…

  4. i propose a new law: top officials for any given city will be elected from the most rural county that is farthest from said city….at my age, in my situation, if that was my daughter, that pos wouldn’t be seen again ever. and everybody who had a hand in him being loose would “take amissin’.”

    1. Absolutely.
      They have turned our streets back into the wild west.
      They think they are untouchable.

      So be it.

  5. We should have hit them harder, faster and played the live feeds to every kufiyah wearing college kid waiving a Palestinian flag. More over I would love to see The next administration send some B1 Lancer’s, B2’s and B52’s to Iran and then Gaza to make way for some beautiful Mediterranean beachside resorts. Courtesy of Trump Hotels.

    1. the houtis held a huge demonstration after the bombing, millions showed up in one narrow lane bordered by high walls. target rich environment. but alas, no bombers. brandon didn’t even target the missile launch sights, just blew up some nondescript buildings. minutes later the houtis launched another barrage.

      1. I agree riverrider. A very target rich environment. But with SECDEF running strikes from a hospital bed at Walter Reed and Pedo Joe sniffing little girls hair in an Allentown, PA library what should we expect? Saudi’s are awfully quiet.

      2. riverrider,

        Buildings, unlike the launchers, don’t move around too much. Made it easier for the DEI staff officers to select targets to generate rubble so they can claim, like Monty did with Market Garden, they were 90% effective.

    1. So same as the Dem’s redefining “inflation”, and a host of other standards we used to rely on, the US Sate Department had redefined our coastline…either that or they’re using the lying fisherman’s ruler.

      Better yet, we should redefine the Left Coast (h/t Rush) to re-balance the “coastal growth redefinition” by losing the Western half of California’s 144,000 sq. miles with the goofball portion falling into the ocean.

      1. We should just cut to the chase and do what the ChiComs do – claim the whole planet.

        Then we should start sending everyone tax bills.

        – Kle.

  6. Aren’t you supposed to load the flight crew and the passengers and cargo in, then duct tape the pretty jet up before take off?

      1. Likely not, but a skin of duct tape vs. canvas is kinda a toss up.

        Guessing when in survival mode means the FAA isn’t on ones mind, especially up there when ad hoc repairs afield keep you alive and back home for dinner vs. bear sushi.

      2. Technically, it’s not a critical flight surface. So it’s actually not necessary to have at all, much less critical to have a specific STC’ed part. And Duct tape will hold, applied properly, to 100 knots. That plane is lucky if it gets over 85.

        He did fix it after he got home, though.

    1. Knew the owner that plane; his PO Box used to be kitty-corner to mine. Not long after The Incident, we were both getting mail, and as we both pulled out our letters and checked to see if we needed to trade any misdelivered, I gave him a sidelong look. “So, your plane…”

      He gave a long sigh. “The internet is stupid.”

      “Figured they got it about as wrong as everything else about Alaska.” I opined, and continued rifling through my mail.

      He burst out, “I was at a lodge! I did not leave any trace of fish smell in my plane! I’m NOT that stupid!”

      I looked up, head cocked, and he groaned, and pulled out his cell phone. “Okay, here’s the whole tiedown. Damn bear bit every single plane’s tires flat. Why did he have to pick on me?!?!”

      “What’s the shed in the background?”

      “That’s the meat locker for the lodge. They’d just reinforced it *again,* because he’s a known problem bear who kept breaking into it and stealing the clients’ kills. Last time he got in, it was empty, and he trashed the place, and shat all over it. They had to practically rebuild it, and this time, they made sure it was utterly bearproof even against his determined ass. And he took it out on us!

      Once we heard the noise and saw what he’d done, we took off tracking him, but we lost the trail, and it started raining hard. Had to come back, because there’s no point in trying to find a bear in heavy scrub with no trail. I stayed out looking anyway, long as I could. I want his hide.”

      “No future in trying to find a bear in the dark.” I agreed.

      “So we came back, and I called a buddy on the sat phone who has access to my hangar, and got him to fly a spare set of tires up. That’s the 8:50’s in the last photo, it’s why they look so tiny! He also brought spare tailfeathers because you can’t see it in this photo, but the damn bear *sat* on my elevator and bent hell out of it, and, well, it’s too cold and wet to do fabric work, but I’d just done a Costco run before leaving, and gotten a good deal on duct tape, and, well…”

      “It seemed like a good idea at the time?”

      “I was hoping we could salvage the fabric back together, but he’d *eaten* a bunch of it. We never did catch him. I had my rifle by my side the whole time we were working, because I was *hoping* he’d come back…”

      “Probably better than bare. You know the guy at the May Day Airshow that cut all the skin off his fuselage aft of the baggage, hoping the weight savings would help in the STOL competition?”

      “I saw that!”

      “Yeah, he said she got a little squirrely with reverse of what you expected for the rudder, because the slipstream wasn’t spiraling around the fuselage to hit the rudder as designed, but flowing right through, so…”

      “Ooooh. So it was hitting the wrong side of the rudder? Not good!”

      “Yeah. Duct tape was a lot smarter than flying naked. Little surprised it was all duct tape, though.”

      “I was gonna use a blue tarp, but I had a bunch of problems with attachment, and then we got far enough in, I was like… why not? And just kept going.”

      1. Wow, amazing the difference the truth is as compared to what “the news” presented (always the case tho)…which is much more plausible than what was bandied about on the Web written by those from the lower 48 who believe wild animals are pets and approachable, expanding the storyline to make it sound like negligence on your friends part despite having no clue of Alaskan reality or precaution. Interesting the lodge is not seen in any of the online photos.

        Had a similar incident here, had a lightening storm followed by heavy rain. No matter, we check it out afterwards (usually in the middle of the night) to make sure no fires are burning. Kept smelling smoke at 3am for two nights but in our terrain could not see or locate any smoke. Day three the winds kicked up and at 10am saw a wisp coming from a hidden bench in downed timber, no access except on foot. A hollow dead tree was laying down smoldering then the fire kicked up with the winds and moved out into the brush and standing trees. The fire was raging at 150’ in diameter and I’m working like a nut to contain and keep it from running uphill. Called my wife over the radio to call the VFD. The forest service, and 2 VFD’s show up, use our 4 wheeler to shuttle water bags in until they could set up with 300 ft of hose. By then myself and some neighbors had the perimeter contained but totally exhausted. (Wildland fire work is not for the feint of heart)

        Get back to the road/command area and my wife and her friend were telling stories of people coming in off the highway “because they saw smoke”, despite Private Road signs and fire trucks all over…taking selfies with the smoke and gear in the background, refusing to leave until MrsPaulM yelled at them to get out (one guy in a Beemer kept returning). Later discovered that pictures were posted on Fakebook with taglines, “Boy that was close!” giving the self-aggrandizing impression they lived here and that the fire was massive. Completely false. Never saw those half dozen lookee-loo’s again.

        So yeah, the internet is to be taken with a pile of grains of salt. Thanks for the true story.

          1. The movie should be about what strangers will do in our modern era for attention, thinking they have a right to invade others privacy for their own selfish weirdness. Totally tone deaf. Maybe Dinesh could do one.

      2. Thanks for the follow-up Dorothy.
        I mentioned the FAA tongue-in-cheek.
        I thought I saw that bent elevator in the face on picture and wondered about it’s effect.

  7. Nice to see elk out your window. I’m sure you know once they stop being afraid of people they can be dangerous.
    In a bad winter they would come to where we fed our livestock. One time a bull tried to climb on the hay wagon after harassing the team. The ax used to chop frozen bales from the stack put an end to Mr. Elk.

    1. Yup…let alone pulling down fence. Had a dozen moldy small bales (for the horses), put them out on the flatbed next to the barn. A swath of 300 elk came thru early morning after a quick snow…tracks were all over the trailer bed and the hay was gone. Freaked out the horses.

  8. Ron Paul left out the most important part of foreign aid, the 10% to the Big Guy (whoever the big guy of the moment is; it’s not just PedoJoe). Plus: IF ONLY it was only 10%. And let’s not look into the skim on everything by the financial sector.

  9. Jillian Ludwig. I don’t think there is one but I would love to hear the rationale of the legal system for letting Shaquille Taylor go free. In addition to their salaries as suggested above I would suggest that the guilty parties get to forfeit all their assets to the family of Ms. Ludwig. The only way things are going to change is if the people who let these animals back out on the streets start suffering serious repercussions.

    As a country e should never have gotten rid of the mental institutions that existed in the 60s-70s and we have been paying the piper ever since.

    I almost ran into our local herd of elk about a week ago when they started panicking and kept running into a 4 foot pasture fence along the road. Most just jumped the fence but seven or eight just kept running into the fence, running back to the road and running back into the fence. First time I have seen that.

  10. Many members of the fraternity that is our host’s blog live in places where it is getting a might chilly. You have to go out and take care of stock or other tasks. Even though you might be used to cold weather be careful out there.

  11. Right with you on pleasant Mr. Shaquille. It’s almost as though the people who govern us, politicians, judiciary et al hate us.

  12. Those are some lovely elk ladies. Glad to see they’re doing well!

    As for the judiciary and its many failures… at this point, it’s impossible to tell the difference between malice and incompetence. Much as I’d like to give the benefit of the doubt to incompetence, more and more, I’m going with a base assumption of malice. Which does not do good things to my view of the near-term future.

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