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The Interstate TDR (captioned photo) was an early unmanned combat aerial vehicle — referred to at the time as an “assault drone” — developed by the Interstate Aircraft and Engineering Corporation during the Second World War for use by the United States Navy.

In 1936, Lieutenant Commander Delmar S. Fahrney proposed that un-piloted, remotely controlled aircraft had potential for use by the US Navy in combat operations. Due to the limitations of the technology of the time, development of the “assault drone” project was given a low priority, but by the early 1940s the development of the radar altimeter and television made the project more feasible. About 200 of these aircraft were built.

Another similar project used by the US Army Air Force was also developed for use in the European theater. They loaded B-17 bombers with explosives and flew them remotely, into high value targets.


Union Island, Grenadines

It takes both time and money to do this sort of thing. Through my life, time and money were not interchangeable so no, I never did this. There were always more obligations, more people to please. But it would have been worth doing.  The closest I got was a sloop owned by the US Navy, equipped for special activities and I got a trip on it in the Caribbean once. But I was at work/busman’s holiday.


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Riding a motorcycle through North Africa, in the sand, in summer, with people shooting at me, sounds like a lot more work than it is worth.

I had two great uncles who served in North Africa with the US Army in World War Two (from Torch through Sicily and Italy) and both of them said that the Germans were a problem, but the locals in Africa, in so many ways, were worse.


Product Sensitivity

Now that people will no longer wear shirts made of cotton because black people and others picked cotton; No more Uncle Ben’s Rice; No more Aunt Jemimah Pancake Syrup; and the re-named Caucasian Jacks are going onto the shelves, there may be peace as people of color feel better about themselves. I’ve been looking for an “African Pelosi scarf” so that I can be more like the Democrat caucus and can hang with the brothers and be one of them, but they’re back-ordered. I’ll have to wait before I can go to the hood and kill a 44 oz Schlitz Malt Liquor can with my home boys…my new people.



The Russian re-tread (pun intended) has improvised slat-armor and is missing ERA on its turret. The reactive armor under the gun is devastating to friendly dismounted infantry who may be arrayed in front, screening for the tank


A US M18 Hellcat (modified locally)

It was surrendered by the Serbs to NATO during the Bosnia War, 1995. The engine deck was  replaced by the hood and radiator from a FAP-13 2.5-ton truck.

A normal, unmodified Hellcat tank destroyer.


Arizona Tactical

Maybe it’s better that Antifa stays in California.

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  1. Funny you should mention the Hellcat. I went wandering down the YouTube rabbit hole yesterday and watched this–

    Agreed, likely better for all if Antifa stays put. However I am torn on this. Like you, I have had it up to here with their BS. I wonder what it would take to replace the Hellcat’s main gun with a quad 50. Or a Dillon Minigun.

    1. It wouldn’t take much. But you don’t need tracked armor unless you’re going over the obstacles at CHOP.

  2. “But the locals were worse”

    I listened to an interesting video today. It was about the EU forcing Poland to either take in MENA/sub-Saharans or pay financial penalties. The Poles opted to pay. (So much for the stereotype of the dumb Polack. That was absolutely the better option.)

    Anyway, the video asked, “If diversity is truly the wonderful and economically beneficial thing the Merkelites claim it is, you’d think Germany would want to keep all the diversity for itself.” Food for thought. And always fun to see when the mask slips.

    1. The Poles are smart. As I’ve stated here, one place I would consider living is Poland and I’m not the least bit Polish.

      Progressives like to see their version of virtue adopted by others, not by themselves. I’m still waiting for Pelosi to open her five mansions to the great unwashed immigrants who are homeless and to the people who live in her Tenderloin district in SF who are homeless.

  3. “Maybe it’s better that Antifa stays in California.”
    Live and let live is NOT their motto! I could share my favorite green smoothie recipe, so folks can enjoy its health benefits. I(and other readers of this blog) would present the information for comparison and critique. To give the power of an informed choice. The Lefties would force y’all to make and consume it, for your own good/safety/the children/the environment/racism, etc. They may force it gradually, through tracking your grocery purchases, shaming you into eating what they want you to, bullying you/stores into paying more for “non-approved” groceries. Maybe this is why Conservatives HATE the lie and its many forms. Even the non-religious amongst us seem to feel this way. Perhaps partially because lies rob us of an informed choice?

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