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US Navy Desert Patrol Vehicles

Originally they were called “Fast Attack Vehicles” – and were developed by/through SEAL Team Five.  These photos are of the original prototype, tested at Camp Billy Machen, a Navy desert warfare training facility in Imperial County, California. It’s sited near the All-American Canal (that links the Colorado River to Imperial Co.) on the edge of the Chocolate Mountains.

They made their combat debut during the First Gulf War (Desert Shield/Storm/Saber). They were extremely capable of crossing difficult terrain in the open desert.

Camp Billy Machen has grown since then when it was just a collection of Conex Boxes/Sea Containers.


Dust on a Volvo


Bullet Points:

** Over 85% of people under 18 killed by firearms die from a round fired by a handgun in the inner city. Most are black teens in low income. areas with high crime, soft consequences & a higher prevalence of broken families that are overseen by democrats.

** If gender dysphoria is a source of great suffering, then why on earth are we going out of our way to create more of it? Answer: it makes a small number of insecure progressive adults feel better about themselves. Gender dysphoria is a *disorder*, a mental illness. Let’s stop pretending otherwise.


Eating Pizza

Must you start at the point, or can you begin by eating the crust? I realize that may sound like a trivial question, but it’s one (of many) that you know old Pedo Joe couldn’t answer. I don’t know who has the American nuclear launch codes but I’m glad that it’s not Joe.


  1. The proper way with Pizza is to ensure you irritate the New Yorkers who have invaded your state – use a knife and fork. Then tell them the Chicago style is better. Works every time.

    Congress should have fun with “the Science” that must be followed and have all those folks responsible for DSM-V come explain under oath why the prior science was the wrong science. Then ask the docs if anybody should return the money for the ‘wrong science’, because why should we pay for bad science? It would at least be entertaining.

    • A “proper” way to eat pizza? Sir, you confuse your ways of doing things with how things are done in the world & the world is a big place.

      • I’ve been to a lot of countries and I haven’t been to anywhere the point isn’t the location where the pizza sliced is attacked from including The Southern Cone and Australia where the toiled water swirls in the opposite direction from the Northern Hemisphere.

  2. The vehicles look they would be fun for chasing wild pigs in a few places I’ve hunted. Could be a bit too open for Prickly Acacia areas though. African plant that is now a major pest since the 1970’s in Northern Australia.

    We messed around with cutdown Landrovers with an M60 mount in 1989 in the top of Western Australia.

  3. Read this (h/t Peter over at BRM), long but not kooky:

    Explains the “perception management” being employed by our own massively corrupt and sinister government deployed though cancerous social media and news outlets who all see us, and The Constitution, as the enemy.

    Example: Last weeks “news” progression: A mentally ill tranny shoots six people but is the real victim, which immediately gets pushed aside by “Trump Indicted!”…thereafter swallowed whole by the weak-minded. And the shills all cheered, some even demanding his demise.

    “Give us Barabbas!” “Crucify him!” they shout. (Ironic this is Easter Week)

    Everything from these people and platforms is designed to be a lie and drive perceptions. Many, including members of our own families, or doctors, have bought it hook, line, and sinker and are unsalvageable. Satan is laughing. (1Peter5:8)

    • “For more than half a century, McCarthyism stood as a defining chapter in the worldview of American liberals: a warning about the dangerous allure of blacklists, witch hunts, and demagogues.” Jacob Siegel

      As you read the article Paul linked to, keep in mind that disinformation has been around since the beginning of time. In this article, Siegel points out that liberals use McCarthy’s Red Scare to disinform Americans. In fact, McCarthy was right on point with his list of those in our government who were working for the Kremlin. When the Berlin Wall fell Soviet and East German records showed that McCarthy missed quite a few others who were on the Communist payroll.

      At the time, the news made fun of Tail Gunner Joe while history has shown him to be correct. In today’s fiasco, how many of those castigated by the news or cancelled by social media will be proven correct?

      • McCarthy was using the State Department’s own internal investigations to how deep it was penetrated by the Red Menace, and the information went back all the way to the beginning of the FDR administration.

        So how were all those actual commies and fellow travellers (commies but not card-carrying commies, like there’s a difference) actually not commies in the State Department? How were all those officials taking funds from the Soviet Union not actual traitors?

        Then going to Hollyweird, how were those actual Reds and Pinks not actually reds and pinks? But they were. Commies everywhere.

        And Senator McCarthy was right. Sure, the media trashed him, but by then they were firmly in the pocket of… the Soviet Union, either directly or through controlling agents. After all, by the 30’s (see above comment about the beginning of FDR’s administration) the Soviet Union had control over all media coming out of the Soviet Union, thus the coverup of the Homodor by all the people who saw it and didn’t report it. Then there’s all the socialists who couldn’t stop fawning over Mussolini and Hitler and Franco and covered up news from the Japanese Invasion of China. Kept fawning over it until September 1939, that is, at least for Hitler, a little later for Mussolini.

        And then look at the way the news media and Hollywood and FDR turned against the National Chinese and towards the Communist Chinese halfway through the war.

        And then everyone, except those on the hard right, were ‘surprised’ when Stalin closed the Iron Curtain and the same were ‘surprised’ when the ChiComs came pouring into Korea after we (with the help of a few others) kicked the Norks in the nuts and took control of most all of Korea.

        Seriously, in a hundred years, Joe McCarthy will be viewed as a heroic Cassandra-like figure, or there will be nothing left of this once-great Republic.

    • I think the democratization of weapons due to technological innovation means the control mechanism of knights on horseback no longer militarily succeeds; instead the control mechanism must be installed in brains.

      • At least half of America is in scramble-mode trying to keep heads above water to the point they simply have little time to digest everything while maintaining their sanity and homes. We saw – by intent – the middle class lose their businesses and jobs over a stupid Not-A-Vax…a total sham-wow piece of evil grift foisted on America, whereas TPTB were insulated by their rules for us.

        At this point many people are unwilling – or unable – to be distracted by what’s coming at them in a constant Firehose stream. After everything that happens each week, including threats by a tyrannical government, many simply have no capacity or time to discern truth from fiction because their brains are either operating in overload or shutdown mode, there is no middle ground…so they are left to believe what they are told. This mode keeps people from seeing the truth of the willful destruction of our Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and America as a country…and our enemies know it because they are involved in the plan.

        • “…and our enemies know it because they are involved in the plan…”
          I keep looking for “THE ENEMY,” but my eyesight’s that poor…
          1. The Russians (almost everybody thinks Soviets, but that’s just not true: Vladimir Vladimirovich may have been trained by, but is just not of the old regime; he appears to be a very strongly committed Christian) – not the enemy!
          2. The Chinese – appear to be more interested (right now) in making money, taking back Taiwan, establishing a “China Prosperity Sphere,” and making the yuan as a major world currency – not the enemy (at present)!
          3. The Mexican cartels (including AMLO) are more interested in making money, getting rid of excess population, and establishing Spanish as the predominant language in the U.S. – not the enemy!
          4. The EU – more worried about shedding more members, understands that the euro is not and will not be THE major world currency and is more interested in kissing/licking the hand(s) that feed it – not the enemy!
          5. The World Economic Forum – interested in the destruction of the U.S. dollar to be replaced a government-controlled digital currency(?) – a possible enemy!
          6. The Deep State (unelected U.S. bureaucrats/agencies) believe they can run the government by controlling their puppets in the White House, the Senate, and the House – a very strong possibility!
          7. The Media (Print, TV, Film) – controlled by and not separate from the Deep State

          • The Soviets always considered the US to be the ‘principal enemy’. A lot of that filtered down to post-soviet Russia. It didn’t have to be like that but the Russians mistrusted the US and at the same time needed an enemy and as it turns out the American Deep State (See: Wag the Dog – a documentary) needed one even more. American corporations were too embedded with China to make them the enemy.

            So X2

          • “Enemy”: Anyone who hates or attacks America and her ideals, including the enemy from within.

            That last category is an ever-growing segment due to Lefty indoctrination in public schools, colleges, and now, many businesses. Satan is in full-court press in the spiritual battle for our country’s soul and survival.

          • Yup, we are to them so by definition that makes us the good guys because only evil-doers would define the truly righteous as the bad guy. Slightly tortured logic but true nonetheless.

    • Given how large populations in the past have believed priests, I think the strength of the brain-control-mechanism today is relatively low in historical terms.

    • From the linked article: “the synergy of state and corporate power in service of a tribal zeal”

      “Tribal zeal”? Tribal? That sounds hate think-y to me. It’s just like accusing Yoel Roth of sympathy for pederasty. JUST like it!

      • I contend we are in for more of the same “group think”, similar to all Lefty media outlets reading from the same script using the same buzzwords each newscast, they will do the full court press as a means to their diabolical end. Odd to me is the levels of useful idiots willing to sell their souls…zero principles.

          • Wait-wait-wait! Don’t criticize EVERYONE with an offshore bank account. Some of them are pushing against the man…

          • I’m clearly not speaking of myself! However when some corporations do business outside of the US (in the form of non-US companies), they decide not to bring the money into the US because of ruinously high taxes. I would never engage in such a wicked practice, denying Joe/Ho lucre, but it is done. The IRS casts a malevolent eye in those directions because the US (much like the State of California) believes all revenue in the world to be theirs to tax.

          • Good to have that on the record so TPTB, utilizing this new idiot “we hate TikTok disguised as more spying freedom erosion act”, might otherwise get the wrong impression.

  4. Gender dysphoria: Why use puberty blockers, hormone treatment, and surgery to turn them into the opposite gender? Why not use hormones to reinforce their actual gender?

      • TW, my opinion, and I am not an expert on anything, is that the media and TPTB are amplifying that particular signal to keep as much of the population as possible off balance so they can be more easily manipulated.

        I am of the “I just want to be left alone” school myself and it is becoming more and more apparent that I won’t be allowed to.

  5. Looks like a modern “Rat Patrol”.
    I start at the point, but it’s an individual choice.
    Doing well with PT, and starting to get antsy to go home.

  6. Re the Fast Attack Vehicles, unless I miss my guess, those were built by Lynn Chenowith up in Loomis, CA. We ran one of his chassis back in 77 in HDRA. Of course you eat the crust!!! Geez…

      • With honey drizzled on it, as is done with a Beau Jo’s mountain pie. Now, a proper Philly thin pie the crust is good by itslef…AND…always eaten from the pointy end. Not to start anything….Philly style, either cheese or pepperoni, is hands down the best pizza on the planet; Mack and Manko’s on the Ocean City, NJ boardwalk, or Giuseppe’s in Richboro, PA, are top contenders in my not so humble opinion.

  7. Those FAVs look fun. Then there are the weirdos who have modified snowmobiles to run on sand. 80-90mph over dunes. Crazy folk. Weirdos.

    Pizza? The correct way is to use your mouth. The real question is… Crust. Thick, thin, soda cracker hard, deep dish, which is correct? I’ll make allowances for using gluten-free flour if you have an actual issue with gluten (like my dear wife) but it better be made from some sort of flour-like substance. If you say something stupid like ‘made from riced cauliflower’ or some other bs hipster bullshit, well, if you hear the sound of a snowmobile coming up on you and then feel your chest suddenly get wet while the light goes dim, it’s only what you deserve.

    Pizza is okay, but, really, Lasagna, heavy on the cheese and meat, is the real way to go. If the plate or bowl your lasagna is served in doesn’t seem to be reaching failure point from the carb load, you need to add more.

  8. RSOV. RAT-V. M-RZR. Supacat. Pinzqauer 716. Lots of neat toys out there.
    I’m converting my M1081 to resemble War Pig. Anyone have a VSAT, SINCGARS, and M2 that I can put in the kit?
    Wandering Neurons


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