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The wicked witch is on her way and she’s coming out of the gate filled with righteous indignation and venom for anyone who would take away that which is hers by right (the US Presidency).
I had high hopes that the FBI would have the integrity to do the right thing where Hillary is concerned. However I had lunch on Monday with an Assistant United States Attorney (old friend) who says that it won’t happen. While I cling with my fingernails to the last shards of the Republic and rule of law, it felt like an ice spear through my heart.
When you consider that America was stupid enough to vote for Barack twice, there is that nagging dread that they’ll opt for the Bitch of Benghazi.
Maybe I need to succumb as with those pictured below (stoned nudists on a beach), and execute a break-contact drill, retreating to the ocean for an exfiltration?

14 thoughts on “On the Move

  1. I don't think it will happen either. If they actually go after her for real, think of how many others will sink with her. It's staggering. The best we can hope for is for Trump to beat her.

  2. We have to stay positive and on mission. The Plan B exfil to Bora Bora is also attractive.

  3. We knew it would never happen when Lynch stated last month that there was no rush and no timetable for an indictment, indicating that it would happen after January, meaning not at all. Until that moment, I had hope, too.

  4. No, no indictment is coming. Hillary is nothing like a ham sandwich (which you can easily indict). But there are very good, patriotic people at the FBI who will look at this lack of justice and conclude that if Hillary need not follow the law, neither should anybody else.

    And those good, decent FBI guys will leak the crap out of the most hideous, outrageous illegal skulduggery and malfeasance on Hillary's part which they spent the better part of two years digging up. We'll see how the public at large reacts once they see just how God awful she was at handling our security once it is splashed across their TV screens daily.

    Yes, the 40% of her brain dead base won't care. And our 40% who loathe her will remain Hillary haters (and proudly so). It is those 20% non-political folks who may not be able to forgive and forget her misdeeds, and will pull the handle for the Trumpster.

    That's my hope. All is not lost, not yet.

  5. I am losing respect for the FBI. The seem to lose the courage they once had. And that has to be the worst beach ever for sun bathing… or even walking across to get to the water.

  6. If they stumble, at this, our hour of need, it will be said of them that they could have done the proper thing and faltered – and it cost us the republic.

  7. I'm thinking that the Democrat political machine may actually outmaneuver the Wheeler-Dealer himself at the election. Hillary's political wheels have been well greased with blood money and the Power Elite. She seems to have enough traction with those wheels to squelch the FBI.

    But such wheels have driven the Republic over the edge into oblivion.

  8. I wish Hillary would get indicted and convicted as a result of her email crimes, but if wishes were fishes, we'd have a fish fry. It's just not going to happen IMO.

  9. I'm with you Fredd. There'll be leaks galore and the media will pooh pooh them like everything else while the rest of us grit our teeth and soldier on.

  10. Without an actual indictment, the media will spike the story, as you suggest. Hillary will continue her move, her followers will exult in her $35,000 Armani pantsuits. Every lesbian in America will follow suit.

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