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Linden – County Seat of Cass County, TX
The lyrics are your Sunday Sermonette.

I’m a die-hard Eagles fan and a die-harder Don Henley fan. The band combined rock and country in a unique combination that still remains popular forty-five years later. 

Don Henley released his first “country album”, Cass County. It addresses his Texas roots and I am endorsing it here on my blog. Henley and I don’t share many political views in common, but I like his art and his craft.
There are people who complain that Don Henley is a prideful man. I think that’s true, but then again, he is one of the better music composers and performers on the planet.

14 thoughts on “Music Review: Cass County

  1. Taken together, it's a good album. You can listen to most of the songs on I-Tunes to see if you like them.

  2. Talented is right. I've driven through Linden many a time going to Houston. Even eaten at that Pitt Grill in the video, but that was a LONG time ago! This is one album I'll buy.

  3. He's from Cass County! He moved from there to LA (which is not Yankee). Then he moved back to Dallas with $200 million in his pocket.

  4. Los Angeles. You can call it a hippie enclave or the land of fruits and nuts but it's not Boston.

  5. Yep, guaranteed to give you your full daily allowance of grease, but boy those burgers and fries were good! 🙂

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