China in FocusĀ 

This is your briefing and update on the goings on in the worker’s Paradise.



I’ve noticed a definite up-tick in propaganda on social media, intending to inflame and encourage revolution – “steal what you can from your oppressors”, etc. Though what the hammerheads plan to eat once the stores are destroyed is a step further than they think.

Impeachment didn’t work, plague scares didn’t work, riots and looting and pillaging are unlikely to work. What are the anti-Trump people going to do next. Watch the propaganda.



Will there be a 2021 Winter Olympics?

Communist China had been tapped as the host, but it’s doubtful that they’ll pull off an Olympic Games event. It’s not just about the plague, but the Communists have shut down access to the country from outsiders.

Something else to consider. Communist China had to crush Hong Kong. It’s difficult to tout how good your system is when they’re living better in Hong Kong under other rules. The same applies to Taiwan. When the Republic of China is living well and Communist China is not living as well, they have to be crushed. I expect that the decision on when to invade Taiwan will be left on the shelf until after the US Presidential elections.


Rubber Bullets

The rubber bullets currently fired into mobs are the sort of ‘simunition’ that police officers fire at each other in training evolutions.

Yes, they can cause a bruise and if the looters and rioters are hit in an eye, it will take it out. Poor baby, make a decision to stay home and not arson buildings.

Real rubber bullets are not nearly as kind to people that they hit.

They are 37mm rounds that break bones, and while “less lethal”, they’re the next step in disbursing a mob. They work better than tear gas, and masks don’t deflect them.

Lawmen in Tombstone, AZ didn’t use rubber bullets at the OK Corral.


Useful Tools


  1. I’m surprised the sound based crowd dispersal devices used by the military for crown control and anti piracy haunt been used.

      • They work very well, but they are in the military domain, not for civilian use so far.

    • A bunch of ‘civil rights’ organizations made it very hard to legally use sound weapons on US soil, as the levels that actually work are rather damaging to the receiver’s hearing.

      Same with microwave or other heat ray guns (yes, they exist. You go from feeling warm to real harm rather quickly.)

      I am sure if things get involved enough, these and other high-tech weapons will be utilized.

      But, seriously, any ‘less-than-lethal’ system is only about 50-70% effective in slowing or stopping threats in comparison to gunfire.

      Sad but true. Less-Lethal has actually been dropped by many agencies as they were getting sued more for using Less-Lethal than actually shooting people with guns. Stupid, isn’t it?

      • I’m generally a fan of “more lethal”. The law says that you must use the force necessary to make an arrest… In riots, the police need to dress like the Pretorian Guard (that’s the latest fashion) and what good its THAT without a Gladius? Clubs are ok if backed by water cannon, 37mm rubber bullet guns and actual firearms.

        That’s just how I feel about it. Gas is of some use. Shields, used the way a REAL shield is supposed to be used (as an offensive weapon as well as a defensive one) is no small thing. Make them light so that the officers can smack the protesters with the edges.

        The police are supposed to make people who are rioting uncomfortable. I’ve seen some piss poor formations that result from a lack of training. Train them to be offensive, hold formation, and move the crowds. I like water cannons, but that’s just me.

        • a proper formation properly executed is a thing of beauty and very effective. the Guard used to train extensively on civil unrest but almost 20 years of war have ruined all that. few remain that ever learned the art of crowd control. after the first engagement, the unruly crowd would usually disburse as soon as we showed up.

          • I suspect that the present unpleasantness will cause riot control to be added to the Guard’s training matrix.

  2. Agreed on the PRC waiting until after the election. Look for them to do what they can to get Joe and whomever is selected as the real president into office.

    • They’re going to be pushing hard for brain-dead Biden, reminding him that he’s been bought.

  3. Useful tool without any doubt. That photo got me thinking….as a person with your experience and knowledge of things what’s your preferred loadout for bad times so to speak. Feel free to tell me to go jump in a lake.

    • My load outs are modular, so I have everything from load bearing gear choice, magazine capacity and number, trauma kit level, choice of firearm, etc. optional based on the situation. But that’s not any help to you.

      I have more than one rifle, but I’ll lay out three that offer different options.

      1. JP Arms LRP-07 in .308 with a Schmidt and Bender PM2 5×25; I have several customized options on the rifle that makes it work for me including stock, rail accessories, etc. I generally stick to 20 rd magazines. At present it is sighted with Federal Lake City 7.62x51mm M118LR Ammo 175 Grain Match Hollow Point. That takes me out to 800 meters. If I want to go a little further, I can stretch it with Nossler partitioned bullets, but the .308 has limitations at that range. I went with .308 because the ammunition is common and there may be a day where ammo is scarce. .308 won’t be in my lifetime.

      2. Barrett REC7 DI in 6.8 SPC, battlecomp muzzle break, Steel Gen2, 30 rd magazines, Sig Sauer Echo1 1-2×30 Graphite Multiple Reticle Thermal Reflex Sight, Sighted for Hornady 100 grain GMX projectile. It’s an intermediate range weapon IMHO with a thermal sight that helps in low light situations.

      3. Barrett 107A1 in .50 BMG with a Schmidt and Bender PM2 5×25 scope, ranged for Hornady 750 gr A-Max Match. It’s a longer range rifle but it’s heavy and the ammunition is heavy. It’s best used in conjunction with a spotter(s) who can watch your back.


      For daily carry, the Ruger Super Alaskan Redhawk in .454 Cassul; or a Kimber 1911; or a pocket handgun if I want something lighter.

      • Thanks for sharing. A friend has a LRP-07 in 6.5 bleedmore and loves it. They are very nice AR-10s

  4. Not a naval guy at all but have a naval question. Aren’t all Chinese ports on the South China Sea? Isn’t the South China Sea access restricted to a few “choke points”? Isn’t that one motivation for the Chinese developing transportation links to the Indian Ocean via Pakistan?

    Seems the USA has a great deal of experience using submarines to interdict merchant shipping from the very successful WWII experience with Japan.
    China invades Formosa and loses access to the world’s oceans, if we have the will.

    • They also have their belt road through Pakistan to Karachi, and new naval facilities are being constructed there, but your observations are well taken.

      Every single Chinese flag cargo ship has a civilian mission and a military mission. They are all valid targets.

  5. I’ve been wondering if forest service firefighting aircraft with slurry loads would be a deterrent? At least law enforcement could ID who was there by the red (or maybe bright lime) color. Never been in a drop but understand it is nasty.

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