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Cruising Newport (CA) harbor in 90+ degree heat
in October…global warming or just the weather?


My daughter, Emilie, is not obsessed, but she does wear quite a few hats as part of her ensembles, or get-ups or whatever you want to call them. 
I’m clearly not the most stylish guy on the planet, preferring to wear ripstop cotton or blue denim to other more chique options.
She doesn’t need a hat…I’ve tried to tell her that. 
Of all my daughters, she’s the most prone to making fashion statements. Maybe it’s because she’s the youngest, and still single.
Holding an HK Offensive handgun, which is
too much pistol for her.
Being in paramedic school, I thought that she’d calm down a bit with the whole passion for fashion/thing for bling motif. No, not hardly.

She told me that I destroyed her capacity to be politically correct, anti-gun and all of the progressive proclivities. At least I might have done something right.
But I don’t get the hat thing.

Nuclear Iran

The problem with Iran producing nuclear weapons of its own revolves around their promise to use them to wipe out Israel. It’s like a person with turrets syndrome.  They can’t help but announce the they wish to wipe out (first) Israel and then (second) the United States.  And they are building the launch capacity to accomplish those goals.
They seem mystified when the US (under President Trump) and Israel refuse to come lowing to the knacker for destruction. That may be because President Obama had a different agenda. Then again, he closest and longest serving senior political advisor (Valerie Jarrett) was born in Iran and maintained a close affinity to the world of the not quite right.
Jarrett worked hard to convince her boss that steers can sign meaningful treaties with meat packers.
Naturally, the light-bringer bought it hook, line and sinker.

The worm has turned in terms of the US approach to the world and it’s for the better. Ask ISIS – but you can’t. Their homeland has been wiped out. No, you won’t hear that on the corrupt, smug, lying, elite mainstream media.

Is your Halloween Costume P/C?

I’m guessing that it’s not because a Halloween costume, by definition, reflects cultural appropriation. My granddaughters are going as: zombie (age 8), cheerleader (she’s 5, she’s never been an actual cheerleader) and a bee (age 1). It’s the same story with the five grandsons. I can’t find the white wolf mask that a friend sent me last year. It’s packed somewhere, thus I will go as a grandpa, which reflects no cultural appropriation at all. I’m feeling very superior in that hard fought decision. 
h/t LSP
However if I was a younger version of myself, I might go as a negro in ‘black face’, Indian, wearing a Vietnamese coolie hat, and I’d drive to some Hollywood neighborhood to beg for candy. I’d have a girlfriend in tow (heterosexuality is not cultural appropriation when you are one) dressed as a witch to show the witches and satanists in Sin City that my heart is really in the right place…

18 thoughts on “Mish-Mash

  1. Emilie looks great in hats. No one "needs" a hat, but many of us just happen to like them. My mother looked wonderful in hats too. Me? I look absolutely horrible in hats (sort of like a short mushroom), so I am appropriately jealous.

    When did Halloween become such a huge thing with adults? When I was a kid mom wrapped the kids in sheets and called it a toga, or handed over one of her skirts to make a princess outfit. The operative word here is "kids." I don't recall adults horning in on a kiddie holiday.

    Jarrett worked hard to convince her boss that steers can sign meaningful treaties with meat packers.

    Spot on, LL.

    P.S. Tell Emilie to take her finger off the trigger. Thank you in advance.

  2. Hats are a form of protection and personal expression, I guess. Some people look good in them, some don't. Emilie looks good in them. Not so much with the trigger finger discipline.
    Wearing my Halloween costume ever dang day here… it's called senor cowgirl.

  3. I wore the same ancient sheet with eye-holes in it as a ghost for three or four years when I was a kid and it worked. Today they'd say that I was calling myself a 'spook' (interpreted as racially insensitive as to the title and the color of the sheet, which implies white privilege after death).

  4. I'll pass on the caution about trigger discipline.

    I don't know if she's going to a Halloween themed party, but I will counsel her as to cultural appropriation. I went to an adult Halloween party a few years ago wearing a sombrero, holding a battery powered fan and a spray water bottle – yes, I went as "El Nino". However, as I can best recall, everyone at the party was white – which is unacceptable today.

  5. It's cheap and it gets the point across, but there are those who feel that the term "El Nino" would be racist for a non-Hispanic to use, since Spanish is not my birth language. It's like going to Taco Bell if you are not Hispanic or eating spaghetti if your family didn't originate in Italy. It's simply not done. Because a portion of my family did come from Switzerland, I can eat sauerkraut and wienerschnitzel. It's allowed.

  6. I hope you were wearing more than a sombrero. Perhaps it was the "adult" description that did it, but I could've lived without that image. Though some ladies perhaps would've misremembered you went as "El Niner"…

  7. Refreshing to see a woman wearing a traditional hat instead of a baseball cap with a pony tail out the back, IMO.

    Of course my clothing style doesn't go beyond making sure my fly is zipped.

  8. Harvey Weinstein didn't zip his fly and he made hundreds of millions of dollars. You may be doing something wrong.

  9. Did you correct her about the finger on the trigger unless she plans to shoot it? I agree that she is too beautiful and doesn't need a hat. But the hat does keep the sun off her face.

  10. All joking aside, she does have good trigger control and understands that the only safety on a handgun (or any firearm) is her trigger finger. She cleared the handgun before I took the photo and while treating every firearm as if it were loaded, she didn't pull the trigger.

    I realize that the photo lacks the safety feature.

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