September 11

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The World Trade Center & Pentagon Attack


And now the Kabul Fiasco

And on September 11, 2021, we still have Americans, left behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, while our filthy, corrupt administration crows its success. Sometimes I feel nothing but shame for what this nation has become – to allow rigged elections and rampant corruption on a scale never dreamed of. That’s who we are today. But we don’t have to be tomorrow.



Imagine this scene on 9/11/01, twenty years ago, after the towers were down.

Imagine your reaction if I’d told you that we’d dump $2 trillion in Afghanistan, then surrender, leave palates of cash behind, and $90 Billion in military hardware for the enemy to use. And we’d be ruled by a walking corpse from Weekend at Bernie’s and a whore.


The Eternal Question

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  1. Today is my birthday. 20 years ago I was a 43 year old dairy farmer turned construction company owner, in way better shape then I am today. As I watched my country under attack, I decided I could do more to help it and my community. I joined my local volunteer fire department. Short of getting married, it was the biggest decision I had ever made in my life. 20 years later I am still out hubbing it, taking care of my neighbors and the elderly like I would only hope that someone will do for me when I’m in need eventually. People don’t call 911 because they are having the best day of their lives as a rule. When we show up and things don’t start getting better, we try something else until it does. We have reached that point as a country.

  2. Twenty Years ago I was the Active Duty Manager for a Texas Air National Guard Special Operations Weather Flight.
    – I had just gotten back to the office from our Ops Group weekly meeting. I heard on the radio that there had been an explosion at the World Trade Center. I remember the last explosion and wondered if it was another Terrorist bombing. I went down to storage and pulled out a small TV from one of the Team kits. I had it set up and tuned in just in time to see the second plane hit live on TV.
    I called the Boss at his job and said “We are at war”
    He had been watching as well and we started discussing plans for the next two weeks.
    I hung up that call and started the Recall Roster…
    I notified my unit members to tell their employers to prepare for their absence, and to pack their bags, triple check their gear, and prepare their families.
    I then called AFSOC and notified them that all unit members are accounted for and prepared for 72 hour deployment as required.
    My first team went out the door in December 2001, our unit had at least one person deployed in support of OEF and OIF from 2001 until I was medically retired in 2010.
    While I was in Kabul in 2003 the backstabbing POS that I voted for in 2000 changed the ROE to handcuff the Heroes who won the war, and installed Islam as the government of Afghanistan,
    AND started the purge of our military leadership to install the Pro-Islam brigade that runs it today.
    I was NOT surprised when bush voted for Hillary or when he voted for biden.
    We as a Nation have forgotten 911…
    The proof is that we have actual Terrorist sympathizers elected to congress,
    We have a Dictator that actually said for the record that he is losing patience with Law Abiding American Citizens,
    And we haven’t Tarred and Feathered him and Strung up those who are controlling him.

      1. Quote of the year…from LCPL McCollum’s mother, who is soon to be a grandmother from her now widowed daughter-in-law…needs to be sent everywhere:

        “Because a feckless dementia-ridden piece of crap wanted a photo-op on Sept. 11, that’s what kills me…”

  3. Thanks LL…you are a voice of measure and reason in the midst of the bizarro world we find ourselves.

    Our Resident is not speaking today, his handlers won’t let him off the leash, actually I’m fine with that as he would only tarnish our remembrance of this day.

    Praying God affords comfort to all those heroic 9/11 1st Responders and their families, to the military who spent 20 years keeping a lid on things ‘over there’ only to get massively screwed by their leadership (small ‘L’…they don’t deserve respect), and the recent loss of 13 servicemen from the Debacle In The Desert….may they rest in peace in the arms of Him.

    We will NEVER forget.

  4. The equipment left is now on its way to Iran. Taliban get some cash and oil in returen for the service.
    Pakistan funded by the US for years is now helping Taliban to fight any resistance left in Afghanistan. That is the one US soldiers died to protect. Now the the US President is on the Taliban side, you know the ones hosting the terrorists and building all the IEDs killing US soldiers.

    Good luck with your politicians. They seem to agree with IS and other terrorist from the past that the real enemies are inside the US. The ones voting Republican and not living in big cities.

      1. We accept it, lowing loudly as we’re shoved through the chute to the knacker’s shed, or we can stand against it boldly.

  5. 20 years ago I was working at a satellite uplink for DirecTV. I was getting ready to head home for the day, when we got an urgent call from the Broadcast Control Center to “Get a dish on AMC-7 NOW!”. As soon as I got the antenna pointed, and got a receiver set up, we started watching the network feeds, live and uncensored. When the second tower got hit, I said “We’re under attack”. My co-workers scoffed until we heard the Pentagon got hit, and that there was a 4th aircraft out there, destination unknown.

    Got off shift and headed home, where I saw the first, and then the second tower, fall.

    Still haunted a bit by the live feeds, with audio. Some of the camera crews were crying, and we saw a reporter break down during a segment he was doing. All this stuff going on was “Tape Delayed” for public consumption, and what you saw on your home TV was maybe 10% of the horror and carnage that we saw.

    People falling from 100 stories make quite an impact when they land.

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