Who says that Islam is not merciful? This girl was allegedly immoral and
had her nose cut off in lieu of being stoned to death.
(UK – Daily Mail) The changing face of Britain: A child in Birmingham is now more likely to be a Muslim than Christian. Isn’t that special?

An exceptionally naive British official is quoted by the Daily Mail this way: ‘This is one of the most tolerant countries in the world. It will continue to be so, provided we all understand how that depends on respect for the beliefs of others too.’

I guess that Sharia Law will replace English Common Law sooner than later and once 51% of of those living in England are Muslim, it will be the standard, “convert or die” motif that we’ve seen again and again over the past 1400 years. British women will veil their faces and bodies and will become the chattel of their husbands. How exciting must that be for the women?!! The place will become an Islamic paradise — like Iran or Yemen, but without oil.
British future:
Syrian girl stoned for ‘immoral conduct’ with a young man, likely one
of the stone throwers. She said that she turned him down. He accused
her of being a whore.

Islam, by its very nature, will refuse to co-exist once it has the majority. And the sand is running from the top of the hour glass to the bottom for, the British.


  1. awful images/realities.
    would like to think the Muslims in GB appreciate the civilized law and recognize the fortune of the haven they have from extremists. But of course things DO change when the minorities become the majority, especially if they've been segregated culturally or the rise to majority happened very quickly.

  2. It's happened wherever Muslims have become a majority since 600 AD. Yes, it could be different in the UK. But failing to read and understanding history tends to suggest that you are bound to repeat it.

  3. The historical settlement of the British Isles by successive waves of people over long history would support your thesis. Unfortunately for them, Islam is not a passive invasion (the way that the Hindus in the Subcontinent invaded the UK), and the core doctrine is convert or kill.

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