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For Hardcore Fans of the Franchise
(Maxim) First there was Yoda – and then there was Baby Yoda, which is still trending. Now, if you want the force to be with you on your patio, you can buy Star Wars Tie Fighter chairs. There are also complete furniture sets to make you feel as if you’re living on a movie set.
I’m sure that this sort of thing will blow out the doors, and I haven’t even seen the latest Star Wars film. 
I expect that we may see Baby Yoda team up with Baby Groot (from Guardians of the Galaxy) if it sells things that will end up as landfill.
Will it be too much if the US Space Force develops an operational X-Wing fighter? I don’t know. Ever since the flip phone (now arcane) came along to simulate a Star Trek communicator, I’ve stopped being a skeptic. Life can imitate art, particularly if there’s a buck in it. 

(SiGraybeard) covered the story on December 29th, and it’s been banging around different publications, but it’s still interesting to read accounts of the drift of the magnetic poles.  And there’s a possibility of a polar shift (north becomes south, etc.) during an epoch when mankind can observe it. Since it’s now changed time zones, it’s become even more interesting. My 10 year old grandson visited me in Arizona recently and became aware that there are some states that don’t shift time with the changing seasons (no Daylight Savings Time in Arizona). It gave me the opportunity to discuss Magnetic North drifting. Teaching opportunity.

Hardcore Hammers (link)

I have to admit it. I like tools. And some of the custom tools like “debt collector” or “don’t tread on me” may be a bit pricy for those of you who just want an axe or a hammer, the cool factor is also important.

Can you have too many cool things? Does the guy with the most toys win? These thoughts drift through my head, but my organic attraction to tools and to using them in the field is still there. Is it just because I’m a guy? Maybe not. There are a lot of progressive university students who self-identify as male at times who would have no interest in this stuff.

28 thoughts on “Life in 2020

  1. Haven't seen the first round of Star Wars in decades, and the furniture doesn't fit our decor. Saw the latest "episode" trailer at Ford vs Ferrari…not interested in yet another girl lead. Sorry if that hurts feelings. Young boys need male heroes, which are in short supply.

    Can you have too many cool things?


    Does the guy with the most toys win?

    Yes…altho can't take it with you. (Pretty sure God already has the all good stuff and doesn't need ours, just us.)

  2. The hatchets look nice, if expensive. Although, as a cranky old stickler, I am not the biggest fan of hatchets, design philosophy-wise. Not sure I'm sold on the axe design.

    The big problem is I'd want to handle them before considering paying that much.

    Pretty cool site though, thanks for the link!

  3. Yes, it's a guy thing. Tools are like Lay's potato chips, you can't own just one (an old Bert Lahr reference). In my gig, I move large automobile parts/vehicles around, but at 64 3/4 years old, pushing them is not part of my thing anymore; I have tools to do that: cranes, hydraulic jacks, electric winches. I don't pick up anything anymore that weighs over 25 pounds. I have four different kinds of winches that can move anything. God Bless leverage.

    Unrelated and earth shattering note: Christmas at Aunt Sally's had her prepare spinach and filet mignon, it was great. I am still wondering if the earth has stopped spinning on its axis, the world I knew doesn't make sense anymore. Maybe her brain was taken over by aliens for that meal, and they will release her and continue hanging out with Giorgio Tsoukalous and the boys and leave her to her awful cooking ways for the rest of the year. We shall see.

  4. Hardcore is really nice stuff, should last a lifetime. These tool types are very personal decisions, years ago my wife bought me Stiletto framing and finish hammers…titanium lightness with excellent striking force. Never looked back, and no more sore elbow after a day of swinging [the hammer]. Even better, the little magnet in the head picks up dropped nails without having to bend over!

  5. I rather enjoyed the first three Star Wars films back in the day. Check your brain at the door and have a good time. The rest somewhat less so, though I hear The Mandalorian is good. Still, I feel no urge to decorate in that style.
    I'm all for disposing of daylight savings time. Make up your minds. One or the other then stay with it. I would prefer standard, but would settle for the other if it's year round.

  6. My friend and I used to have power saw ownership races. But the saying you're looking for is, "He who dies with the most tools wins."

  7. I could almost put two of those Tie fighter chairs in place of existing chairs in my living room. Almost. Part of it is Yachting Rule #1: if you have to ask what it costs, you can't afford it.

    Tools: for some odd reason, I'm less interested in the hatchet than in a CNC controlled laser to engrave a handle like that.

  8. I'm the tool hound in the household and that hammer looks pretty neat. The bill collectors are cool too.

  9. Sure, you can spend tons on those axes and hatchets, but… Estwing makes as good or better in a 'non-tacticool' fashion.

    Love my Estwing hammers and hatchets. My favorite framing hatchet lives in the car, excellent self defense weapon that's not a gun.

    As to Star Wars, they lost me when they remastered the original to have Han shoot second. Sorry, Han shot first.

  10. Agree with Beans, that Estwing framing hammer in the floorboard doesn't even draw a second look. As far as Star Wars, meh… don't care. They are almost as big a set of suckers as Trekkies… LOL

  11. Tools are VERY personal decisions, but there is no end to the acquisitions.

    About the same time that I feel that I have all that I need, I find a burning need for another widget.

    Many women seem to fee the same way about shoes.

  12. Hell froze over…and while you may be emboldened with Aunt Sally's cuisine, she could cut a slice of apple pie for you and you could chip a tooth on it. Don't be over confident.

  13. Decorations are personal things. My den used to look a lot like the Imperial War Museum. I have to continually restrain myself when it comes to militarizing the place. Not Star Wars so much as over-doing the I-Love-Me wall, etc.

    Many years ago, MRSLL was out of town on business for a week and I re-did a shelving unit in her absence. I was accused of creating a shrine to myself. She was absolutely right. But it was a bit over-the-top for the living room.

  14. You can't have enough power saws or power saw blades or power saw benches. Jesus was a carpenter, tell MRSWOODSTERMAN that he'd understand.

  15. Floridians are obsessed with yachts. I didn't think that anyone from Florida (you or Beans, below) would apply the first rule of yachting. It's not what you can afford, it's the line of credit when it comes to yachting.

  16. I have Estwing axes, felling mauls, and hatchets. But I don't limit myself.

    I have Colt 1911's in .45 ACP and 9mm. Same sort f thing.

    When I die, the family can fight over them.

  17. Star Wars. At some sales meeting back in the day I won a complete VHS Star Wars Collection. My two younger sons wore the damn things out. Two years of seemingly nonstop Star Wars got tiring. On the plus side, they weren't out on the streets fighting so I saved bail and lawyer money.

  18. I saw the first Star Wars movie in Chicago when it came out. I thought it was pretty good, but the ending was hokey.

    When they re-released it to the theaters again decades later, my son and I went to see it, as he'd only seen it on TV.

    The first thing that struck me about was…, they sure used a lot of PVC pipe and fiberglass to make the sets and props!

  19. Yes, DRJIM, the need to accessorize for women is somewhat comparable to our need to have cool cars.

  20. I've binge watched films too. And since an idle mind is the devil's workshop, I may have saved myself from getting into trouble. Never two years worth, but maybe they needed it?

  21. I saw "A New Hope" in Orange County, CA. Everyone raved about it and so I stood in line and watched it.

    I enjoyed it, but have never been a Star Wars fanatic. I may eventually see the new one but then again, maybe not until it comes out on cable, and I'll see it at home. It depends on how events fall and if I have spare time and some urge to do it.

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