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Disclosure: I hate going to carnivals, and I don’t like carnival people, including midway barkers, who I despise.  That doesn’t mean that I hate life. More here.


Non-Sunday Sermonette: As with so much of life, you want to be sure there is a chair to slide into when the music stops. Yes, I’m addressing a metaphor here. There may not be a chair for us when the music stops. It’s good to have a plan for that day like Noah building an ark – before the flood. (I hear calliope music playing)


Embrace the new worldwide surveillance culture…

You are here.


Bullet Points:

** You may not be the dumbest guy in the world, but you’d better hope he doesn’t die.

** I read statement after statement that heroes don’t wear capes, and it’s given me pause. Should I have worn a cape?

** Housekeeping Note: Any short story that appeared or will appear in a collection (book) has been deleted from the blog. If you find that a link is dead, that’s why.

** I would like to have flown an F-86 in combat (left) — cool painting.

** Pedo Joe shit himself again. Yes, I know it’s a daily thing, and you may be tired of watching him do that on videos…

** A good analysis of why President Trump’s conviction will be overturned on appeal.  The DA and jurors will have been paid their few pieces of silver. I read online that some “Republicans” feel that President Trump should do jail time for his ‘sins.’ Really? It was a Stalinist-style show trial.

** If you think that the world hates you, imagine how much more they hated Jesus.

** Have the democrats ever been held responsible for anything? I can wait while you think about it. The media (wholly owned subsidiary of the democrat party) has a lot to do with that. Recently we had the plague – maybe you forgot? The media certainly has. The entire planet was f*cked by the woke and the media. Pedo Joe’s disastrous pull-out from Afghanistan comes to mind. Insane inflation has wiped out the poor. DEI destroys the foundation of equal opportunity for all. Insane EPA rules have jacked the price of automobiles through the roof.

** I would like to buy a new Toyota Hilux (no frills, crank windows, basic small diesel pickup truck) in Mexico and import it into the US. Look at the hoops that they want me to jump through.


The New Woke Breakfast Cereal 


Identify the Aircraft



This is an actual aircraft – it’s in Wikipedia. It was never flown in combat, but it is grist for this section. Ducted fan engine design. Two pictures – Difficult.




This aircraft’s name is also its intended function.



Parting Shot




39 thoughts on “Life is a Carnival

  1. Identify teh Aircraft:
    1. Piaggio PD.808
    2. Stipa-Caproni
    3. Breguet 763
    4. General Aircraft Fleet Shadower

  2. Have you been painting the pictures? I have really enjoyed them, and seem to remember you saying….” I feel like painting”… It made me laugh. As always, I enjoy your blog. Thanks.

    1. I’ve been engaged in various forms of art all my life. I do okay at everything except music. I played the piano, horns, and clarinet at times, but I don’t play anymore. I’m more of a listener with a broad range of tastes depending on my mood. In this post, there is a blend of copied art (the F-86 and the surveillance digital/AI generation) that I dragged into the blog, and my abstraction applied to AI filtering. Thank you for visiting the blog and commenting.

  3. per “Non-Sunday Sermonette” – or is that Non-Sermonette?
    this is what follows the calliope (on my computer, anyhoo):
    Is someone trying to tell me something?

    re worldwide surveillance culture:
    TPTB (our condo board) just decided to place a surveillance system throughout the building;
    for our own protection, y’know‽

    1. At your dues cost I’m sure, how nice of them. For two years had a wifi game cam out front to monitor the new Road Association entry gates, got a few dufus’s doing what nimrods do when faced with a controlled access point and signage saying as much. Yesterday I pulled the cam, saves me time dealing with it and haven’t seen anything dumb in a while…which means some drug dealer will pull in now or a heavy equipment guy with run into the entire setup and I won’t know who it was. Tradeoffs.
      MrsPaulM’s family has had a condo in St. Pete her parents bought new in ‘84, nice place to visit. Now that mom is aging and the childhood home of 52 years is sold, the condo is next on the list…yet “the kids” enjoy using it here and there throughout the year. So I run some numbers because monthly dues are one thing, it’s the “special assessments” for exterior upgrades and maintenance that get decided in a vacuum by “The Board” and are what really cost. There is no opt out choice. These tend to be thousands at a pop. If we “kids” decide to keep it then those costs need to be budgeted, yet I tell MrsPaulM…albeit not exactly the same homey feel (and forgetting special assessments that add cost), for the price of a few months condo dues we can stay at The Don Cesar in a suite for a couple of weeks and not have the burden of ownership. Tradeoffs.
      As for the new cams, just smile or wear a ballcap.

      1. I’d always thought of FL as “The Waiting Room”, but ’bout 20± yrs back, a good friend (of Sicilian extraction, said, “Have I got a deal for you. Come buy a place near me; got a reaL good agent for you.” And so we did; somewhat further south of St Pete, at the bottom of the market, on the beach,
        “A turn-key place.” per the wife, since we’d only use it in the winter; western Oregon is hot and dry in the summer: all three weeks of it.
        15 yrs down the road I find myself pretty much non-ambulatory living 24/7/365 in our “part-time, vacation” condo. the airline/security having made cross-country travel a nightmare for an 80+ yr old with various medical issues.
        My youngest has moved down here ; she fell in love with Dubai, but Florida is safer.
        My eldest keeps asking his mother, “Yuh planning to move back to the ‘Great Northwet’ (sic) after Dad – uhh! y’know. Whata y’ gonna do with the condo…?
        My middle one still feels an obligation to the evacuatory end of the world, but doesn’t mind spending her off time defrosting here with us..
        A few families’ kids I know sell their parent’s properties down here (mebbe they need the money?) when they drag their aging parents back North (some still kicking), but most fight over the remains (“How shall we divide up our time at the condo” or “I’m happy to buy up you share, I know you need the money.”)
        Even with the maintenance, most condos in Florida have bettered the market by far.
        BTW: the one pushing the security system was a Dr (an Ed D) wanting to turn our living quarters into a Chicago/New York High School.

          1. and here I thought I was a paranoid:
            I walk around (with walker) with a 10mm, Condition1 beneath a Hawaiian (or blazer) in appendix.
            BTW: Florida is now permitless carry (I got my permit when we first moved down).

          2. Somehow, LL, I knew you’d have a ProTip at the ready…would help in keeping the HOA Ninny’s at bay. Same complex, we were taking a walk around the complex lake/integrated golf course, couple of older gents walking around with a clipboard making notes, overheard the one in the crusher hat say, “Now see those weeds on 126’s sidewalk, those are in violation.” “[writs something on clipboard] or some such nonsense. That’s a deal breaker for me…at this point, anyway…might change my mind once the Winters and chores here decide for me, hopefully not for a decade.

          3. @boron–“(with walker)”. Do press on, sir.

            Back in the early 2000’s, I worked retail at an indoor range/gun shop. One evening a white haired gentleman came in to shoot and re-new his CCW. He was using a walker. It was obvious that in his younger days he had been a strapping lad, 6′-4″, an axe handle across the shoulders. His mind and wit were still sharp. His weapon was a S&W M29 44 mag. He needed both hands for his walker, so he had put the M29 in a pillow case and the knotted the pillow case to the top bar of his walker.

            Never Surrender.

          4. Florida is permit-less concealed carry.

            Sadly the RINOs caved on full open carry. The rat bastards!

          5. Oddly, we have permitless open carry, permit CPL.
            A part of me likes the permitting as it mandates training (think driver’s licenses) and open carry scares the sheep.

  4. the rampant inflation didn’t destroy the poor. it destroyed the middle class, creating many more poor.

    1. Where you rank in the American economic class structure depends partly on where you live because living in some parts of the US costs much more than others. According to recently released data from the SSA’s Office of the Actuary, just over 590,000 retired-worker beneficiaries received $1,298.26 per month ($15,576/year) at age 62 as of December 2023. That compares to about 2.11 million aged 66 retired-worker beneficiaries taking home $1,739.92 monthly ($20,879/year). It’s easier for most people to live as couples on a combined income, so $41,000/year retired. That’s where the Gallup organization places the bottom of the Middle Class. Depending on where you live, the middle class runs to around $280,000 a year for two earners. Then you drift into the upper middle class, which takes you into the half-a-million-a-year range (or so). This addresses income, not net worth. Bidenomics grinds you if you’re making $280K/year, but I maintain that it grinds somebody earning $20K a year more. Food costs and other necessary household item cost increases have been brutal.

      1. i don’t know about numbers, i don’t doubt yours are correct, but there’s more than numbers. i know i got a 75 percent raise but i’m still living paycheck to paycheck thanks to taxes, insurance costs and inflation. making money, no matter how much, but being unable to enjoy it means poverty to me. i, like many of my generation lived frugally, paid off our modest mortgages and cars and expected to be able to enjoy our retired years before we croak. that dream is gone, nothin left but to croak.

    2. That’s the plan…many previously thriving cities are now 3rd World hellholes at the hands of the The [self-described] Geniuses. The NYC Billionaires have been noted as saying they will leave if Trump is put in jail, “We’ll make them suffer.” Don’t get mad, get even by starving the Marxist Beast.

  5. Inflation is a malignant tax. Borrow money now, pay it back later with watered down money. Unholy coming together of politicians and hedge fund operators among others.

    1. If you have to borrow that is the strategy to use. Heck, it is being used by the fedgov now to devalue the cost of the national debt. Better to not borrow at all though.

    2. There’s open inflation – that is increased costs of items.

      Then there’s hidden inflation – less items on sale, less 2 for 1, less options. And, of course, shrinking of packaging for the same price.

      F all Bidens.

    3. That’s the short sell I’ve been encouraging.
      That’s what TPTB have been doing.
      Borrow, buy gold with it, wait, sell half the gold to pay off the loan.
      Keep the other half.

  6. Carnivals- Agreed now as an adult you (we) have seen behind the curtain. Mostly for kids to enjoy an evening out when it showed up in your town, and we did every once in a while. But…we mostly had the Ocean City Boardwalk (Jersey Shore) when staying for a vacation, which had the fun stuff without the barkers…all the arcade booths were locally owned. More importantly…a fresh tub of Johnson’s caramel popcorn munched while strolling along “the boards” after a slice of Mack-n-Manco’s [pizza].
    American Thinker Article- Spot on…yet the comments proves that regardless of facts and proper information people are so entrenched they can never concede the truth of a matter, usually doubling down.

    This as one example of The Emperor Has No Clothes yet The Special Class are still tone deaf to the facts:
    “Behind Closed Doors, Biden Shows Signs of Slipping…Participants in meetings said the 81-year-old president performed poorly at times. The White House said Biden is sharp and his critics are playing partisan politics.”

    Brother sent it with this comment: “The amazing part of this article is the premise that it’s all some shocking revelation…and that no one noticed until the WSJ decided to write about it. Everything is phony.”
    Life is a Carnival- Immediate thought was “Life is a Highway” (Chris LeDoux…the real deal…got to see him perform at The Greeley Stampede before his cancer set in…good man.)

    1. Gee, too bad nobody noticed Biden’s cognitive disabilities before now, like, oh, say, when he was Obamski’s Veep. Or when he hid in his basement during the 2020 stealection (which he predicted was not going to be made by the voters but by the people counting the votes.)

      1. The willful blindness (aka flatout lying) is unreal. (“stealection”…borrowing that, great word)

      2. Biden was picked by Obama for a purpose. Now Obama’s people run this administration. Biden is just the patsy who will shield Obama and his people from blame.

  7. They made the cicadas look so cute!

    Have you ever seen one (or even one of their molted shells) up close? Those things are terrifying!

  8. Re “Racist America”: she has pamphlets for China, Cuba, and Venezuela. Cute. But only one of those is an ethnostate. People who complain about racism in the US (excluding anti-white racism because it of course doesn’t exist 🙄), need to experience a real ethnostate where they take it seriously enough to put the undesirables/subhumans into camps or outright kill them. (Camps then kill is so much more efficient than going straight to kill.) Survive that, then tell me about how oppressed you are in the US.

    In news of the weird, two things from Times Square today. One was a white guy, about 6’4”, long hair, cowboy hat, boots, tighty whities, and nothing else. He had a guitar covered with Trump 2024 stickers and was chatting amicably with some old white couple who looked like tourists from maybe Oklahoma. Weird thing two was an electronic billboard advertising some new crypto, with pictures of Pepe the frog and the word “Frens”. Someone is pulling our legs. Pepe and FRENs (far-right ethnonationalists) on display in the heart of Manhattan. Ahahaha! Brilliant.

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