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Head on a Stake

My first reaction was that ancient Vikings knew how to deal with politicians who didn’t serve the interests of the people…

Some 8,000 years ago, the skull of a Scandinavian man in his 50s was impaled on a wooden stake in Sweden. Now, a new facial reconstruction by Swedish forensic artist Oscar Nilsson allows modern viewers to envision this mysterious individual’s prominent cheekbones, blue eyes and brown hair, reports Kristin Romey for National Geographic.

Archaeologists found the man’s cranium—as well as the skulls of eight other adults and one infant—in the boggy sediment of the Kanaljorden excavation site in Motala, Sweden, in 2012. The discovery marked the first archaeological evidence of Mesolithic hunter-gatherers mounting human skulls on stakes.


The Age

The Viking Age in Ireland began in the late 8th century when Norse seafarers started raiding monastic sites along the coast. These attacks escalated into more extensive invasions, leading to the establishment of several key settlements.

The Vikings significantly influenced Irish society, both economically and culturally. They facilitated the growth of towns into important trading centers, introducing new trade networks and commodities, including slaves.

By the 11th century, many Vikings had assimilated into Irish society. Their influence persisted in the form of urban development, trade expansion, and cultural amalgamation. This period also saw the introduction of coinage into Ireland.

While conflicts persisted throughout this time, the Vikings and the Irish began to coexist in certain areas as they intermarried and began to exchange customs and languages.

The intermingling of Norse and Irish traditions, although intricate and complex, gave rise to a new ethnic identity known as Gall-Gaidhel, or ‘Foreign-Irish’ (a foreshadowing of the Anglo-Normans who in later centuries would be absorbed into Irish culture only to become “more Irish than the Irish themselves”).

The Viking Age in Ireland ended with the expulsion of the Norsemen by King Brian Boru after defeating them at the Battle of Clontarf, in 1014.

Over the course of more than two centuries, the Vikings left a lasting mark on the social, political, and even physical landscape of the island which is still evident in the names of islands, towns, cities, and even counties and provinces to this day.

May be an image of 2 people, kilt, costume and text


Ancient Bioweapons

(more here) A surprisingly wide variety of bioweapons were available in the ancient world. After all, arrows and spears technically became bioweapons the moment their tips were dipped into poison, excrement, or even simple, microbe-rich dirt. Infected and putrefying corpses, whether animal or human, were readymade bioweapons when dumped into an enemy’s water supply or launched over a city wall, bringing dismay as well as disease.


Not a B-17, a PB-1W 


Size Matters?


Condition One




29 thoughts on “Irregular Apocalypse

    1. The Navy aircraft designations of that era make it all a little weird

  1. All my ancestors, from both sides of the family, came from viking territory. And yet, there was a Celtic blood disorder that ran in the family – that somehow bypassed me. I’m guessing one (or more) ancestor discovered for himself what it meant to have a redhead for a wife :)

  2. Shame on Oscar and Kristin. They’re pushing lies. All lies! Ancient Sweden was originally the land of wise vegan negresses who reproduced via parthenogenesis and were guarded by an elite force of Woman Queanz (who looked much like Viola Davis and fought using 10-kg machetes one-handed) who kept them free. So there was no such thing as white men in Sweden back then. My granny told me that all Swedes originally were Black women, no matter what they teach in school.

    As to where white people came from, well, it’s a sad story involving a renegade Black scientist called Big-Ass Yakuba and her program of dysgenic breeding, but that’s a tale for another time.

    Bangladesh: sad, very sad. They are looked down upon by the Indians, and distrusted by the Pakistanis. So many problems. Here’s just one of them. Because of frequent flooding and subsequent bio-contamination of surface water supplies, the UN went in and dug lots of deep tube wells. These turned out to be arsenic-ridden. B’desh now has astonishingly high rates of spina bifida and other neural tube defects because of it. It’s an application of my German vocabulary word for the week: verschilmmbessern — to make something worse by trying to fix it. I recently learned that Hamtramck, Michigan is now full of Bangladeshis. A sad end to Poletown.

    1. Haven’t politicians worldwide already taken out a patent for verschilmmbessern?

    2. verschilmmbessern– Geez, that sounds like every politician in DC…or the Statehouse…or the county…or the city. Problem is these enemies within have convinced themselves they are actually helping…except the only thing they’re helping is themselves with our money.

    3. Gaia be praised that you recognize that the negro queen of the ice (another Marvel Comics spin-off coming) gets the credit for Norse advancements. Odin was both a woman and a negro, and the patriarchy destroyed the true history in the same way they destroy everything. Thor was a tranny, drinking his tranny fluid from a unicorn horn.

      The only way to fix Bangladesh is to nuke the place from orbit. “It’s the only way to be sure”

    4. Sorry, typo: verschlimmbessern.
      We (me and the frog in my pocket) regert the error.

      Just in: I hear that some Egyptians (or maybe the nation itself?) are suing Netflix for TWO BILLION USD over the Cleopatra show. Ahahaha!

      1. Mike_C, I have a meme for you over at… I pray LL ya don’t nuke me for hyping my blog, but have something for Mike.

        1. A bit toothy, but she seems to have a sense of humor. Or did you mean the T-shirt? Speaking of photos of chicks holding up stuff…

          Couple of months ago PKG and I were in Manhattan. She wanted to go to MOMA, so we did. In the gift shop I found what I can only describe as a demonic/anti white section (e.g. evil from Marina Abramović — remember the Podesta “spirit cooking” stuff? Also all these kids books that had been black washed. Anyway…) In that section was a multicolored line of blank notebooks that said “Not White” on the cover. I have a photo of the Pretty Korean Girl holding up a bright yellow (yellow!) notebook labeled “Not White”. Hahaha. She’s smiling (reflexively) in the photo but from her actual expression I was worried she was going to stab me that night when I was asleep. Took her out for a steak dinner afterwards in hopes of inducing food coma. It worked, but on me, not her. 😳 I’ve seen her eat literally a pound of barbeque then immediately go looking for dessert. I shoulda known bettah. (Bettah: there’s yuh Bawstun for yuh.)

          1. Most Koreans I know are carnivores. For the most part, they’re veterans and identify as male. Nobody would suggest that they’re attractive. As with yours truly, you’d have to tie a pork chop around their necks to make a dog lick them. I’m not surprised that the inclination also applies to attractive Koreans who identify as female.

          1. As with you, I started this blog because I wanted to say for the record that not everyone approved of Barack Hussein Obama and his husband. Documenting the demise of one’s own country is depressing.

  3. Norseman- Don’t mess with him…and if possible I’d have him on our team. Pure intimidation.

  4. Know a couple of folks that trace back to Vikings. Good guys to have on my side in a fight… just sayin… And yes, Navy ‘nomenclature’ has always been weird!

  5. The closing infographic is teaching.

    Some say the Irish saved Western Civ thanks to people fleeing the Eastern Roman Empire from the Moslem hordes. They set up universities/houses of learning in Ireland and exported this to Europe.

    I think there’s truth in that.

    1. Some truth, but not whole truth. Lots of centers of learning in Europe flourished in Roman times and kept being centers of learning all the way up to modern times.

      Admittedly, everything touched by muslim hands went onto the fires, but those not thrashed stayed functioning in one way or another.

      If you look at some of the Irish religious or houses of learning, they were often located in hard for other Irish to get to locations. Sadly, said locations often were easy access by sea, so you end up like Lindesfarne.

      1. If they were on the coast or on even a drizzle of water (longboats could travel over a heavy dew), they were fair game.

  6. My fathers father came from Ireland as a twelve year old orphan. He educated himself and earned his citizenship fighting in WW1. He married, worked hard and saved enough money to put my father through an Ivy League school and a masters from Wharton ( which actually taught critical thinking back then). It breaks my heart to see his hard work disparaged in today’s society.

    1. … with the Sauron Eye of Big Brother always upon you.

      But they say it’s very, very clean.


    2. It’s the home of “crazy rich Asians”. Every day is like downtown London on a bank holiday.

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