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Those Amusing Progressives

At the end of 2015, even the Democrats were conceding that ObamaCare was bankrupt. Fewer and fewer insurers were accepting it and in some states there were areas where NO insurers accepted the flawed program at all. The price of ObamaCare skyrocketed. It was just another tax and that tax money was wasted. What a surprise.
There is an option for progressives who pine for the joy of national healthcare insurance. Immigrate to Canada. They’re accepting anyone these days including terrorists.
Some smaller nations with big incomes from oil and other natural resources can afford to fund generous national healthcare programs. I’m happy for them and wish them all the very best, but it won’t work in the USA. Not now anyway. It’s important for the US to have a national safety net for the poorest and most vulnerable among us, but that’s it. Charity for the lame, sick and lazy has always been available and it’s appropriate. 
ObamaCare will be repealed along with the underlying tax, and what takes its place will be better with an emphasis on opening up the entire nation to all insurers (not the case now) and allow them to compete to give better service at a more affordable price. Capitalism works if you allow it to. The progs will protest and tear their clothing in anguish, but the country will move on.
Meanwhile in California, there are ads running on radio primarily, telling people that ObamaCare is wonderful, vibrant and encouraging people to sign up to enjoy the benefits. The ObamaCare outlet in California is “Covered California”. I want to reply to the radio, “Have you heard the news?” Then I realize that they only listen to the corrupt, elite, smug, progressive, self-satisfied, deceptive, nasty mainstream media, which assures them that President Trump will be impeached before ObamaCare can be repealed.
No More Black Targets?

I spent the bulk of my life shooting holes in black paper targets for a living. Now progressives are trying to change the tradition. A group of artists is urging law enforcement and the military to stop using “menacing black silhouette” targets at the shooting range, claiming they contribute to “unconscious bias” and ultimately violence against black people.

“The campaign seeks to eliminate the use of these targets, forever,” the initiative’s website says. The petition calls on the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors to start “getting rid of black targets at shooting ranges and replacing them with variations of more diverse target designs.”

Discriminatory toward terrorists?
The petition references a November 2015 University of Illinois study that found people were faster to shoot black targets than white ones, and that they also unloaded more bullets into black targets. I find this interesting because I never equated shooting a black paper silhouette target with shooting a person of a particular race.
No More Black Targets did not respond to e-mail, so the editorial staff at Virtual Mirage called them and spoke with Elliot, who answers the phone. VM asked Elliot if they opposed silhouette targets that depicted terrorists (see right). 
Discriminatory toward
American Indians?
VM asked if having people shoot at red targets instead wasn’t potentially inviting them to slaughter American Indians – it’s been done before…
Elliot seemed confused when VM equated his employment with somehow opposing anti-terrorist targets. So Virtual Mirage asked him about the movement’s progress. He said that they were doing well. Virtual Mirage noted that to date the petition has garnered about 250 signatures on it. Elliott wasn’t aware but said, if true, it didn’t bode well for his minimum wage employment.
Massachusetts law has long banned the use of targets at shooting ranges “that depict human figures, human effigies, human silhouettes or any human images thereof, except by public safety personnel performing in line with their official duties.” I’m surprised that California hasn’t done that too. Maybe somebody needs to call the legislature and get them on it.
As far as I know, there is no move in either Texas, Wyoming or Arizona to ban lifelike paper targets.
The Pope Weighs In (again)

The Pope opposes the Dakota Access Pipeline because it runs across Indian land…except that it doesn’t. Never did and the Indians are upset because they didn’t get to dip their beaks into the pot of real estate money paid for other land access.

The Missouri and Mississippi rivers have over 400 pipelines of different sorts crossing under them at present and there are no problems with THOSE.

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis insisted Wednesday that indigenous groups must give prior consent to any economic activity affecting their ancestral lands, a view that conflicts with the Trump administration, which is pushing to build a $3.8 billion oil pipeline over opposition from American Indians.

President Trump doesn’t care.

The Grand Mufti was Punked

France’s populist candidate for President, Marine Le Pen (the French Donald Trump) was in Lebanon this week to meet Lebanese President Michel Aoun, who is a Christian. She also had a session scheduled with the country’s top Sunni Muslim cleric, Sheikh Abdel-Latif Derian, the Grand Mufti. 

The Grand Mufti of Lebanon
The Mufti’s staff told Ms. Le Pen that women were required to don headscarves before entering the presence of the Mufti. Le Pen refused, and after a few awkward moments between her staff and the sheikh’s, abruptly called off the audience and left. “I consider the headscarf a symbol of a woman’s submission,” she said afterward. “I will not put on the veil.”
Marine Le Pen

Le Pen is leading in the polls and is ardently opposed to more Muslim immigration into France – where they have caused a great deal of trouble and bloodshed. She’s a hard liner who wants to make France great again.

Le Pen’s timing could not have been better. On the same day that she snubbed the Muslim mufti, police arrested three suspects in southern France for plotting what they called “an imminent terror attack.” That headline, juxtaposed with Le Pen’s face-down of a Muslim grandee, will reinforce her warning that France already has too many immigrants.
Le Pen considers the obliteration of ISIS to be one of France’s primary missions. Part of that plan requires the expulsion of illegal aliens from France.

20 thoughts on “Hump Day Follies

  1. I'm guessing a landslide for La Pen.

    Also, I heard the Grand Mufti said, "You think a headscarf is degrading? Have you seen my head?"

  2. I think that's a sold guess because France is fed up with the Muslims calling the shots on their streets. The French Army is heavily engaged domestically and it's simply not how the French people wish to live.

    Having spent time in France, the French military has much more sweeping power to act domestically than the US Military does (essentially none in the US), and they do have the capacity to eject troublesome Muslims and throw them out (presumably back to their homelands). The only question was whether they have the will. The election of Marine Le Pen would signal that will and those national intentions.

    I find it disturbing that you've been hanging out with the Grand Mufti…but I don't doubt that he said that.

  3. Viva La Pen!

    And I have been told that I need new material, as my Hillary jokes have become as stale as a week-old loaf of French bread – when I ask people what the difference is between Hillary Clinton and a ham sandwich, I notice the room empty out, with nobody making eye contact with me. OK, I get it. Time for new material.

    How about this work in progress: How many Grand Muftis does it take to screw in a light bulb? Stand by as I work on the punch line.

  4. Oh my God, are you kidding me? You can’t use black silhouettes? This over sensitivity to “Black” is ludicrous.
    Last time I went I got pictures of evil despots and tyrants to shoot.
    Well done, Le Pen.

  5. Additionally, only African negroes are actually "black". The folks you see in California vary between mulatto white, egg shell octoon, high yellow and milk chocolate. Thus the target meme isn't really on point at all.

  6. >This over sensitivity to “Black” is ludicrous.
    Not only ludicrous, but harmful to black people. If anything a person does can (and is) labeled as "racist" and used to punish that person, at some point a nontrivial number of people are going to think, "Well, if I'm going to be punished no matter what …."

    Besides, if you wanted to remove from society the single greatest threat* to the lives of young black men, you'd have to remove other young black men.

    *violent-deathwise, that is, not drugs or other stupidity

    And yes, good for LePen.

  7. Barack did nothing but inflame racial divides over his 8 disastrous years. Maybe in time it will heal. As you say, fixing the homicide rate for young black men means crushing the drug trade in inner cities, providing good schools and well paid jobs.

    It's interesting that all of these slaughterhouse cities are run by Democrats. And the inner city people are stupid enough to keep taking the welfare that these mazzas hand out and vote to continue the carnage.

  8. The last time I went to my gunny store to get targets they told me they couldn't sell black targets anymore. I laughed, they said no it's true! WTH so now I have green ones… til the enviros get in the mix.
    As for the Pope, he's (mea culpa) a socialist nut job.
    People have lost all commonsense, everyone is offended, oppressed, well except for us privileged white folk.

  9. I wish Ms. La Pen the best of luck in her election.

    I didn't really pay any attention to targets last time we bought some. We did by circle and square. Passed on the animal targets as I don't hunt.
    I honestly don't recall if they had black targets or not.

  10. Your white privilege doesn't extend to shooting black targets in California…but you can shoot all the white ones that you want to.

  11. Who would have thought that it would happen in France? They loved the sheiks for a long time before it caught up with them.

  12. All they had in stock were green targets… and I just know the stupid is so deep in this state that someone is going to complain about those… Geez don't those people have anything better to do…

  13. Technically you'd be shooting at BLM agents in their green uniforms if you took those to the range. Is that progressive in Red Bluff? My guess is that it's very politically correct.

  14. Things didn't work out well for St. Joan in the end, did they. I think that Le Pen is on a different track, but she will be no less controversial.

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