Ejection Seat Video Back before there were zero-zero ejection seats. (check this one too)

Ejecting from a jet aircraft (in flight or from the deck) is no small thing.

Rigid Seat Survival Kit

I know that they sell ejection seats and one day, when I’m worth a bundle, I will buy one for my man cave as a conversation piece (without the solid propellant rockets).


  1. They've saved many a life. Sadly it took years to actually get a zero zero seat that worked. I don't recognize that one pictured! Lockheed? I know it's not an MB.

  2. Or… you could leave the rockets intact and make changing the bulbs in the ceiling light fixture more of an adventure!

  3. Since I wasn't a stick and rudder man, I never had to survive on them, but I plucked a corpse and a live person (F-101 recon crew) from a bad place after they ejected and "survival" is the key word.

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