Honorable Men

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I’ve heard it said that the Constitution hangs by a thread. I think that’s true. I wonder if it can be preserved. It clearly can not be without effort. The world has need of honorable men and women to maintain freedom.

I attended a retirement for a friend on Wednesday. He began his service to his country with the United States Navy. When he left the navy, he went to work for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as a deputy sheriff and stayed there a few years before moving on to the Federal Bureau of Investigation where he served as a special agent for ten years. He ended his forty-plus years of government service in the intelligence business.
The retirement ceremony was small and brief, held in a restaurant in San Diego, California’s University District. I’d never have found the restaurant without directions. It was one of those holes-in-the-wall that cater to a unique crowd – an eclectic crowd. I met his wife, a very pretty lady and was directed to a chair at his table at the head of the group, for which I had not been prepared.
The Drug Enforcement Administration SAC spoke of his devotion, others talked of his wisdom and insight.
When I had a moment I spoke to his wife and told her that he was an “honorable man”. I shared a few anecdotal stories with her and told her I came because there were very few truly honorable men.
The world is hurting, the nation groans, people are suspicious of government because it is not generally populated by honorable men.
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