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  1. I remember being "assaulted" by a girl in high school. Totally caught me by surprise.
    I am not traumatized.

  2. As the Duke Lacrosse team, and hundreds of others, I am sure, found out.
    Sadly, sometimes not in time.

  3. Apparently Hawaiians have selected a racist, sexist senator to represent their views. Because of that racism, the word is that my opinion doesn't matter. It's interesting how that works, isn't it?

  4. You're a brave man to live with the trauma, to have reconciled that just because the (young vixen) high school girl made a sexual innuendo (assault) followed by physical contact (battery) you didn't paint all women with the same brush…

  5. The genuine tragedy in all of this is that uncorroborated allegations from 35 or 36 years before (and all of the alleged witness who were there said that it didn't happen) are made valid by power hungry Democrats with an agenda. But we all see it for what it is.

  6. Spartacus, Feinstein, and their corrupt associates make it all about politics, and the rest of us are left to deal with the fall out of what they do. It would have been interesting if JUST ONE Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee had the moral courage to stand for what's right. I know, it's asking too much.

  7. It's not politically correct to point out that this practice has been carried out and memorialized for millennia.

    Humans are — so human.

  8. Speaking as a women who "survived" a violent mugging by a man who had rape on his mind (among other things), allow me to state the Ballsy Ford if FOS.

    And, furthermore, I do not fear flying, do not suffer from PTSD, do not suffer panic disorder, or any of the myriad of problems Balsey suffers. You really want to know what I suffer? I suffer from knowing that if I had been armed that early evening there would have been one less animal in the world.

  9. Me too. On the upside (we must always look on the bright side – yes?) the cops who came to take my report were tres handsome and I ended up dating one of them for several years. Was it worth almost getting my neck broken? Ummmmmmmm – maybe. 😉

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