Halloween is Coming

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Frankenstein Day

While I think that every day should be Frankenstein Day – it just can’t be. There also has to be Taco Tuesday and other key days. Tomorrow Halloween doesn’t necessarily preempt Taco Tuesday. You just have to make pumpkin tortillas or something along that line.


Halloween is Coming

I’m not doing anything for Halloween, but it doesn’t give you an excuse to do the same. The big costume in Canada is the one below:


Bullet Points:

** Take the Liberal Leap! Remove the front door of your home and put out a welcome mat. Show your support for open borders. Maybe add a sign out front: We are disarmed for your convenience!

** WSF suggests that I take the $234,000 and sell my Ford Raptor.  What a bargain!

** In Australia – love is in the air…




Following preparatory raids, the IDF ground operation in Gaza is underway. Israel’s confirmed progress reveals an advancement of about 3km along the northern coastline into Gaza. Elsewhere along the front, Israel has been carrying out raids. It’s important to note that the evidence for specific raid areas is less reliable and is based on reports and satellite imagery.



The Malian Armed Forces and Wagner Group (Russia) have been struggling against the growing #AQIM and #JNIM insurgency. Recently, #Azawad separatists (MLNA) renewed their fight for independence against the government, capturing several FAMa bases. #MINUSMA (UN) forces are exiting Mali upon the government’s demand. FAMa and Wagner, departing from Gao, headed north in multiple convoys into MLNA-operated areas in order to secure the UN bases.

The MLNA have employed hit-and-run tactics, halting the convoys at Anefis. The UN has completed their departure from Aguelhok and Tessalit. Having successfully delayed and blocked the Army from advancing north, the MLNA have taken control of the former UN bases and surrounding towns. The UN has commenced the process of departing from their base in Kidal, which is currently under the control of the MLNA and serves as the movement’s capital.


That Uncomfortable Moment

When you realize –

I don’t have enough stuff mounted onto my rifle.


Franken-Aircraft ID Area


It’s always a treat for aviation buffs to learn that a historic airplane has been restored to its former glory for public flight or at least exhibition. But seldom do we hear of an aircraft being resurrected from more than four decades’ retirement to go back to work.

They rebuilt it…


41 thoughts on “Halloween is Coming

  1. Franken-Aircraft ID Area:
    1. Martin/General Dynamics RB-57F Canberra. NASA 927
    2. MiG-23. Someone in Libya built a MiG-23 out of parts from 3 different airframes.

      1. There was a B-17 in the Pacific made up of multiple thrashed and trashed B-17s. Including marks from -B, -C and -D, which because of little changes like, oh, say wing fitment and tails, required the rebuilders to do some frankenbuilding. Flew for several years, too.

    1. I didn’t say that I would eat one. I’m just thinking of some reason for the season…

    2. $234K…uh, no…not ever…even if I had the scratch. Sucker born every day, especially those walking into a dealer unprepared. Not reading the “add-ons” with a jaundice eye makes you ripe for the taking. I thought those “practices” (aka. cheatery) were gone. Guess not.

      Ex: “Buy EV’s they said…so I did…cost me a lot more than a regular car…to save the planet from man-made climate change. But now I can’t get back home for Thanksgiving because “the government” hasn’t installed enough diesel powered charging stations along the way like I was told by the dealer.”

      I do like the “foam off the tunnels” comment from yesterday…2-part fast cure isocyanurate would take of the problem in short order, be less destructive, and fill the voids solid. Win, win.

      1. In the biz we called them “2nd stickers”. Always a ploy. Buyers fall into two broad categories, want buyers and need buyers. 2nd stickers allow want buyers to be manipulated. Need buyers usually suggested improbable orifices to stick 2nd stickers into.

        Raptor buyers seem to be want buyers.

      2. Well, I believe in the Pacific method. Fill the tunnels with aviation fuel and light a match…

  2. How is it that the palestinians got such a boon as to get Ocean Front Property ,I say that since so much needs to be rebuilt and Israel will have to do it .Bait and Switch ,build some infrastructure out by the jordanian dessert and so do 2 things .Force them to Leave their tunnels and most arms there, and have a buffer from shelling from their enemy from that direction. Just My 2 cents, as this is All attributed to the argument between the 2 brothers of Isaac ( Esau and Jacob ) .

  3. Though the one in the photo’s a bit extreme, I do seem some that are headed that way. I prefer the K.I.S.S. principle for my rifles.
    Snorted coffee at the baby Trudeau picture. Reminded me a bit of the baby Obama one.

  4. noticed an a4 skyhawk doing trials off the coast of south carolina the other day. did a few loops, then landed at a private strip that does rebuild/retrofit near wilmington. last user of the skyhawk was israel. they kept it so long because it was nuke capable. a frankenhawk brought back to service perhaps? …halloween is coming and winter with it. dropping from 80’s today to 40’s, then to the 20’s for hallow’s eve. feel sorry for the trick or treaters, brrr.

    1. Might be one of the OPFOR companies we use for dissimilar air combat training?

      – Kle.

  5. Rifle: It’s true, that thing doesn’t even have an electronic theodolite, a ring-laser gyro, or a weather station on it. Maybe it’s only for CQB ?

    Frankenplanes: Not exactly, bus as for return-to-service, I’ve heard that some Aussie is bringing the last flyable Bristol Belfast back into commercial cargo service.

    – Kle.

  6. Scope at 12:00 red dot at 1:00 and BUIS are at 2 o’clock with white light and IR laser too. All boxes checked except a sling.

  7. Rifle, I feel sorry for the poor person who has to lug all that hardware any distance. Not only heavy but all sorts of stuff hanging off to catch on the brush.

    I believe the B57 “Long Wings” belonging to NASA were used for intel gathering in Afghanistan.

    Gaza, I have always wondered why, when gifted with beachfront property on the Med the leaders of Gaza turned it into a shithole when it could have been so much more.

    Vehicles, the market is crazy, who in their right mind would pay that. The intent of the truck is to take it out and get it dirty in the woods/desert. The first paint scratch or dent and the owner would be crying.

    1. B-57 with long wings used by NASA was for high altitude research.

      Though other planes of the same iteration were used for high-altitude recon.

  8. Stuff on my rifle. At my age. weight is an overriding concern so, light, LPVO optic, BUIS, sling. I probably should have gone with a lighter weight barrel too. I’m torn because the current barrel (Ballistic Advantage “Hanson” profile) is death ray accurate.

    1. I carry a Sig MCX Rattler Canebrake in 300 Blackout loaded with subsonic for the car. It’s light, easy to handle, 30 round mag. Arizona State Law is very firearms friendly and I don’t carry that in California even though I could get away with it legally. At CQB ranges, it works.

  9. Yep, old fart over here too, too much stuff on that rifle. Re 927, I looked at her for one of my tests. VERY adaptable airplane and definitely ‘high altitude’ capable!

  10. Why use “sticky bombs” instead of regular explosives?

    Mali will be ignored as minor league now that the middle east has begun playing.

    Looks like the rifle could use an M230 grenade launcher, a tactical bell and tactical titanium (non magnetic) air / water whistle. If total weight is an issue, Boston Dynamics makes some powered carriers. If those are too pricey, an all terrain robotic golf bag carrier could probably be modified.

  11. Yes, Halloween is almost here! We didn’t go all-out decorating this year, but we have enough things out to show we’ll be open for business.

    Looks like Israel is doing their own version of “Urban Renewal”, only in this case it’s more like “Urban Removal”. Good for them.

    The B-57 and it’s variants have always been one of my favorite aircraft. It’s one of those planes that just “looks right”.

    1. Definitely a cool airplane although I did not think that back in the mid 70s when I lived in base housing and the darn things would run up for hours at night just 150 yds from my quarters.

        1. Lived under the approach of a runway with hourly C-141s landing/taking off. Miss those beautiful birds.

  12. Gee, wonder how peaceful the world would be if the Religion of Pieces would just settle the fruck down.

    1. They can’t, anger is in the religious DNA. Allah may be their God (fair enough), but Mohammad is their prophet, and he said kill all the infidels. How anyone can give that a pass is beyond me.

      1. Yup. It’s right in there in their holy book of poop that it requires them to lie to non-muslims, give no charity to non-muslims, to behead any who convert from muslimism to other things (even if one is forcibly converted to muslimism in the first place) and so on and so forth.

        There are only two lands in the muslim world, all things muslim (even if taken away from the muslims, and any that isn’t currently occupied by muslims must be forcibly muslimated) and all things not-muslim and thus must be conquered by force. Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb (the land of Islam, the land of War.)

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