Let’s see how you do, identifying the twin-tail boom aircraft. I know there are quite a few. You can quit if it feels too much like work.



  1. Got the U.S built ones–

    North American OV-10(B?)
    Cessna 0-2 Skymaster
    Fairchild C-119 flying boxcar.
    Northrop P-61 Blackwidow
    Lockheed P-38 Lightning (designed by Kelly Johnson)

    Will have to Google the rest.

  2. I’m with RHT. Knew the American ones on sight.

    The first British jet is a de Havilland Sea Vixen, and the smaller one below it it a DH Venom.

  3. Looking them up:

    Lead Photo – Myasishchev M-55 Mystic-B

    Recognized the one above the P-38 as a Saab but had to look up the number — J21

    The German Tri-Motor Seaplane — Blohm und Voss Bv 138 “The Flying Shoe” by the Allies.

    The other German — FW189

    The strange British twin boom — Armstrong Whitworth AW.660 Argosy “The Whistling Wheelbarrow”

    • Good call on the Argosy; I was thinking of the Blackburn Beverly, which is also
      ridiculous, and I would also want if I were ever a trillionaire.


  4. I got the last one. P38 Lightning

    Look up Glacier Girl. I have a photo of me next to her in a hanger in San Antonio. Check out https://lewisairlegends.com/.
    Probably the largest private collection of WWII fighter planes in the world.
    I worked contract in the oilfield for Mr. Lewis for about 3 years. We designed and ran special drilling rigs in S. Texas. While rigging up the first one we got ‘buzzed’ at about 300′ of the deck at what we were told was 300 mph. Several times. Lewis was flying the her. Goosebumps…

  5. And, I forgot to mention… Working for Mr. Lewis was a great experience. Oddly enough, he bought land and built a private landing strip only 5 miles from my new home.

    off the deck…

  6. Loved watching the Broncos and OV-2As fly out of Patrick Air Force Base when I was a kid.

    The Germans just loved making planes.

  7. The P-38 with Red Bull markings was Lefty Gardner’s airshow/stock class racer. He had it painted white when I saw it at Reno in the early 80’s. At one of the Reno meets, he lost an engine and called a mayday. Came back to the pits with one turning. When the crew opened the engine covers, I could see a hole in the crankcase I could have stuck my head into. Threw a connecting rod.

    Some years ago his son was flying it to/from? a show when it suffered an engine fire. He belly landed in a field. The problem was the aircraft was Lefty’s retirement fund. Red Bull bought the carcass and had it restored.

  8. (1) No clue.
    (2) One of those cool Cessnas. Skymaster? Something like that.
    (3) 1950s British thing. Starts with a B I think? Always wanted one, if zillionaire.
    (4) C-82 Packer I think? Looks too small to be the C-117…
    (5) P-61 Black Widow.
    (6) Brit all-weather naval fighter with the poor RIO buried in a cell in the fuselage… Vixen?
    (7) One of the Vampire line.
    (8) Blohm und Voss something or other… 138?
    (9) Der flieger auge. Is that one the F-W Uhu?
    (10) SAAB something-or-other. Can’t remember.
    (11) P-38
    (not numbered) That thing on the top header I’ve seen pics of, but no idea.


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