22 thoughts on “Gallo

  1. Ha! Brilliant! God, waking up from that dream is the worst kind of waking up ever. Very nice twist.

  2. I never thought you could write stories too. The end gave me a nerve wreck.
    Brilliant piece!

  3. Well that came as a surprise. I hadn't thought about "Uncle" Gallo in decades, but then again we don't talk about him much, or the Gambini brothers, Charlie Forbes, Jonathan Soros and Gentleman John, for that matter.

    Looking forward to the next installment.

  4. Waking up from a dream like that will certainly be a pain in the ass. Good story and great ending.

  5. If you look at some of the books I have in print (left sidebar of the blog) it's evident that I try. Though finding a formula for success in the literary world is illusive.

  6. Nice twist at the end. Wow, didn't see that one coming! And good of you to reference another book by OldNFO. Not like he'd ever disappear easily. Or maybe he would…

  7. Interesting twist there, and that book could be fun if we went down that rat hole… 🙂

  8. Some people doodle when they're 'trying to think', I write shorts. Thanks for the kudos, Pretty Jenny.

  9. 'guess I'll have to pull some strings, couldn't get the book delivered here (blame the remoteness) I'm sure you'd be great coming from everything I've read so far.

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