I took one look at this photo and said, to myself that I need to re-create this at the White Wolf Mine. It would go in east of the current lower level, forming a third level down, and still overlooking the valley. Sorry, LSP, this now has priority over the watchtower and machine gun turret, as attractive as that is.


Is She Too White?



A “false canopy” painted on the underside of a CF-18. Patented in 1980, it is intended to make it more difficult to determine the orientation of the aircraft. In a dogfight where split second decisions are made, one extra double take could mean getting shot down.



Most popular social media platform by country

Average age at first Marriage



Islamic Notes

Percentage of Muslims in the Middle East

Blue Mosque in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan. There was a CIA base just down the street, maybe a quarter of a mile from there, circa 2003. It’s long gone now.



The 941 is an Israeli made variant of the Czech CZ-75, one of the most successful pistol designs in modern history. This example is unique in that it is a former Philippine National Police issued sidearm. Exactly how many of these PNP 941′s will be coming onto the surplus market remains to be seen. The Philippines announced that the Glock 17 Gen 4 won the contract to be the new issued sidearm of their National Police force.




  1. I reject your racist notion that someone (particularly her) can be “too white”.
    And not only life, but personhood begins in the womb.

    Bring the PNP 941s here. But please also bring food for them.

    • We can dive into a theological discussion, of when the spirit “we” of man began. In the womb or prior to that. The spirit and the body of man clearly joined there.

      Care and feeding of the PNP 941 could be a topic for your radio show.

  2. The Jericho 941 is a good pistol, though a bit on the heavy side having steel frames. I used to own two before that canoe trip and found them reliable and accurate. CZ 75 magazines worked in both.

  3. Now that’s a room! Rustic Elegant…and would add much needed humidity to the homestead.

    Hmm, despite saying NO MORE county building permits (to avoid contact with the local government) I could find an old barn and gin something like this up in a heartbeat. As a Scandinavian, MrsC would love it…although those northern types are predisposed after a sauna to running outside to roll around in the the snow or hop in the lake which means I’d have to do the same or lose my man-card. Doable.

    • With the lay out of the hovel at the White Wolf Mine, the. room would actually be a separate structure, lower on the side of the mountain than my lower story (guest area), and accessible through the game room in the lower story. I’ve cost it out, and I need to go out and earn more cash before embarking on that adventure. I’d also need another 500 ga propane tank to feed that beast.

      • I’m already searching for an old barn…will call it a “grape arbor” which doesn’t require a permit. Game Room access to pool house…perfect flow between spaces. See if your propane supplier would swap the 500 ga tank for a 1000ga, altho you could go wind power…except in Winter might have an indoor skating rink instead of an 82 deg. pool, which like most things Lefty, would wreck the whole idea…unless your rink self-identifies as a pool, then you’d have to embrace the chill.

        • No permit required for a shed not part of the original structure, and a stock tank… They’d swap out the propane tanks, but I’m thinking at that it might be better to have two tanks in series (two is one, one is none, being my philosophy).

          • You and my younger brother – one is none is his philosophy. Sounds like a plan in the making. Wouldn’t count on a “stimulus” check to help pay for the project.

          • It will be an expensive project and unless I have a windfall this year, it may be put off a year or two. Naturally, everything starts with an architect.

            USGOV — what a joke. A walking corpse, a whore and Congress (the gang that couldn’t shoot straight). The Supreme Court – a supreme disappointment.

          • These things do tend to have large budgets. Even with a drop in unit, the stonework alone will take someone good.

            Biden – “What am I doing here?” To which I’ll say: “Don’t call me Shirley”. Geez, a tragedy on all fronts unfolding in real time. Trump was spot on yesterday…tanned, healthy, and himself.

          • I’m guessing $200K by the time I’m finished. I have the right mason — the same one who did really excellent work on the main house. The walls will be large slabs of tile of the sort that I have in my bathrooms in the house, optimized for water and condensation. Maybe subway tiles as well here and there? There has to be a dressing area, a shower, because the water in the spa will be a salt water system, and a steam sauna. Cinderblock walls, steel roof, fit and finish. I don’t think that I could bring it in under that number. There is also a bowery that I want to put outside, not huge $ but the cost of building materials is absurdly high these days and labor is what it is. I need plumbing, and a tie into the alternative septic system which means a gravity pump because my first holding tank will be higher than this structure. I’m not sure how to handle the waste (salt) water from the spa. The septic system might be able to manage it if I used a slower pump. Maybe a two stage system where it takes the water to a holding tank and it pumps it through the system from there.

            Details, Camperfixer. It all spins on details, and budget.

          • The room and the set up has to reflect utility and art in equal measures. Because much of the White Wolf Mine is on the side of a hill (the buildable areas reserved for children’s projects in the future), it wouldn’t be convenient to add that sort of cabana, but the concept can be embraced in a wide varieties of ways. I like a sauna and didn’t build one into the house. I like a jacuzzi of that sort, and didn’t build one in. Soaking in hot water appeals to me as does a steam bath, or splashing after steam. So many options.

          • “There is also a bowery that I want”

            I misread that as “brewery”. I think I want a beer now.

            As to tile, I’m quite taken with Motawi Tileworks. Started out with their Art and Crafts line, but I also like their Charley Harper and Yoshiko Yamamoto series.


            No connection other than they have more of my money than was prudent for me….

        • If I opened a brewery…I’d end up drinking what I brewed. And while it has some appeal, I suspect that it would end badly for me.

  4. My only input to your new room is that all that woodwork had better be at least cedar, or a world of hurt will be coming in 10 years.

    I don;t know if she’s too white, but she sure as hell looks to be too engaged.


    • I will use local cedar. And local stone. A local friend has a sawmill and I can get him to mill the wood that I cut. I was just speaking to him yesterday about milling cedar for a dining room table and a coffee table. The stone can be quarried from my own land, and I think that I have enough stone on hand from the blasting that took place to but the hovel in to handle my needs.

      She’s not engaged, she’s married. And wears the ring for special occasions. Definitely too white, though.

      • Milling wood you cut off your own land is the way, for sure! Almost the only way to get real wood, any more.


    • Everybody talks about some of their best friends being black. It’s racist. Sorry. I think that even applies to ‘man’s best friend’.

      • I’m covered. Went to Martha’s Vineyard years ago, went into The Black Dog, got the mug, my favorite. Guess they’re glad the store wasn’t named The White Dog, activists would show up on The Vineyard to peaceful protest.

        • The mug is not racist. I think that you can keep it. If it was a white dog, you’d be in trouble. I don’t know what would happen if you poured a Coke into it? Something cataclysmic, I’d guess.

          • Excellent, it’s my fav…I’d hate to relinquish a critical Morning Joe receptacle, which may cause the East coast to emerge and start a rampage. Luckily I do not own a D9, but I do have a welder.

  5. The false canopy is missing a couple of things. It needs to have Maverick flipping the bird and Goose with his Polaroid camera.
    “Yes, I know ‘the finger’, Goose.”
    “Uh, I’m sorry. I hate it when it does that.”

  6. OK, OK, sometimes compromise makes sense. I like the concept. The IMPORTANT tower can come later. And yes, she’s way too white.

    • Pretty sure we’re all too white under current Lefty definition, even those making said definition, who are white, lilly or otherwise.

      • Even people who are not “white” are too white if you’re a progressive. And if you’re a female, you should transition immediately or the other way around. The failure to heed this warning means that we’ll all burn to death in Global Warming within 10 years.

  7. A “grotto” for the WWM? Looks quite peaceful, LL. Will the pool have piranhas or sharks?

    I first saw the painted on canopies back in the early 80’s when I was building seriously detailed model aircraft. I thought it was a clever idea, but didn’t know they patented it.

    Had enough of the Middle East. The 6 months I spent there, and several return trips, is enough to last me.

    The “too white” woman in the last picture isn’t very “woke”. She’s 100% correct, of course, and I guess that explains why she’s not “woke”.

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