My Son Hunter (the Movie)

I don’t know how many progs will watch the feature film, My Son Hunter, but it proves to be a big draw in places like Texas (pictured) where they’re advertising it from freeway overpasses.

I’m told it features Hunter using his artistic genius with a straw to create masterpieces that sell for millions to anyone who wants to do business with the Brandon regime at the White House.

Naturally, there is endless whoring and drug use as Hunter sits with the great and powerful as the rep from the Brandon Crime Family. I don’t know if he cuckolded his brother before he died, but he and the other Mrs. Brandon definitely had a good time until the scandal where he knocked up a stripper caused the couple to break up. The movie will have everything that a salacious non-fiction Hollywood film should have. I hope that it doesn’t show pedo Joe banging his 12-year-old daughter in the shower.


Something to Consider


Bullet Points

* (zerohedge – h/t Claudio) Chinese authorities had high hopes for China’s chip industry, expecting to see a “semiconductor miracle,” which would then affirm the “advantage of China’s whole nation system,” as well as overcome technology sanctions imposed by the United States. However, eight years into the establishment of the China Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund, also known as the “Big Fund,” trillions of yuan have been exhausted with little success in tech innovation.

* Of the 411 trips taken by Hunter Biden while his father was the Vice President, at least 23 came in or out of Joint Base Andrews, where the jets Air Force 1 and 2 are kept, Secret Service records revealed. The revelations showed that not only was Hunter making excessive use of government assets to complete supposedly private business but there wasn’t actually a “wall” between Hunter and his father when it comes to financial matters, as the administration has insisted.

* The White House requested $47 billion in emergency funding on Sept. 2 to support response efforts for the war in Ukraine, Covid-19, monkeypox, and natural disasters. We need to put the brakes on this hemorrhage. They throw the word “billion” around as if it was a sawbuck.

* woke (adj.) A state of awareness only achieved by those dumb enough to find injustice in everything except their own behavior.

* Rings of Power? “The Rings of Power is getting slammed essentially everywhere that accepts fan reviews,” Forbes reported.  Rotten Tomatoes critics, for instance, gave “The Rings of Power” an 84 percent rating, but the audience score was an abysmal 39 percent. Even on IMDB, which Amazon owns, 25 percent of fan reviews were one star, Forbes reported.

Almost every male character so far is a coward, a jerk or both. Only Galadriel is brave, smart, and nice. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 5, 2022

* Suspicious Banking Transactions – The US Treasury Department refuses to release suspicious transactions, flagged by FinCen that involve FJB, Hunter, and the Biden Crime Family. Hunter Biden and other Biden family members have racked up at least 150 suspicious activity reports for their shady foreign business deals. We need more information about these transactions and if Joe Biden has benefited financially from his family’s dealings with foreign adversaries.



In most spending contexts, it works something like this: estimates are obtained for needed products and services. The products and services are obtained within a pre-prescribed budget.

As you know, the federal government doesn’t work this way.

Instead of determining, philosophically, what range of responsibilities belongs to the federal government, deciding upon a reasonable low tax rate, figuring how much that will bring in, then prioritizing services that can be provided within the budget; the government spends unlimited taxpayer funds and then tries to find more and more money among those paying the bill.

One could confiscate every penny from every corporation and individual in America and still not be able to fund all of the things that some people want to fund.

Do you think the federal government is constitutionally or otherwise limited in the functions it’s supposed to provide? What do you think should be covered?

Should federal agencies be required to prepare a zero-based budget, at least once in a while? (This means starting at zero and justifying every penny they ask for line by line rather than just adding a percentage each year.)


Tesla Motors California Edition:

“We Go As Far As The Wind Will Take Us!”


Europe’s Energy Sources


  1. Some people are always happy to rob selected Peter to pay off collective Paul, as long as it’s not their own money. While Mike Huckabee was Gov in Arkansas, there was a movement in the legislature to raise taxes for more gubmint spending because taxes were thought low by some and therefore “we can afford it” or some such rot. Huckabee opened a bank account for the state with a hundred bucks of his own money and held a news conference to announce that anybody who felt like they didn’t pay enough taxes could make all the deposits they wanted to it. Something like $2500 was received in a year and that pretty much killed any thought of raising taxes in the Ledge THE END.

  2. “It should be obvious to the dimmest observer,” but I still would have appreciated a little bit of your explanatory commentary in the section “Europe’s Energy Sources”.

  3. Chinesium Tech- What were they expecting? Everything that works over there they stole/reverse engineered from us. It’s why I never understood why any company would build product there, trusting the Chicom’s is unwise at best. (BUT, if your last name starts with ‘B’ and ends in ‘Crime Family’, China is a cash cow.)

    Not sure I want to raise my blood pressure watching MSH…more fun re-watching Maverick (DVD is forthcoming from Amazon).

    Movie Dave: “Who does these books? If I ran my business like this I’d be bankrupt!”

    Time to eliminate the Federal Tax Confiscation Theft Program, go back to what the Founders wanted. No more bloated free lunch — the Fed needs to starve for a little while, then produce a real budget, not that smoke-n-mirrors crap that allows slight of hand grift so you go in a starving bartender and come out a multi-millionaire.

    Quit giving Herr Newsome ideas…he’ll announce – from his 78 degree environmentally sensitive no A/C room wearing a fleece jacket – that the Special EV Class Owner can recharge quicker by driving faster with the front-mounted pinwheel (, subsidized by Covid Relief funds) — with the added benefit it’s a windscreen chopper-debugger.

    (“windscreen”…for Jules and LSP since we’re all things British for a few days as we honor The Queen’s incredible legacy. The ‘mourning” aspect may be due to what’s coming versus her death at 96, a well lived life to be fully Memorialized.)

  4. “Do you think the federal government is constitutionally or otherwise limited in the functions it’s supposed to provide?”

    To borrow a line, “It depends on what your definition of the word “is” is. IMO, yes, the government is constitutionally limited. In many respects, the Constitution has become a dead letter. First by a runaway power to tax, then by the no-limit credit card of deficit spending.

    Something to consider–I could listen to Shelby Foote for hours. Much wisdom there. I would add this from the series by Ken Burns–

      • Thanks for posting that! While I knew a bit about the situation there, the situation is a bit more dire than I thought, and serpentza looks like an interesting channel to keep an eye on.

      • Winston (serpentza) is an interesting guy who lived for years in China. Now in the US. I think he’s PNG so far as the PRC are concerned. He has another channel (or maybe on the same channel) about his motorcycle travels in the PRC with another white expat called Laowhy86 (or some number like that).

        Nothing wrong with Laowhy but for some reason that guy vaguely irritates me. Maybe because his handle translates to “foreigner” (literally ol’ outside(r)) but phonetically that is lao-wai and not lao-why. There is no “h” in it, and if his ear can’t hear that then his Chinese is not good.

        • I think my aversion to laowhy has to do with his hair. And whether it’s a “piece.”

          Kidding aside, I do wonder what intelligence network they’re plugged into. They’re pretty good at what they do, but too good IYKWIM.

  5. Budgets. I do believe that government agencies should have to justify their entire budget, stem to stern, at least once per decade. Also I would do away with the current policy of having to spend your entire budget or you get less next year that leads to such wasteful spending at the end of the fiscal year. Even when the government does have a budget it can’t live within it. For example how did the AF and the federal government not do something about not having sufficient pay for special duty assignments ( Wow, what a retention nightmare that will end up being.

    No intention of watching “My Son Hunter” not when there are still good books on my unread stack. May buy the DVD to gift to someone just to support the cause but that is about it.

    • I wonder if some govt officials put together a budget…as a joke. When they finish laughing they go back to spending money like they have their own printer……which they do.

  6. “They throw the word “billion” around as if it was a sawbuck.”

    Wait a couple years, that’s what it’ll be worth.


  7. I haven’t been following the latest excrescence, but aren’t hobbits recast as wise POCs? Wrote Tolkien never.

    But it’s an issue. Dialed up a N/flix film the other day and there was the Lord of the Manor in 17th C England. A negro, obviously.

    • My understanding is that the LOTR:ROP hobbit stand-ins are “Harfoots” [1], apparently because Amazon doesn’t have the rights to the term “Hobbit”. A negro comic, Sir Lenny Henry, is playing some sort of Harfoot patriarch. Sir Lenny is very much on the record lecturing his inferiors, such as myself, that objecting to negro Hobbits and negro Elves [2] is racist. Sir Lenny also condescends to instruct us that making fun of other races is, well, racist. And we all know that there is only one thing worse than racism. For benighted Murricans, again such as myself, here is a clip of Sir Lenny in a skit. He’s the gentleman in the red top.

      The Harfoots in LOTR:ROP are, BTW, appalling people. An itinerant folk, a sort of unwashed hybrid of gypsies and rodents who speak with bad stage-Irish (Oi-rish, that is, loov) accents. Bezos’ Harfoots are prone to abandon their kinfolk literally by the roadside if said kinfolk get injured or feeble.

      [1] As all good Tolkien readers know, the three branches of Hobbits are Fallohides, Harfoots, and Stoors. Harfoots are the most numerous sort. Fallohides tended to be taller, more fair of skin, and comprised many of the ruling families. Stoors were shorter, stockier, and the males could grow beards. Amazon got all excited about negro hobbits because The Professor described Harfoots as “browner of skin”. Yeah, browner like Welshwoman Catherine Zeta-Jones is “dark”. Not bloody Lashonda Lynch.
      [2] q.v. DonLemondolas with the fresh, fresh fade. Lemondolas has the hots for a huwite human single mom. (I am not making this up.)

      • I managed to watch the comic negro in the skit from the beginning of the piece to 22 seconds in. Which means that I didn’t get fully into it. Neither would I put my arm into a tank full of mosquitoes and allow it to be bit/stung repeatedly. If offered pig guts, fish guts or any sort of entrails (despite the fact that some people claim to tell the future by staring into them), I would decline to join you in that dining experience.

        Negros make credible orcs. They need to stick to casting what they are good at.

        • You could go into any inner city police lock-up and empty it out and use the prisoners for orcs without any additional casting or training. Buy them a short dog (screw top) of ripple and set them to work.

  8. Interesting that the ChiComs can’t build a decent IC with all the IP they’ve stolen and “students” they had educated here. Guess they don’t have the Secret Ingredient.

    Another Fifty Billion? What, do they think money grows on trees?

    I think it’s going to be a cold, hard, hungry Winter in a lot of places….

    • “cold, hard, hungry Winter…”

      It appears that is the case. Yet who does that, intentionally cripple society?

      Strange days afoot.

      • Not evil people. The BEST of people — who have been abused, for no reason at all, for far far too long. This is not “evil”. This is righteous and sanctified RETRIBUTION.

        The Germans can NEVER be punished enough. Nor can the Rooskis. Nor can Southerner whites. Nor can Christians. Nor can cis-het persons. And so forth. The list of righteous retribution is long.

        • I think that I hit all the rocks down to the bottom of the well.
          Heterosexual? Blatantly – bang
          White? As a fish’s belly – bang
          Christian? Yeah – bang
          Military? Privileged officer class – bang
          Degree in grievance studies? No – Bang
          Gender? – Male Patriarch – Bang
          MAGA? – Completely – Bang
          Would I dress up like a vagina to explore my inner female? No – Bang

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