December 14, 2016 – an early Festivus meal in Dallas with LSP at Flemming’s Steakhouse. This brings up the question of whether or not you need to celebrate Festivus ON December 23, or whether leeway is allowed. If you miss it, you could end up celebrating Kwanzaa by accident.


A Double Standard?

An American woman who was imprisoned in Russia at the same time as Brittney Griner is speaking out now after serving her time without any help from the US government and returning to the US.  Sarah Krivanek was jailed in Moscow last February on suspicion of attacking her ex-boyfriend with a knife. She insists he was abusing her and says she only fought back in self-defense. She was sentenced to 15 months in a Russian penal colony after a trial without a jury, and was finally deported by the Russian government on December 8 – the same day Griner was freed.

Griner is a black drug addict, Krivanek is a white battered woman.


Bullet Points:

* The Biden Regime used taxpayer money to pay foreign reporters to promote climate alarmism around the world. The Climate Change hoax is being used to redistribute wealth worldwide.

* Don’t be too hard on Voldomir Zelenski for showing up at the White House wearing a sweatshirt. Apparently, a member of the Brandon regime stole his luggage.

* Woke is the fast-track to broke.

* “Is there interest in electric vehicles? Yes. Is it more than 10% to 15% of our customer base? No way,” said Ryan Gremore, a dealer based in Illinois who owns a number of brand franchises, according to the outlet.

* Alert!

FBI: Yeah, we know our people sent those emails to Twitter, but we’re telling you it’s totally disinformation. We didn’t mean what we said. You shouldn’t trust your lying eyes. The Hunter Biden laptop is Russian disinformation. You can trust us.


Ukraine Recalls St. Javelin…

I’m sure that the Russians think a lot about the Слава Україні too.


It’s Festivus today –  it’s supposed to be weird.


What are your pronouns?

Nancy Pelosi isn’t recognized without her makeup.


The Kelpie

If you are traveling in Scotland and you are on the coast or at a loch, be careful. If a beautiful horse offers to carry you, run. If you don’t, it will pull you into the depths and eat you there. What am I talking about? A Kelpie.

Kelpies are water spirits in the form of a horse with a fish’s tail and are known and documented in Celtic mythology. They are powerful horses that serve the sea god and often appear as shape-shifters to hide their true nature. However, they prefer to appear as beautiful women who lure poor sailors and fishermen to their doom.  If this sounds somewhat familiar, it should. Demons that took female human shapes are a common theme.


A Kelpie, resting

There are other water horses who are very similar to the kelpies in their method of operation. They are called nuggle in Orkney, shoopiltee/ njogel/ tangi in Shetland, Ceffyl dŵr in Wales, nökken in Norway or uisge in Ireland.

All demonic water horses attract people. In the case of Kelpies, they focus on sailors, fishermen, and especially children. Their common goal is to drown them in the water and eat them. The water horse encourages children to climb on its back, and once they have climbed on, they cannot get off because a sticky film on the beast’s back prevents them from doing so. The Kelpie drags the children to the bottom of the sea or lake and eats them there, except for the liver, which remains floating on the surface.

There seems to be no way to escape a Kelpie unless you manage to throw a veil or a bridle over it, in which case it must serve you.


The Pond

Where does this myth originate?  Is limited to coastal regions and large lakes? As already mentioned, this myth dates back to the Celts, who liked to have pile dwellings on the shore or directly in the water in these regions. The clothing at that time consisted of thick wool to protect against the cold, but there was a danger that if someone fell into the water, the wool would fill up and pull the person down before they could save themselves. Children proved to be especially vulnerable and all those who worked near or with the water were affected. The Kelpie legend seems to have been a warning and thus a call for caution, which has survived to this day in numerous myths and legends.




  1. For us on December 23rd it’s Lillejuleaften, Little Christmas Eve…MrsPaulM’s tradition as part of her families Danish heritage. Those Dane’s, anything for extending the party. Little wonder why they’re a generally happy people. Doesn’t hurt the Aakavit and Cherry Herring are flowing, with plenty of goodies (who needs food). And once the party really gets going, at the drop of a hat, a proclivity to lengthy speeches or toasts (Skaal!) followed by singing…same verse, ten times over.

    I’m all political’d out for the year. Time for fun, and of course, celebrating Christ’s birth.

  2. Celebrate on the wrong day, no matter. I’ll bet the steak & company were still good!

    Double standard? Sure, one was a professional athlete (you can plug in politician, wealthy business owner, famous anything, etc in that space) and the other just a person.
    This is the modern America.

    The interest in electric cars…. when ‘they’ ban the ICE and the only choices are an electric car, the bus or walking they will have what they want.
    As long as they get to count the ballots they will be in the position to force this change.

    • I’ll keep voting and the permanent administrative state will keep counting, backed up by the corrupt FBI and so forth. I don’t know that the situation will do anything but get worse. Locally in some places, I’m sure that the elections are free and fair but any pivotal election (such as Arizona) – i strongly doubt it. They’ll stretch the count out until they have enough votes.

    • All those EV’s are having a tough time in the below Zero frosty-ness. Yeah, that’ll work above the Mason-Dixon line. Heck, even the old Ram diesel fired right up (2 cycles on the intake heater helps).

  3. I think that car dealer is overly optimistic on ev sales. Currently, with large subsidies, the sales are only 4-5% of market share, most of that being high end.

    • There are neighborhoods in the US where you see more Teslas. Lido Island in Newport Beach is packed with them. The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade was Dec 14-18, and many politically correct electric boats were present in addition to the larger yachts. You’d have been proud of them.

  4. in honor of festivus, we just lost power, along with 40k others in our general area. they won’t send out crews until the wind dies and i don’t blame them one bit. we have heat etc and a roof, so far, so happy festivus! …from the bullet points, seems to me that project looking glass is bearing fruit. then, hopefully, it will be happyfuntime with real bullets playing cowboys and tyrants. maybe i should invest in a rope company….

    • 60F here this morning and no wind to speak of. I’m making do as best I can.

      There are a lot of deserving scrotes that need to end up as crow bait — but are there people like Schiff that crows and vultures might not touch?

    • Unsafe to work on lines when the wind is over 35mph. Wife worked for a utility one time during a hurricane, and people were calling in when the wind was 85mph to come fix their lines. Um, no. Just no.

      But people will complain…

      • It isn’t as though the storm was a surprise, or even all that unusual an event. People are supposed to be adults and prepare for non-perfect events. Also to be able to improvise when caught out.

        I’m always happy when the utilities are restored, no matter how long it takes, and I’m glad somebody else is doing it for me.

        We only got rain and wind, and now it’s unusually (but not all that unusually) cold. The stupid assholes still buried the roads in salt though (hooray XMas OT), because they were afraid that our cars and highways wouldn’t ruin themselves.

  5. Briner vs. battered white woman. There are memes, stories and pictures that say Briner is actually a tranny. Saw a short video the other day of …it… shirtless while shooting baskets at a swimming pool and it’s beyond just flat-chested. It’s very skinny dude kind of flat.

    I’ve had problems with the claim since the first one I saw a while ago because I think the Russians wouldn’t keep it secret or play along. They’re not gonna let a tranny that’s still functionally male into a women’s prison. They make more sense than the people making those calls in the US.

    OTOH, it might be a smart play. If Brandon values a trans woman basketball player even more than a real woman, maybe it makes for a better trade. For sure, they got the better deal in the trade.

    What do you think?

    • I have no idea. It’s like Mooch Obama, maybe born with both? Griner definitely has an adam’s apple and heavy male DNA. I’m sure that the Russians ran it through a full medical exam. They wouldn’t have put it into a woman’s prison if it was a full-on dude. But if it has both? They have to place it somewhere.

    • I don’t have a Festivus pole at my present location, but I have spare piping back in Arizona. Hardcore celebrants would have brought the pole with them. It shows you what a loser I am when it comes to putting on a proper Festivus party. I don’t have black candles for a Kwanzaa celebration either. Since I’m in California there must be a Satanist supply store somewhere that sells them. Since I don’t observe Kwanzaa, I’ll have to take a pass on going out and searching for supplies.

    • HB- Love it! Feats of Strength…that’ll be me plowing and shoveling our wind blown “Global Climate Warming or Cooling Catastrophic Winter ChillAgeddon. At least the sun is out and it got above ‘0’. LL is banned from commenting on how warm it is at his present location…unless he wins the Feats of Strength contest.

      Now, where did I put my ‘final’ snifter of Cherry Heering? [Those Swedes really know how to warm the cockles when Winter gets crazy.]

      • “Cherry Heering? [Those Swedes…”
        I wouldn’t put it past the Swedes to push cherry herring on an unsuspecting world either.
        (#totallynotbitter 😛)

        Could be worse. Could be: Surströmming. Feh.

        • Right up [down?] there with Lutefisk. Desperation may allow one to get past the smell, chasing it with Aakavit to kill the taste and clean the palette then a bit of sweet Cherry Heering to leave one smiling.

        • As they say in Nord Dakoat, “Youbetcha”. I see you are doing the strenuous life instead of cowering inside afraid of the cold. Hoping your power gets restored.

  6. What makes you think they’re coming for the guns? Why does one man need four good-looking women anyway?

  7. That was great fun! Let’s find time to do a repeat. And I know you’re mission driven, but I’m still pushing for an RV in London 🙂

    Happy Kwanza.

  8. You don’t, for the life of you, ever call a horse in Norway a ‘ninny.’ As the horse could easily go and drown you. Nikkur, Nekker, Ninny, any variety of word-salad that sounds like that.

    Could be due to the rather vertical nature of watersheds in Norway. I mean, taking basically a goat trail along a fjord and the horse mis-steps. You, your stuff, your horse, all goes down the cliff-face.

    Guess I don’t have too much worries, living in Flat-Land.

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