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Air Travel?  Home for Christmas?

At least you get half a can of soda. (glass half full! Look on the bright side)


Some Like it Hot


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No language should be mocked other than French

The word, “birds” is “oiseaux” in French. No letter is pronounced the way it should be. It is pronounced “wazo”.

Oiseaux hits every vowel in the French alphabet and manages to only be pronounced with 2 syllables. It’s unnatural.


Yesterday was Day 2 in Arizona

On Day 2 of the trial Arizona elections Director Scott Jarrett admitted in court that the printer settings in the voting centers were switched on Election Day. This caused the ballots not to process. Tens of thousands of Arizona citizens were denied their right to vote or were then forced to wait in line for over four hours.

over 72% of Election Day voters were Republican. Only 17% were Democrats.



(Zerohedge) Adults buying toys for themselves are now responsible for a whopping one-quarter of toy sales in the United States, emphasizing how permanent adolescence is becoming increasingly common.

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  1. I bought a toy for myself, via my wife giving me a Christmas present I picked out and purchased.
    She’s very thoughtful that way.
    Now if I can just get it to work right.

        1. check your mags. they need more curve than standard. and sometimes a heavy hammer spring, hard primers. ak mags begin curving almost at once but the ar mag well precludes this unless you get a lower that is cut out for it. maybe a heavier recoil spring? with respect, i’d change it out for a 300 b/o with a pistol length gas tube. the ar was never meant to shoot 7.62 rooskie.

          1. All respect RR, but I wanted 7.62
            I appreciate any help.
            I suspect the mag not presenting fast enough.
            It’s a feeding issue, not a striking issue (which has been a common problem for these).
            Hand charging puts a round in battery no problem.
            If not the mag (I have a couple on order), I’m wondering if I’m not cycling the BCG back far enough to pick up a fresh round.
            if a lighter BCG would travel back further to pick up a fresh cartridge. The buffer is a Pistol H0.
            I’m not looking to spend much more money or I should have gotten a Draco.

          2. ed, check the recoil spring length. i ran into a batch that were just an eighth of an inch too long but they would not let the bolt go back far enough as you describe. they would go back enough for the bolt catch to grab if i cycled it by hand. took me a while to cypher it out.

        2. Note that the buffer on the 7.62 is shorter than for the 5.56. This could stop the BCG from going far enough back to strip the next round. Also, the spring length might be too long so that when it is in full compression the solid coil is preventing full stroke. The buffer tube should be longer solving both of the above.
          To test, cycle the bolt back and try to set the bolt catch. If it holds the stroke of the BCG is long enough. If not, …

  2. Good review of the Lake vs Hobbs trial at http://www.powerlineblog.com. Sure hope it comes out like I hope it will but we will see. The justice system seems to have only a passing acquaintance with justice and right and wrong these days.

      1. Me as well, my Santa request that this exposes then defeats the cheatery, with Hobbs and her minions put in prison for election fraud.

  3. I would be gobsmacked if the judge doesn’t toss out Lakes case and rules that no malice was intended by the dems, (The Comey excuse) the election is over and time to move on. Any other ruling would be like opening a Pandora’s box and would set a precedent for other cases. Hope I’m wrong.

  4. Yesterday was Day 2 in Arizona

    Any attorneys willing to weigh in on a suit against Runbeck Election Services? Deliberately printing ballots on too small paper so the tabulating machines would jam? Other malicious acts?
    Bankrupting them would send a message to other companies, IMO.

    1. I suggest reading the purchase order to see if a size of paper were indicated. If it wasn’t there’s a defense there. Beside, the report I saw said the machine reading setting was changed on election day. Apparently it can run different sizes through it. But I’m sure the people counting ‘didn’t know’.

  5. This is a great post. I especially agree with Ariana and, of course, the Big Guy and his khaki sweatshirt friend.

    Have we reached peak corruption? Apparently not.

  6. Kaughphy: a six letter word (mis)spelled using eight letters, none of which are in the actual word. But phonetically correct. And Presidentially approved. Somewhere a Frenchman is sneering: “Qui rit maintenant, monkey boy?”


    Better to be a monkey boy than a surrender-monkey boy, amirite?

  7. “it’s too f-ing cold for me” too. eight degrees and falling, in va. happens once in awhile. fourth time power has been knocked out this year. but funny how it happens, now. watch next week, they’ll be squalling “omg fuel shortage, people freezing” on their way to yet another climate change summit in their private 747. and that was a strange bird of a storm on the radar. i have been watching the weather radar for 50 years, never seen anything like the storms this year. they just don’t LOOK normal in the radar. i’m surprised the weather fools aren’t talking about it.

  8. Now, there are some toys that are fun to play with as an adult.

    Electric trains.


    BB guns.

    Erector Sets.

    RC boats, cars, planes.

    Stuff like that.

    Those are toys the adult mind can enjoy, along with the kid mind.

    And, seriously, after all the proof out there, keeping your mind ‘young’ and embracing one’s inner child has been shown to help keep mental function working and prolong life.

    So, well, toys are cool. Even better if you have a kid to share with.

    1. Those were the best toys!

      Maybe I’ll buy myself that drumset I wanted as a kid, sparkle blue, from the Sears Christmas Wishbook (I’d leave that page open on the kitchen counter as a hint. Never happened.)

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