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The staffs at the New York Times and the Washington Post (along with most other irrelevant newspapers in the land) which provide a never-ending flow of misinformation; The news channels that never report the news – but they really love trying to ‘make news’; and the prog blog types and places like the Huffington Post, are all unhappy.
  • American voters rejected their shameful partisanship for the repellant and corrupt Hillary Clinton.
  • American voters rejected their admiration for Jeb!, who they still think would have made a wonderful president if choice #1 hadn’t made it.
  • There is a national (and one could include much of Europe) movement to reject the politically correct, globalized cess pit that we’ve been dragged through.
  • They pander to CAIR, but most everyone else thinks that they’re irrelevant.
  • The war on the weather is officially over, and that $100 billion that America has pumped into the worldwide effort to control the weather over the past 8 years is down the rat hole, as a new strategy emerges.
While the New York Times laments, I think it’s pretty darned awesome-

NY Times: What do you think the theme for Donald Trump’s appointments has been so far? Generals, generals, generals? Climate change deniers, climate change deniers?

…On the downside, we had the heartbreaking saga of Al Gore, who happily emerged from a meeting with Trump this week, telling reporters about the “lengthy and very productive session” he’d had with the president-elect on climate change. It was, Gore added hopefully, a conversation that was likely “to be continued.” 
Then Trump turned around and named Scott Pruitt, the attorney general of Oklahoma, as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. From Gore’s perspective, this would be like the judge in a divorce case naming the aggrieved husband as marriage counselor. 
Pruitt is best pals with the oil and gas industry, and he knows the E.P.A. mainly as an entity to be sued. Under his watchful eye, his state has allowed so much natural gas fracking that Oklahoma now has way more earthquakes than sunrises.
Under a Trump Administration, there will be a heavy push to make America great again by making the nation energy independent. No more need to worry about energy supplies from the Middle East. It will reduce the price of oil worldwide as the nation as a whole will be better for it. We need to build oil refineries and infrastructure – but all of those things mean well paid jobs. (prog heads will explode when Americans get better jobs under a Trump initiative).
Even hippies will enjoy the policies because it will give them a reason to protest. The Sioux are happy that they’ve left Standing Rock for other more clement locations because they don’t have to feed the hippies anymore to keep them from starving.

8 thoughts on “Energy Independence

  1. Drill, Drill, Drill.

    And massively downsize the EPA now that the War on Weather's over.

    That's my advice and I'm sticking to it.

  2. Hope Scott Pruitt will dilute Trump's promise of more jobs by firing most of the 1,000 lawyers on the EPA dole. Maybe they can retrained as flaggers on infrastructure construction projects (at prevailing wages, of course).

  3. No, the EPA lawyers would screw up a job like that. You have to find something far simpler for them to do (at prevailing wages).

  4. That's right. The joke's on Barack "Energy Prices Will Necessarily Increase" Obama. We can drill our way out of the hole he spent us into. What a wanktard.

  5. Neither the Russians, the Saudis, Iran or Venezuela want to see the US pumping oil into the market. Which is a good reason to do that.

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