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An Upended Apple Cart
All American political Parties are corrupt. The Principal Parties (Democrat and GOP) man the ramparts of the swamp, by which they can become fabulously wealthy. (i.e. Barack Obama entered the White House with a couple hundred thousand dollars in the bank and left with well over a billion).

The Libertarians seem to focus on how cool it would be to do drugs and not get arrested. However when it comes to who will care for the millions of shiftless, brain-dead druggies, they waffle on the answer and betray their anti-government sentiments.

The Communists/Socialist/Nazis and the Green Party are more morally bankrupt than the Democrat Party and you have to work hard to become that.

Creepy old groping Joe Biden receives his sexual predator

And President Trunp – running as a Republican but not taking their advice – screwed up the system that has been carefully crafted for so long. It’s no wonder that the corrupt, elite, sly, media (Voice of the Swamp) hate him. There are a lot of people who were betting their political futures on Hillary Clinton and an extension of the Clinton Dynasty. Just look at the long list of foreign donors that Hillary arm-twisted into contributing to the Clinton Foundation in the hopes of gaining political influence. The nation was on the auction block and then President Trump won –  and it wasn’t anymore.

The Republicans, who built their personal fortunes on campaign contributions against the Democrats no longer had an enemy (other than Donald Trump).  The political patronage that had become endemic in the pay-to-play Obama Whitehouse suddenly ended.

But fear not, Satan’s Vaticans (Harvard, Yale, etc.) continue to turn out lawyers who know what’s good for you. From within political office, they can take your money and “help you” and they’re confident that they will win in the end.

Science Nerd Corner:

Plate tectonics have kept Earth’s core molten and spinning. The arrangement makes massive radiation belts possible and their influence makes life on Earth possible. So understanding how they work, how they formed, etc. is interesting to creationists and evolutionists alike.

    Plate Tectonics
A new study suggests that plate tectonics — a scientific theory that divides Earth into large chunks of crust that move slowly over hot viscous mantle rock — could have been active from the planet’s very beginning. The new findings defy previous beliefs that tectonic plates were developed over the course of billions of years.
The paper, published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters, has important implications in the fields of geochemistry and geophysics. For example, a better understanding of plate tectonics could help predict whether planets beyond our solar system could be hospitable to life.

Plate tectonics set up the conditions for life,” said Nick Dygert, assistant professor of petrology and geochemistry in UT’s Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences and coauthor of the study. “The more we know about ancient plate tectonics, the better we can understand how Earth got to be the way it is now.”

For the research, Dygert and his team looked into the distribution of two very specific noble gas isotopes: Helium-3 and Neon-22. Noble gases are those that don’t react to any other chemical element.
Previous models have explained Earth’s current Helium-3/Neon-22 ratio by arguing that a series of large-scale impacts (like the one that produced our moon) resulted in massive magma oceans, which degassed and incrementally increased the ratio each time.
However, Dygert believes the scenario is unlikely.

“While there is no conclusive evidence that this didn’t happen,” he said, “it could have only raised the Earth’s Helium-3/Neon-22 ratio under very specific conditions.”

Instead, Dygert and his team believe the Helium-3/Neon-22 ratio raised in a different way.
As Earth’s crust is continuously formed, the ratio of helium to neon in the mantle beneath the crust increases. By calculating this ratio in the mantle beneath the crust, and considering how this process would affect the bulk Earth over long periods of time, a rough timeline of Earth’s tectonic plate cycling can be established.
“Helium-3 and Neon-22 were produced during the formation of the solar system and not by other means,” Dygert said. “As such, they provide valuable insight into Earth’s earliest conditions and subsequent geologic activity.”
Journal Reference:
Nick Dygert, Colin R.M. Jackson, Marc A. Hesse, Marissa M. Tremblay, David L. Shuster, Jesse T. Gu. Plate tectonic cycling modulates Earth’s 3He/22Ne ratio. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2018; 498: 309 DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2018.06.044

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  1. Techtonics, schmektonics – how's progress towards occupation of the White Wolf fortress? My Aunt Sally wants to know when to send her home warming gift – her tasty granite pie, topped with yummy prickly pear trimmings.

  2. How Gaia works over endless time is fascinating. Wonder what kind of critters will be examining our fossilized remains and labeling the era they were formed?

  3. Some, including Einstein, believe in "crustal displacement" where the whole mantle(?) shifts over the molten core, like the skin of an orange.

    Something like that happened in Nov 16 and yellowstone's been erupting ever since.

  4. Moving furniture Fri/Sat.

    Send thanks to Aunt Sally for her contributions to the rock garden.

  5. Regarding the upended applecart… I agree with you in most respects, except, as I'm sure you would expect, your view of the libertarians. I and many others I know do not use illegal drugs, abhor their use (having seen more than once their fatal damage) but still support the decriminalization of them. As regards the millions of shiftless, brain-dead druggies my approach is, well, libertarian: let nature take its course. As they say, you can lead a horse to water, but….

  6. Libertarians (and all parties) do not speak with one voice. There are many levels, many opinions. President Trump is a populist, not really a Republican, as an example.

  7. Based on best evidence, the Sun is a third generation star, meaning that two stars died in sequence before it was born, to give it the material that it holds (and that our Earth holds). The Earth holds life, and that is extremely precious and rare. I would also assert that it is sacred.

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