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Mueller’s Bunker
The “Deep State” exists to perpetuate its existence and in no place is that more evident than in the investigation currently being undertaken by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is a cat’s paw for powerful people whose agenda was disrupted by the election of President Donald Trump. The move to have a search warrant executed by the FBI for information that relates to the prostitute, Stormy Daniels, who must be a Russian spy to keep Mueller’s mandate valid, is one of those stretches that sets precedent nobody – not even the Deep State – should want.
The get/impeach President Trump at all costs movement is likely to set off a backlash (law of unintended consequences) that would cascade into something both unforeseen and unpleasant. It’s not unlike funding hog to try and take firearms away from the American people or prompting retired Justice Stevens to suggest that the Second Amendment (and why not the whole Bill of Rights) be repealed. What could go wrong?
It’s like whistling past the graveyard or shoving a stick through the lion’s cage to provoke the big cat without first insuring that the door is soundly locked. Never a good idea.
It’s like the FBI failing to turn over documents that might make them look bad (worse). They told Judicial Watch that it would take them at least three more years to process and turn over the  Peter Strzok-Lisa Page communications

Dangerous precedents.

US Senate

I noticed that the Facebook hearings were discussing AI’s that detected “hate speech”. What exactly is that? When you look at how that term has been warped to fit in with political correctness, it’s just weird. If you say anything unflattering about a protected class, that’s usually defined as hate speech. For example, making fun of snowflake freaks who run to their ‘safe space’ and grab hold of a stuffed animal and suck their thumbs because they saw President Trump’s name written on a sidewalk — would be hate speech.
Feminizing males (a trend with unforeseen consequences) in Western culture is politically correct. Men taking back their balls would not be correct.

There are a lot of concepts that make the left uneasy (take the statement – right – as an example.) Would that be considered to be “hate speech” among members of the New World Order? My sense is that it would.

Ulfhednar – a type of P. S.

Before a battle, a viking would throw a spear as far as he could deep into the no-man’s land, as was tradition for men who fought in shield walls. It represented the first battle in all of history, that was thrown by Odin during the creation of the world. Would that be “hate speech” or simply a statement of faith?
It’s important to die with a weapon in your hand. The progressives will never understand that, will they? How else will the Valkyries know who to take to the Corpse Hall in Valhalla? The way the world is today, the heaven I would go to would be different than the one where cupids are playing harps. No snowflakes are allowed into the Corpse Hall.

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  1. There's also this Viking's quest for death in battle:


  2. The Saga Of Bjorn is funny stuff – enough to make you want to throw a dwarf off a cliff.

  3. It seems to me that the slow moving coup is gathering steam.

    Good luck, Nunes.

    And what will Hillary's heaven look like? Some might call it Hell.

  4. The left is desperate to take the House of Representatives so that they can begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump for having a one-night-stand with Stormy Daniels before he took office.

  5. Given the flabbiness of (P)regressives, where will warriors find enough fit enemies to carry them on their shield into Corpse Hall?

  6. Mueller's selective prosecutorial over-zealousness is out of control. Trump needs to be cautious whose counsel he accepts because the long knives are all around him.

    Hate speech is anything the progressives say it is and who says it. In all, an effective way to control a population.

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