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Social distancing continues…

Good Friday has passed, Easter comes tomorrow, and we’re still all on lock down.

Imagine that somebody showed you this picture six months ago and asked you to figure out what happened in Britain. Do think that your first guess would be that China’s bioweapons program had an accidental release of a virus they were working on? 

We’ve clearly entered a world of the surreal and I have reluctantly decided to go back and chop on a novel. What else do you do with this sort of time on your hands?

Identify the Movie

Quarantine Games

Viral Mutation Patterns

(Daily Mail)


There is a general relationship with the coronavirus found in bats, but it’s not quite the same thing as is found in bats. Nobody knows how far this will mutate, but it will keep rolling.

Who says that I have cabin fever?

21 thoughts on “Weekend Under Quarantine

    1. You get the gold star of the day. It is “The Road to Perdition”. Tom Hanks – a good actor but a disappointment as to his twisted politics.

      And who doesn’t love the M1A1 Thompson?

    1. Trivia: Tyler Hoechlin, who played Tom Hanks’ son in the film went to high school with my kids. He lived down the street.

  1. Road to Perdition for 100 Alex.

    I think Jack handled Cabin Fever in The Shining better than you.

    This is not so much a bioweapon attack by China as an economic attack by the Democrats.
    A DemPanic.
    Our Governess Whitless has emergency powers that allow “reasonable” measures.
    Locking down fishing, garden stores, visiting second residences or elderly parents, gun stores (again) are not reasonable.
    I’m looking for black market mulch.
    I’m looking for a leader to call for an attack on Lansing, actually.

    1. Jack had an axe…ooooh, and so do I.

      If an area has had no appreciable problem with the Chinese Plague, it should open on May 1 and we all take our chances.

  2. Agreed. Road to Perdition. Cabin fever? Compared to me, you appear to be pretty rational. Thanks be to Zoom. We got to visit with ALL the grandkids at once last night salvaging a portion of my sanity.

    1. I visit with my children by phone as well, though we haven’t done a massive call the way that you did…yet. It’s a bright spot in my day when they call and check in.

  3. So – finally my church is within sight of my front deck – a short hop by foot even, and I CAN’T GO THERE!!! Instead our priests will be doing online Easter Mass. I am most certainly not blaming our priests. As a traditional Latin Mass parish (FSSP) within the Diocese of Boise, they must follow the orders of the bishop. A parish like ours is not easy to come by and the priests of the FSSP will do nothing to jeopardize our future.

    My beautiful and holy friend, who I watched over for 8 hours yesterday, is very near death. I’m guessing she’s waiting for Easter. Our good priests have also petitioned the bishop to rescind the “only 10 people at her funeral” decision and at least up it to 30. The funeral home has clarified that we can have as many peeps as we want at the cemetery as long as we maintain “social distancing.” Understand, that is one of the most beloved people in our parish. Trying to picture the cemetery packed with hundreds and hundreds (I’m guessing upwards of a thousand) of people trying to stay 6 feet away from each other makes me giggle. On the upside there is absolutely no one in law enforcement in North Idaho to enforce this farce of a rule – nor do they give a shit.

    Hmmmmmmm – you’re cabin fever and mine look very, very similar. When I see people in the grocery store with a rag tied on their face and scowling at everyone I have the urge to just smack the crap out of them. It takes all my energy to tamp down the rage. Stupid lemmings.

    1. First, let me express profound condolences for your friend who is nearing her time. Easter is not a bad time to die, all things considered. I can’t imagine stopping a proper funeral in a place where there is no problem with viral contamination. Which would be the situation where I live as well. Sometimes people just take things too far. In Manhattan, two thousand miles away, it’s different. In Italy, six thousand miles away, it’s different.

  4. We’re not locked down, just using common sense. I think that we are just seeing the first increments of the mutations on the WuFlu. Adrienne, sorry to hear that.

    1. Common sense will do. The mutations are coming and there is a question that can’t be answered as to how much immunity from “A” will extend to mutation “C” or beyond. We’ll learn going forward, but they need to open the low impact areas up. Let the restaurants to open. Allow people to exercise distancing while trying to find “normal” again.

  5. I don’t know if this was a bio weapon, I don’t know if it was released by accident or by design, but what I am absolutely sure of is that it has been leveraged to the max as a economic and political weapon.

    BTW- IF it is shown to be an engineered virus from China, I would consider that grounds for a declaration of war and the commencement of action including full use of our strategic stockpile.
    Done with those fuckers-just done with the torturing organ harvesting murderous thieves. They have worn out their welcome.

    1. Read the next post that’s coming this evening. More on HOW the engineering was accomplished.

  6. I’m with Raven on this one. China has a price to pay and so do their 5th column. But regardless of DiFi and Biden and all the rest, I like the way you’re spending quarantine by shooting the flames off of candles with a wheelgun. In the Mine’s parlour, no less!

    Adrienne, prayers for your friend.

    1. If what good is your handgun if you can’t use it to shoot off candle flames at the mine?

  7. Being a unrepentant scofflaw, I continue my daily activities without much thought to the “authorities”. I keep my debt collector credentials with me; as such, I’m “essential”. That is my only concession.

    No mask, but liberal applications of hand sanitizer as I go about my business seems only prudent.

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