Cultural Appropriation

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The British are claiming Halloween for themselves.  Are Americans guilty of cultural appropriation?
There will be a lot of micro aggression tonight as hoards of goblins descend on neighborhoods to harvest candy. I will be there, as you may have guessed – accompanying my terrifying granddaughters, and then retreating to the castle to appease the spirits with (non-British) sweets.

11 thoughts on “Cultural Appropriation

  1. It IS ours. Everything started back in the Motherland.
    I'm going to an American party dressed as a BRIT! That'll scare 'em. … and the real witch arrived….. hehehehe

  2. I'm frightened and I'm not even in Texas!

    However, you really should go as the Queen…but in a fetish queen outfit.

  3. Best costume: Arthur Treacher, man servant extraordinaire, Merv Griffin's second banana, Etonic accent, Brit to the bone. That, and his fish and chips were the bomb.

  4. They're still coming by here. A lot of Mooselims came by this year. They are not opposed to free candy.

  5. We turned off the lights and shuttered the bunker. Went downstairs next to the launch tubes and watched a movie until the little beggars toddled off to enjoy their sugar induced orgies. After decades of submitting to the demands of candy raiders we've had enough. Some kids were leaving notes on our porch the day before Halloween specifying the mini treats they were expecting, or else.

  6. I made the mistake of driving through downtown to get my sensor challenged tire checked! There were hundreds of little candy grappers, and some great costumes. Some of the adults on the other hand… One very large woman was especially terrifying in a hot pink and tan camo body leotard…

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